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  1. Yes, I had the same and am wondering now if i should take the survey again on a desktop. Yesterday I took it on my phone.
  2. I think they will all be unique warbands, seeing the unique iconography. I think they saw that many potential buyers wouldn't get the starterbox if it were chaos-only so they just shifted the planned release for them. If I understand correctly they start designing models years in advance so they are probably all already done. That being said, I would have preferred existing kits, as that was what attracted me to kill team; being able to buy single kits for different factions and being able to play with that. Probably these unique warbands work better in regard of narrative play, which it will focus on. Which is also pretty cool to be honest.
  3. Was it already mentioned that warcry is prominantly featured on top of the ageofsigmar.com page? Warhammer underworlds is not. From that I could guess warcry is sort of a AoS "light" afterall. My hopes and dreams of warcry being a AoS kill team were crushed when I watched the big reveal at Gama. Seeing all new chaos models my hope to play seraphon and kharadron warbands were out the window. But perhaps the warcry starter is just a means of presenting a new or updating and existing army. I'm not really knowledgeable of chaos but that would be ...darkoath? Or could these warbands never be united in one army? Anyway perhaps playing warbands from existing factions could be a possibility afterall.
  4. The scenery looks cool, but chaos only is a bit of a let down for me as well. I was looking forward to justifying buying kharadron and other cool looking units to play as warbands without having to build an army around them.
  5. Laughing out loud during my commute listening to episode 8 about measuring ****** size with a warhammer measuring tool. So good.
  6. I registered here just to say I really like the podcast. Keep it up!
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