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  1. Is that two new collecting boxes or one new and one old. Also I don't suppose we could use the warcry warbands as stand ins for marauders under the official rules, but if our play group doesn't mind....hmmm
  2. So I just got the new start collecting slaves to darkness box and I LOOOVVVEE it. Awesome sculpts, but I need more warriors and more knights and I can't decide if I should get a second box because outside of the warriors their is little variation. Should I get the older start collecting box (which is still available in some places for a decent price) or the old chaos warriors box as those look o.k. or should I hold out hope for a multipart kit coming relatively soon. Thanks in advance
  3. So I just got the slaves to darkness box set and I love it, and want to paint up the traditional black and gold color scheme. I am kind of a crappy painter and have really enjoyed using the contrast paints on my warcry warbands. My questions is do you guys think a the black Templar would work for the armor on these guys or is the chaos/abaddon black a better choice. I don't highlight and intend on using grey seer to undercoat the fur and cloth on the minis and retributor armor for the gold because contrast yellow just doesn't cut it. For those of you with experience/skill what would you do if you were not a great painter, wanted these guys to paint up quick, but still look like awesome black knights? Thanks in advance for any advice you have.
  4. So I just got some contrast paints this week and used them on my untamed beasts and I have to say the results have been awesome. I am not a very skilled painter and i made a bit of a mistake with the darkoath flesh on one model, but overall they look wonderful. With all the flesh, fur, leather and feathers in these warbands I am so glad there are these paints. If you are weak painter I can not recommend them enough. Also flesher tearers red over Bathasar Gold is beautiful. Also if I am going for a very dark skin tone, should I use Cygor Brown or Wyldwood or something else? Also if I want to do very pale skin is apothecary white too white? Is there a better option? Has anyone tried Aggros Dunes to create a more yellowish skin tone? Thanks for any input or other impressions
  5. I can't wait to find out because I just got the starter and I love the models in there and want some splintered fang and Corvus warbands but I am not going to move on them till I know what are in these new boxes
  6. So i just got some contrast paints and they are great for all my fleshy barbarians, but I am a crappy painter with a shaky hand and I make a lot of mistakes and I spend a lot of time painting over those mistakes. My question is how do I do that with contrast paints. Since part of what they do is let the base coat shine through do I just paint over with base coat and then hit them with contrast again? Also I messed up on one and did too many coats of contrast and as a result it doesn't look how I would like it. I am hesitant to base coat the whole thing again because that would clog a lot of detail. Any help would be appreciated and thanks.
  7. Also I am a proud social justice warrior. Look at that term. Social: A group of people Justice: Fairness and right behavior Warrior: A fighter What is wrong with wanting my hobby to be something my daughters can engage in a way that makes them feel as equal to the men that play it. I know arguing online solves very little, but it is hard to hear people get so bent out of shape because might have to share.
  8. No one is stealing your characters from you. You didn't create them, you don't have a right to them so that is a ridiculous argument. Also stealing 10 bucks from a homeless man is a whole different thing than stealing 10 bucks from Bill Gates. I am not saying that women aren't playing these games because there are no female characters, but representation matters, if it didn't these threads wouldn't get as heated as they do.
  9. I am not arguing for female space marines which I don't see as problem now that there are awesome sisters models as an option for women who would like to play as awesome space warriors. I just think that as a hobby and as a society we should be concerned with making every human being feel welcome and valued.
  10. Yes that is because if Black Panther is replaced than number of comic books starting a solo black superhero would be down to like 2 (Luke Cage and ah ummm,) If you replace Steve Rogers you still have ..........almost every other marvel superhero And Peter Parker was not replaced by Miles Morales, they both still exist in the marvel universe and have very different powers. If you think Miles' Spidey somehow takes away from Peter Parker well I don't see why there can be 2 totally different and unique Spidermans
  11. The reason that marvel has been switching up their characters is that most of them were birthed in the early 1960's a time of rampant sexism and racism. The world has changed (although we still have a ways to go) and it is simply not acceptable for every important character in a fictional universe to be a white male. If that ruins a franchise for you that has more to do with your outlook than the choices of that franchise. And star wars has been ruined by ****** storytelling and rehashing the same story again and again, not because there was an Asian Engineer who was good at things other than killing people,
  12. As the father of two daughters and one transgender son I welcome these new kind of models that GW is coming out with. I have a couple of scantily clad models from other games and my eldest daughter, who constantly deals with self confidence and body issues, always points out how awful those are and I am always cringing as I paint them because they are so unrealistic and overtly sexually objective. This of course is a problem across geekdom It matters a great deal that my kids can see reflections of themselves in the toys and games that they play but also those that their dads and brothers and male friends play. So I am so happy with the new sisters, with the women in the warbands and the stormhosts, and I think there needs to be more of them. One further note that while the men are six packed chiseled they are not posed in overtly sexual ways, but they do appear to only have two emotions: stern resolve and rage. I would love to see some male models (all models really) with a more range of emotion. I would love for Imperial guardsmen to look confused or terrified.
  13. Also two weeks is a loooong time in the mortal realms
  14. I was thinking about this and I don't think they would hike the price that much on a relatively new product line (also every warband is still in print right now I believe). I am also not sure they would just double the sprues as almost everyone would go for these new packages as they save cash and have more flexibility with their warband builds. Also there are too many unique characters in these warbands to duplicate them and have them not look strange. What I think they are going to do is add chaotic beasts to each kit. 3 of the smaller creatures from the starter or maybe one of the new ones we saw previewed (I hope but that would make them a hell of deal so probably not). That is just a guess based what is on the sprues and what would make sense.
  15. Great thank you all for these replies this makes me feel a lot better.
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