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  1. The changeling cant be part of a changehost. And thus you cant use the changehost ability to swap places with the changeling
  2. Havent had it in a game yet, but might be able to do it this thursday. Think it looks quite strong for 200 points. But if anyone have som experience let me know
  3. Think you gonna need more dmg. Tzaangors wont do that much for you in that setup. Unless you really can utilize the Icon mortal wound. I think at that low points, its best to go either pure deamon, og pure Tzaangors. Doing a Escalation leage my self at the moment, and right now i am running: 1Harald on foot. 2 x 10 Pink horrors 2x1 Exalted Flamer.
  4. Hey all I am a new AoS player, starting a Tzeentch army. Right now got around 2500 points total, around 70-90 models in total I am looking for a transport and store bag of some sort, and i kind of fell in love with the Battlefoam Magna Racks. But i cant seem to figure out what size i should go for. I am torn between the 432, and the 720. The 432 seem a better fit right now, as it would be more "Full", than the 720. But thinking of that i properly will get alot more models in the future, is it worth more to get the 720 of the bat? I have not yet bought any of the "big" models like LoC, but i can asure you that this is incomming, in the near future.
  5. Hey All As a new player, i am slowly building my Tzeentch army, but sometimes it hard to figure out how to get most out of my models I have bought 2 cases of Enlightened/Skyfire, and cant figure out how to build em. Would i get most of em as skyfires or Enlightened? The rest of my army so far looks like this: Tzaangor Shaman Harald (Build to be either of the 3, foot, disc or chariot) Gaunt Summoner 20 Pink Horrors 20 Tzaangors 3 Screamers 3 Flamers 1 Exalted Flamer (Build to be either stand alone, or on chariot)
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