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  1. Hi all, Just sold my Sylvaneth and slowly getting into Hedonites of Slaanesh which look amazing! What is a good general rule of thumb, when getting into the Hedonites, what should I be looking at buying when aiming for a solid 2k list? Cheers!
  2. If you just go back a few pages you can see that it has been discussed extensively. Everything was leaked a month or more back
  3. Just out of curiousity, since I play the Branchwych bomb in my list, can you use Navigate Realmroots while standing on a Balewind Vortex? And if we Rouse to Wrath, can they dryads move / charge / Navigate Realm roots ? (which if any)
  4. 1. what about stopping in the woods? Do you mean they can stand still in woods if they don't fit between our trees? (would make sense balance wise= 2. So Alarielle can cast spells in and out of woods, so can other flying units, with spells that require visibility. Good to know. 3. Check, thanks. 4. Sounds like one hell of a battering ram
  5. Hi all, Have a few questions that came up in yesterday's game, hope someone can help 1. How do the rules deal withj large models in the Wyldwoods, aka both flying and non-flying? Do flying models "land on the trees"? Do large model that cannot fly, simply just stand on the trees anyways, even though smaller models are not allowed to? It came up in Duality of Death where only heroes or behemoths can take the objective, I parked the 2 objectives underneath Wyldwoods, and we just played with large heroes being able to stand on them anyways, but what RAW? 2. How does spell casting
  6. Rules Question: Our Wyldwoods block line of sight, unless they are within 1" of the edge (Overgrown Wilderness yes?) Overgrown Wilderness also states that if any unit is flying, they ignore that. So basically, any flying unit could care less about Wyldwoods and parking dryads etc. in there? Sorry if this seems like a basic question, just something my and my friend have never played with, and randomly stumbled upon.
  7. Exactly, the thought is Balewin + Umbra + Silverwood circlet, and run my standard Gnarlroot but use these endless spells instead of the more standard ones. was wondering if anyone had any recent experience with it
  8. I am running a fairly standard Gnarlroot list. Does anyone have any thoughts on running a Branchwych bomb setup with that, instead of Cogs/Geminids etc?
  9. Final question, asking from a friend with alot of flying units. What if a flying unit starts its movement in a Wyldwood, and then charges out of the Wyldwood at something else (across). Does the Wyldwood proc since something charges across it, or does the Flying unit ignore terrain?
  10. Thank you for the answer By the way, does anyone have any tips against Legions of Nagash? While getting better at AoS, learning all the rules, I play against a LoN friend (who does not run Nagash), and I have not won a single game yet. Our last game was the worst, I have it pegged down to Battle Plan a little (Knife to the Heart), but the game was over before round 3 began. I play a Gnarlroot list, and had 20 dryads parked in WW, with Kurnoth Scythes and TLA fairly close to help. Alarielle and 10 dryads, camping my objective and 2 wraiths spread out for support. I had 5
  11. I have a clarification question on our Wyldwoods. Does this mean if a model or unit finishes a normal movement on our Wyldwood, does it trigger or not? Is "finishing on" referring to running and charging, or is it a new stipulation?
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