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  1. Weird, I picked one up second hand and didn't even think about it being all metal, down to the base.
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but with the new GHB isn't the 6" auto run gone?
  3. So played a game today running new points on a new scenario, not sure which one (I didn't grab the book). The objectives worked such that once you got a battleline to them uncontested they held it until they left or were killed (numbers didn't matter). I ran a Jorlbad with 2x6 Mournfang, 2x Stonehorn, and a Huskard on Stonehorn. Got the mournfangs onto objectives first thing and held them until the end of the game, playing vs a Khorne mix of daemons and mortals. Was a bit of a route with the new command abilities stopping my opponent from auto-passing morale and being unable to use bodies to take my objective.
  4. Gloomspite did the same combining thing, yeah. I'm really hoping we see Ogors in a single force in that same style, or really just modernized Ogor rules anywhere.
  5. I'm a huge fan of Royal Mordants in Blisterskin, though it looks like I took a different angle than you. Been playing with a pile of horrors and only a token force of ghouls. The redeploy CA makes it super easy to keep my Vargulf with my army, and when summoning one in they can be relevant much faster. Putting the artefact on the Vargulf to get -2 to hit him after look out sir is also pretty fantastic.
  6. Hah, they actually call them out as gutter runners. And those models are way cooler, anyway. Thanks man!
  7. 1) Don't be a jackass and say stupid ****** like "act like a ******" 2) Standing up for yourself because some grognard shitbag has decided how fun is supposed to work isn't acting like a ******. It's the opposite.
  8. Honestly I was planning on running Blisterskin to be able to redeploy a courtier (Vargulf probably, since they're necessary for Mordants anyway) to keep up using the command ability.
  9. All the moping over horrors has me wanting to run them more tbh. I already love Royal Mordants, the new tome honestly just makes that battalion more viable and everything in it can get a ton of buffs. I might throw a dozen horrors in there instead of filling with flayers and ghouls and try it out a few times.
  10. I feel like they have some of the best artifacts in the book, and they're definitely pretty good at stabbin'. If Gutter Runners weren't so expensive ($15 for 3??), I'd almost definitely be running Eshin.
  11. Slow time at work, transcribed rules from the GMG video https://pastebin.com/AKW382H8
  12. Yeah, he does... does not do a very good job of understanding the things he says. Granted, I wish he was right that you can summon 20 ghouls every turn for free if you put a regent on a throne, but that is demonstrably false already.
  13. Yeah sorry about that, was just me trying to make sense of the youtube reviews and transcribe them while watching. Like, I have no idea what is going on with the Abhorrent command traits, and timing on quite a few (every?) things is thoroughly lacking.
  14. Are these apps "tournament legal"? For some reason I thought GW rules were that you had to use their dice app if you were using one- and their app isn't really that great.
  15. I slapped a bunch of stormcast bits to mine.
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