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  1. I was thinking of something random, was curious what people thought. If in the 2019 general's handbook/new DoK book (assumptions here), if the only change made to units was removing witchbrew from the hag, what would that do to the army? How much worse would they be? I'm not 'worried' about this nor saying it's gonna happen, but I am curious how valuable the brew is, and what would happen if it were to be lost.
  2. This wasn't trying to be funny actually (although I concede I did find it funny), it's an adage From Bill Belichick (disclaimer: I hate the Patriots but love Belichick). He says, "Don't look at what your players can't do, look at what the can do", and I agree 100%. Ignoring all the things the DoK can't do, one thing they do very well is wipe models off the board. Although other armies can do the same and/or similar things (see: IDK first strike), the DoK do it with zeal, and they seem to like their work. A happy employee is a happy army.
  3. As title; for most units, is it "better" to max it out for the discount or to not max it for more units/flexibility? I know there will be exceptions and this is a vague question e.g. there's little to no reason not to max out cheap swarm units like clanrats, and some units are too elite and onerous to max out e.g. Blood warriors. I'm talking about the ones in the middle ground. I'm not sure if this has been asked before, and if it has I apologize but I couldn't find it. Edit: NOT army specific, just thinking generally
  4. You mean this guy? If yes, he looks pretty neat if a little eldar-y
  5. Thanks all for thoughts... Note: I am not worried about meta at all, not sure if I got that across but if I didn't I apologize. @GlanceOnASix I agree, serpents look nice @Forrix I might but I don't want to chase the latest BT either...debating @Fairbanks I agree but nothing is 'cheap' either *shrug* @King taloren as far as I know all armies have to be cognisent of positioning, and from what I can see a lot of armies throw minions forward and leave heroes at the back (I could be wrong though).
  6. Yes I probably did invert the Khinerai; I meant more of the spear chuckers. I'm not too worried about shields or x2 weapons on the battleline just yet, but my thinking for a defensive posture was most people I know tend to prefer heavy cavalry numbers if possible, which will mean I might be charged more than I charge even with a faster army. Is the Avatar of Khaine from the CoB box our only source of the behemoth model? It looks a little static to use on a base wiping out units to me.
  7. Hello all, I'm thinking of a beginning list of models that should help cover the bases for 90% of armies that I'd field plus would be feasible for a competitive tourney should I decide to go that route. If I was playing a game where I don't have exactly the right models (assuming casual here) I would try to proxy if I could. Let me know what you guys think, what to increase/decrease, etc. Morathi Cauldron of Blood/Bloodwreck Shrine x2 (magnet action required, want to be able to swap out people from CoB and use them solo (see: Hag)) Witch Aleves x40 (thinking 10 with two weapons, 30 with shields, debating) Sisters of Slaughter x40 (thinking 10 with two weapons, 30 with shields, debating) Khinerai Heartrenders x10 (I know people don't like them but I'd like to give them a try, also for Cauldron Guard) Khinerai Lifetakers x10 (x20?) Blood Sisters x10 (x20?) Blood Stalkers x10 (I know people don't like them but I'd like to give them a try) Doomfire Warlocks x10 (x15? x20?)
  8. As title. I'm thinking of starting with the DoK, but I have a couple of thoughts/reservations and I wanted to express them, see if I'm making a mounting out of a molehill or not. Reason (for me anyway) to play DoK: -pro-murder (I also like Khorne) -keen models -can do all phases of the game -not a one-hit wonder (see: IDK first strike), should be at least OK for long-term play vs. meta changes Cons: -Order outnumbers everyone else combined -Not a lot of variety (e.g. Khorne is similar in play but has > x2 the options) -Only 2 battleline (I don't include blood sisters as you need a medusa general, which I'm not sure I'm keen on) -I know they're awesome now for meta but I can see them getting very little love in the future since they're not one of the "big" armies (LoN, SCE, Chaos Gods), they can't summon, they're glass cannon but can be charged (see: IDK first strike) quite easily so I can see one nerf/denerf and all of a sudden DoK is the new BR Thoughts? Am I overthinking this? If curious, I have not excluded NH (I love the all-ghost idea and was thinking of something similar in WFB when hexwraiths came out but there were no etheral core), BR (even if they stink meta-wise, but would like to integrate them with ogors if only for some warm bodies on the field) or a Chaos specific-God army but I don't have my heart set on one in particular (all Gods would give you lots of both mortal and daemon options but armies play a little focused, which could be good or bad depending on your point of view). Edit: I'm willing to look outside the box too e.g. playing an army I've not mentioned, I'm not fixated on just what I put in the previous paragraph, those are just my leading candidates is all.
  9. For Cauldron Guard/Shadow Patrol/Temple Nest, can you choose to have a hag/SQ/Medusa on the Cauldron of Blood/Shrine instead of walking, or do they have to be walking as it doesn't specifically say CoB/Shrine?
  10. Woot! 1000th reply! 😁😎🤗
  11. If I can piggy on the topic (as it may be related), I was thinking of a block of 30 WE's with bucklers, but for any remaining WE's/SoS am I better off with shields or extra daggers? In a perfect world I'd have one anvil and a couple of hammers, but I don't always get the option.
  12. Is there any reason to have a hag queen on the cauldron? I can see a purpose to having the slaughter queen and the bloodwrack, but the hag on the cauldron doesn't seem to bring a lot of extra value as opposed to the slaughter queen. Side question: how do I bring in a quote? I wanted to quote what Dante said but I can't seem to get it to work.
  13. Hello all, I have a question. When building an army of 2000 pts, is Morathi a must-take? I ask as, for that that point cost, I could have for example a bloodwrack shrine and almost a full unit of witch aelves, or two units of 10 Blood Sisters and Heartrenders, etc. How top-heavy (leaders) should I look at making the army? I figure a CoB should be in there, probably a hag or two, after that I'm not sure how much I should be throwing into units vs. non-units. Also, has anyone tried the sorcerer in the army as opposed to a Medusa? Is there any benefit or just stick with the Medusa? Thanks in advance.
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