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  1. Battle Report time! (wall of text sorry not sorry) So today i got to try out our new Battle tome in a 1500pts game! I played a very good friend and he brought a pure Nighthaunt list. My List was: His List: So we get Scorched Earth battle plan, and no realmscape features. He finishes deploying first, opts for me to have 1st turn Battle Round 1 Battleround 2: I win the roll off and avoid a scary double turn - infact we didn't have a single double turn all game! Battle Round 3 Battle round 4 Closing thoughts: Man are rats are random! haha - the first two turns felt horrible as i did absolutely nothing but lose clanrats, dealing very little damage in return. But a few good turns of magic and shooting can always really make a big difference. Also, the two first lackluster turns for my magic/shooting made my opponent think it wasn't a strong part of my army, and he chose to deepstrike, to deal with clanrats instead of getting to my cannon/verminlord, a mistake he surely wont make again. The good: Clanrats! the Ability to retreat and charge combined with the warpseers 26" battleshock immunity ability - makes for some really hard to remove board control - for sure worth every single point. The Cannon! Ok - so this is completely due to me rolling way way better than average - the fact that it overcharged 3 turns in a row and somehow didn't die baffled us both to the point of madness - we even both rolled below/close to average most of the game, but for some reason the cannon just didn't roll 1's. Oh well, its a dice game. Warpseer this guy is just so ****** good - good casting, his battleshock bubble, generating command points and he can even dish out the hurt in combat! The Bad: Doomwheel - so i dont know if i just played it wrong, but it seems you need to babysit him if hes gonna be shooting, 13" range is pretty prime to be charged by well anything, and at just 8 wounds and a 4+ save, this guy can die pretty easily if hes the only charge target. Too fast for the rest of the army, but again he acted well as a bait, but maybe a hellpit would be better then. Warlock engineer - So this guy obviously allows you to overcharge the cannon, which is good, but apart from that hes just... meh? the lightning at 16" is really not very useful if you are gonna sit him at the cannon, and with 9" on his gun he really didn't do much all game - maybe with other Skryer units like ratling teams or jezzails it would have more impact. Overall we had a very good game, and if was back and fourth until the very end! I cant wait to play more, as even though i won, i made many tactical blunders and forgot quite a few small rules /buffs, but overall most of it didn't matter that much in the end.
  2. Does stacking Death Frenzy really work like that? I would just assume that the spells would cancel out, since they aren't dying twice - if it gives you two rounds of attacks for all dead models, that sounds... incredible to say the least. I might be wrong here, what does everyone else think?
  3. Hmm yeah maybe some change like that. I do feel like the Battle shock immunity is worth the extra 80 pts; Especially when running 120 clan rats. But then, i havn't had a chance to test this out, and the 13" range might prove too hard to manage while also sitting on objectives. But yeah, the doom wheel and engineer might have to go.
  4. Heya, New member here, i just got so mega hyped with this release i had to make an account. In any case, it's interesting hearing all the different results from you guys. I cant wait to get to practice with this battletome myself. I have a tournament coming up next month, and i want to try out the rats in a competitive setting. My first idea was to try and recreate my glory days of WHFB with a sort "oldschool" list - but im afraid it wont have enough damage output for tournament style play. What do you guys think? less variety for some Storm Vermin maybe? All battle reports and findings are appreciated! 2k Skaven: Screaming Bell (200) Clawlord (100) warlock (100) warlock(100) Battleline: Clanrats x40 (200) Clanrats x40 (200) Clanrats x40 (200) Other: WLC (180) WLC (180) HPA (220) Doomwheel (160) Spells: Warp Lightning Vortex (100) Shackles (20) Balewind Vortex (40)
  5. Azur is updated for me - but it still has the old entries (the old clans), just look for Skaventide in the list.
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