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  1. it would be neat if the new Warhammer quest game was et in a vampire's castle or something. could explain the obviously vampiric and ghoulish rumour engines
  2. wouldn't be slaaneshi if there wasn't any teasing 😉
  3. really hoping we get a slaanesh morals box when their book drops in the next edition
  4. malerion elves vs slaanesh mortals for the new starter? we can only hope
  5. i think i'd prefer to see the kurnothi as as expansion to sylvaneth, handled much like the expansion to GSC done in 40k. centaur cavalry and a skirmishing horde unit of satyrs would be excellent additions
  6. Give me that bear cavalry right now. Definitely starting a Kislev army when Old World comes out
  7. there were a few in the empire range. the old empire general (RIP) had a neat cogwork one
  8. destruction crab people. idoneth crab people or vampire pirates' crab people, i care not. just give me crab people
  9. now now, lets not start kink shaming him 😉
  10. i hope they do a devoted of sigmar warband for azyr instead of more stormcast.
  11. amazing set of revels today. honestly super happy for @KingBrodd, those new gargants are beautiful. the shadow elves look amazing, and i can't wait to see what other warbands they have up their sleeves. and despite not really liking most of the lumineth stuff, im going to pick up one of those mage models - so many conversion possibilities!
  12. im hoping the kislev range has more women in it. the ice guard are a good indication, but i hope its not a sisters of averlorn situation where there's one unit of elite women and then the rest of the army is male
  13. scions are figuratively and literally on fire
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