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  1. Haha I teach English as a foreign language and should pick up on article+Countable noun, which means it can be pluralised 🤷‍♂️ Thats a very good spot!
  2. Good news, I played my first skirmish narrative campaign last night, I won both games. Started off with Lord of Plages with indomitable will to unbind a spell and something for an extra -1 rend. I also took 3 Blightkings command. Second game I added a marauder horsemen who in cover snaked past a very shooty wood elf hero, javellined and speared two wood elves holding an objective. Then in turn 5 I had 7 command points and did 7 grandfathers gifts and took out two more elves. I absolutely nailed it and my first ever wins in AoS!
  3. Oh yeah you’re right! I’m new to the game so there’s something I don’t quite understand. In Maggotkin they’re all bloody hero’s, so how do you tell who is a named character and so you can add a command trait and artifact? Looking at the war scrolls I can’t tell
  4. Yeah I think I like the idea of Lord of Afflictions as general. Because he can stay behind 2 units of blightkings and Glottkin, get the PBKs chucking heads and stay out of combat
  5. What’s a good option for the general?
  6. I’ll ceryainly give them a try! While I’m tapping into everyone’s wisdom- is Glottkin the best general? I see the standard choice seems to be harbinger of decay. has anyone ran a daemon Prince? I was considering a proxy conversion of mortarian 40k, because the model is soooo good!
  7. Also I like the fact the marauders have a missile and melee attack. I’ve bought them now so I do want to use them.
  8. Well I guess I wanted the marauders for theme, the models and for speed. But the overall suggestion seems to be towards pusgoyle blight lords.
  9. Ah ok well it was the extra attacks that I was thinking about when buffing marauder horsemen with Daemonic power from chaos sorcerer lord.
  10. I don’t want a plaguebearer heavy list, I want to limit them to summoning and have predominantly mortal theme
  11. I meant Glotkin can use Lords of Nurgle command ability +1 attack charastic to all melee weapons sorry.
  12. I guess the +1 attack the Glottkin gives is best used on hoard units with lots of models. Imagine using that on 40 plague monks and Daemonic power from chaos sorcerer for Rerolling 1s for everything and 6+ mortal wounds, could be brutal...
  13. Cool, so I guess if it’s a contented objective the nurglings can potentially hold out until reinforcements arrive
  14. Cool, so I guess if it’s a contented objective the nurglings can potentially hold out until reinforcements arrive
  15. Ok that sounds good. I’ve ordered the marauders though, so that’s a bit awkward lol. I guess I just liked the idea of a good old cavalry charge. I do like the pusgoyle blightlord models, so I’ll have to get a set. And it might be quite nice to use the flyers to distract the flank or help spume out, put Lord of Afflictions as general, add 8” movement to the bugs and zap them at the enemy characters, by the time that’s all kicked off- Glottkin is promoted to general and the PBKs can pile in. It sounds pretty devasting!
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