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  1. Just give me White Lion Cav, its the only thing Ive ever wanted.... other than Eshin being a viable army
  2. My body and wallet are ready, the wife not so much.
  3. Im excited to see what they do with Tyrion's Aelves, but all these units being squatted is a sad day indeed
  4. Guess the 8k of High Aelves I have are going to be getting the conversion treatment now... a sad day indeed, loved the aesthetic of the old models
  5. You mean it can roll something other than +movement as that is the only option I ever seem to get... clearly I'm not ringing the bell hard enough
  6. Ive been running a unit of 30 Stormvermin on a regular basis and seem to catch the opponent unprepared every time as no one else in the local scene is using them. Casting death frenzy on them is also a great deterrent to opposing characters and behemoths as they will likely go down with the attacks coming back, but the same can be said about plague monks.
  7. All I have wanted since the start of AoS is elves riding atop lions.... but nooo... GW does not agree with me that it would be the most amazing thing in the history of warhammer
  8. Im anxious to see what they will do with the warscrolls, what gets included and what gets cut. Also what they do with the allegiance abilities
  9. I honest expect them to combine warscrolls as you mentioned and have the city or faction you choose confer a different bonus on the unit... at least I hope so, will allow them to cut down quite a bit on the warscrolls and place the focus of the army in the different cities or battalions
  10. I've been pondering the same thing... have generic warscrolls and have the race you select offer the difference either with small buffs or purely aesthetically.
  11. Yeah, I can make a plan. Im sure there will be plenty of options given what they did with the Skaven book... it just wont be same as it was, but we move on to hopefully bigger and better things
  12. This is a sad day for me if they dont repackage them... they were the core of my old High Elf army
  13. im more interested in who they will get to play Harlon... hands down my fav character from the series and the only one to really survive Eisenhorn's nonsense
  14. Having seen what WLV can do, a nerf was necessary. That said I dont think the 13" range is as big as people make it out to be, yes you will no longer be able to lock down your opponent in their deployment zone, but it still has a very large area of effect. As I understand only the first model must be wholly within 13", the other 2 only state that they must be 7" from the first. This means the furthest one can be 20" from the casting wizard and it still hits everything within 6", meaning hitting stuff 26" away. I think it will become a more defensive tool, but for 100pt I think its still
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