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  1. I have the core set and the shattered stormvault scenery set and the colors of the wasteland side of the boards don't match. Did anyone else notice color differences or do I have a misprint? Also, I am curious as to what the complete map would look like with all 4 available boards connected, because to me it isn't clear if/how the 2 boards I have should go together. I could have 2 diagonally opposing maps though.
  2. From the rules leak: "page 80-151 goes hand in hand with the narrative play section." Can't wait to find more out on this. I was looking forward to a strong narrative component. This really looks like it's going to be what I hoped it would. For me the only minor is the fact that a lot comes down to what you roll with the dice. Rolling quad sixes looks like it will win games. But that's the nature of games workshop games I guess.
  3. Looking at the images of the leaked rules it seems the list of non-chaos units is legit. I spotted eels and vanguard hunters amongst others.
  4. It could be that the way the warbands are portrayed is their beginning state and getting some "gifts" is part of the levelling system in the game?
  5. I was listening to the latest stormcast podcast this morning and the guest Emma Turner mentioned that she was working on several battleboxes to still come out. As I am eagerly awaiting the KO battletome I was wondering if perhaps KO could be part of a new battlebox. What do you guys think? Who would they be matched up against? What units would be included? Maybe something Kharadron will be teased on the 20th?
  6. I finally got my set in. With all the right sprues, so I'm happy!
  7. I have used vallejo primers many times. I have used black, grey and white and also other colored primers. It never caused problems but from my experience I can say they do rub off easier than spray can primer. That might have happened because I tend to thin (to avoid dry-tip) them and they are not meant to. If you do thin them, use airbrush thinner and no flow improver (this slows the drying time, and that's not what you want with a primer). I would always let the primer layer dry 24 hours or at least overnight before you go to town on them. I don't know if it's just me but it seems like the primer rubs off easiest on colored plastic like the plastic used for warhammer underworlds warbands. I would also advise using the grey primer instead of the white if you want to go light. The grey is really light but is much easier to use then the white primer which has super large pigments. It will dry your tip often, especially when you don't thin it. Just my 2 cents. Hope this helps a bit. I found airbrushing pretty daunting in the beginning. It would have helped if I knew this back then. Edit: to answer your second question; when I do zenithal priming I use a black primer. Let it dry. Then use (non-primer)cold grey (it's a better tone between black and white then grey primer which is almost white) and (non-primer)white on top.
  8. I believe the pots sit exactly between the 12 and 24ml ones, so probably 18ml.
  9. I'm contemplating what contrast colors colours to get. It would be great if warhammer community did previews of the colors with sharp close up images of the space marines that were on display at warhammer fest. I for one would love to see a good image of lyanden vs nazdreg yellow and cygor brown vs wyldwood for instance.
  10. I actually didn't think about using a khemist for the arkanaut company. I have 3 units of them, but only 3 skyhooks. I wouldn't know where to get 6 more... Or do people just convert something into skyhooks? Anyways, thanks for your help! I understand it's not the best time to start a KO force right now and anything can change when the new BT drops, but I love assembling and painting these guys so I want to get to it asap.
  11. Good point on the khemist buff. From what I understood that makes the saws on the endrinriggers and rifles on the thunderers (I was thinking of going all rifles for it being much more straightforward for a newbie like me) much more effective, so yeah: large units it's gonna be. 🙂 Thanks!
  12. I'm building up my KO force and got a SC box and will probably get a second. I haven't played any AoS game and there is one thing that I wonder whilst I assemble my units. Should I split the 6 endrinriggers in 2 units of 3 and get the benefit of 2 leaders and do the same with the thunderers; split them in 2 units of 5 to have 2 leaders and thus more attacks? What are the benefits of larger units? That's something I really don't get yet. Probably I would find out by playing, but I have to assemble the guys first...
  13. Oh, I would never expect to achieve 'eavy metal-like results following duncan's tutorials and 3 pots of paint, but I will be happy to come close with the base color in this case at the least. I did some testing and the thing that came closest was mixing vallejo heavy violet and scarlett red...
  14. New paint "Barak-Nar Burgundy". Happy about this. In the online tutorials they use screamer pink with 2 layers of shade and still it doesn't look at all like the GW display models. I read somewhere what the used paints were that the 'eavy metal team used but that involved mixing. Happy that they will release a premade color for my new army. Convenient and good for army colour consistency.
  15. It might have been asked before, but could anyone who tried the contrast paints and is familiar with the secret weapon washes say anything about the similarities and/or differences. To me they seem very similar.
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