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  1. No I like traitor Marines and I will get this as I have Blackstone Fortress. It is just there has been a lot of 40k news and Sigmar outside of the Khorne battletome has been dry for like three weeks. Basically nothing of note since LVO and that was rather vague...I'm just saying give this room thread a little juice, we need to grease a few balms, wet a few beaks
  2. are you trying to say that another Blackstone fortress expansion is not a major announcement on par with say soul wars of Gloomspite Gitz
  3. The second update better have some sigmar stuff....so far Gama has had nothing for Age of Sigmar. We are starving here.
  4. I will admit I only got into warhammer last year (I had the rogue trader book back in the day but not enough money for figures). I got into it because of kill team. I have like 8 kill teams (AdMech, GSC, BA,StD, IG, RT, Gellerpox, and the Blackstone heroes) now a 2000 point Stormcast Army, close to 2000 Nighthaunt, and almost 1000 points of Khorne. The strategy worked on me.
  5. I cope with this frustration like I cope with all of life's frustrations nowadays. I buy more models.
  6. Oh yes they are much better. I really enjoyed Hammerhall and just started Plague Garden. I love Gardus. You pull off the trick of making honest to goodness hero interesting to read about which is hard. Bad guys are so much more dynamic, and you can do pretty much anything you want with them (make them more complicated than they first appear, have them sink lower etc.). Real heroes need to have that moral center remain mostly intact and that is why their stories are often the heroe's journeys which is more the story of how they get to that moral center or become that hero. I like Gardus because he struggles with that role, but at the same time it is so much who he is.
  7. Thank you for commenting Mr. Reynolds and now I feel a bit bad for starting this thread because writing is very hard, the internet is merciless and fanboys tend to swing between uncomfortable adoration and Nicolas Cage levels of rage. It does sound like editorial really tied your hands, and that is shame because the Realmgate Wars had great potential. It is a shame they didn't create an epic origin story that really showed the realms and the major players on both sides.
  8. Well remember I was wondering about units not individuals as many of those models are spectacular.
  9. Wow what a great range of responses. I thought there would be some general consensus but everyone seems to have their own person preference.
  10. Yes I would love to see some female Bloodreavers or even the early stormcast units with women as well.
  11. I was just curious what everyone's favorite unit model based purely on aesthetics (i.e. not their favorite model to play with or to have in your army because it is so useful). I don't want individual characters or behemoths as many of them are what people usually list as there favorite, I guess I am talking about any unit that is not a character and is more than one individual. I personally can decided between the Bloodreavers (Mad Max meets Conan) or the Chainrasps (Fantasia's Night on Bald Mountain) Which ones does everybody love? And apologies if there is a similar thread somewhere else.
  12. I do like fighty stuff (if I didn't I don't think I would have gotten as far as I have into the black library), but I prefer to be sandwiched between interesting characters and established stakes so it is not just shooting off you bolter just to shoot it.
  13. Yeah I do have the audio of Plague Garden and the first chapter of that has been more interesting than anything I have read in the Realmgate Wars so far. I ready Hammerhall which was solid if a bit too fighty toward the back half. Glad to hear they get better. I love the models for Sigmar and the rules are better and less overwrought than 40k rules, but 40k has a ton of fun fluff fiction that Sigmar does not (yet) have.
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