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  1. I think that's an interesting list and could do well. I think I'd say you'd probably get more out of a Slaughtermaster. You've got a lot of combat power already with the 12 Gluttons, 8 Ironguts, and FLoSH. Tyrant seems a little redundant, you won't /really/ need his command ability, and the Slaughtermaster would be able to provide a bunch of buffs to enhance your killy units. Plus, with the 20 points saved you might get a feat or whatever.
  2. +d3? The command ability grants one. You can stack it, so it's a bit more variable -- Per Frost Saber, you'd have [ 1 + Round Number + (Round Number)D3 ]+3 attacks. Or one less than that if you're going to give the re-roll 1s to hit. So, turn two, you could easily have 2+2d3+3 attacks per cat, re-rolling ones. That's average of 9 attacks each, 4+ | 3+ | -1 | 1. If you could get 10 cats in, I'd think 90 of those attacks could insta-gib a hero or monster. (Estimated 40 wounding hits with -1 rend, 1 damage.) But each cat gets 1+d3 (assuming you only use CP for the Hunter CA) each round you wait. And you're only sitting aside 320 points for this -- so yeah, I think there's something to play with there.
  3. Banner is decent but seems unneeded on groups of 2 -- assuming you get your mournfang into combat before one dies. (Bravery 8 while eating.) For the horn blower, straight +1 to charge is super nice, but the allegiance and command abilities often offer very similar assurances. So not really needed, IMO. I think the bigger question is whether to have an 8model unit so charges do mortals on the 4+ instead of the 6+, or go MSU. I think MSU wins?
  4. The BcR Warscrolls and Warscroll Battalions were printed as valid in GHB 2019. GHB 2019 has not been errata'd yet to remove them, nor has the Mawtribes book been said to overrule the BcR tome (in any way I've seen yet.) So I would assume those battalions are still valid. However, they're valid from the BcR allegiance, not the Mawtribes allegiance. E.g., "Braggoth's Beast Hammer" battalion could be used in a Beastclaw Raiders army, but not an "Ogor Mawtribes" army, since BcR are not eligible to be allied into the Mawtribes allegiance.
  5. Using bloodgullet, you get an additional 3" to your pile-in when within 12" of the general. Using the artefact Ghyropian Gauntlets, you get an additional 3" to your pile-in. Is there any merit to giving a Tyrant or Stonehorn a 9" pile-in?
  6. @Reuben Parker You're right. I missed that on my read through. Thanks!
  7. @Reuben Parker , Just remember that you only get one mount trait unless you're running boulderhead maw-tribe. Otherwise, looks like a fun list. Might be worth combining another 2 of the small frost sabers into one -- the hunter will be able to deep strike with 2 units of them, after all. Could use one to charge in, and leave 4 behind to screen for the hunter.
  8. @XhilaYou could try to build a list based around assassination and shooting from a distance. I'm not saying it'll at all be good, but it may be something to think about: Allegiance: Ogor MawtribesMortal Realm: UlguIcebrow Hunter (120)- General- Trait: Winter Ranger- Artefact: Sword of JudgementTyrant (160)- Artefact: Sky-Titan Scatter Pistols6 x Frost Sabres (120)2 x Frost Sabres (40)40 x Gnoblars (200)1 x Grot Scraplauncher (120)1 x Grot Scraplauncher (120)Junkmob (100)Total: 980 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 89 Aim to take out blobs with your Scraplaunchers. Aim to either assassinate with the Hunter+Frost Sabres, or else cap objectives. Gain D3 CP every round that the Hunter is in ambush and use it to reroll ones in shooting for the Tyrant/Scraplaunchers. Your buddy might appreciate you removing screens for him, so he can get stuck in with things in the back. Again, not saying it's good. But might be something to consider.
  9. @Luzgurbel You'll have to choose the Gnoblar Blast Keg as your first artefact with Underguts. People have been floating the idea of running a battalion so as to give the Butcher the Blast Keg, and then give the Tyrant either a Gruesome Trophy Rack or the Sky-Titan Pistols -- but that means running less cannons.
  10. @Amradiel both look like things I've been wanting to try. As an aside, keep in mind you'll get an extra artefact with each battalion.
  11. In December they post a giant FAQ and usually a minor point rebalance. It might come then? (But I'd doubt it.) Nah -- only heroes on monsters. The base Feast of Bones comes with 600 points. Adding the Ironguts for 220 would give a solid hammer unit. I don't think you'd need another command point AND the Gutguard battalion, since battalions auto-give an extra command point). Instead, I'd suggest at that point to drop the Leadbelchers and grab a Slaughtermaster. That would put you at 1,000 total, and give a pretty solid (IMO) list.
  12. On the website, in the line where it shows your points total for the list is a circled question mark. Click that to display your list, and then you have the option to Copy the list as presented.
  13. Page 5 of Core rules. "A unit can shoot when it is within 3" of the enemy, but if it does so it can only target enemy units within 3" of it with its shooting attacks. A unit can shoot at an enemy unit that is within 3" of another friendly unit without penalty".
  14. If I get enough movement trays... I'm going to give it a go and see what it's like. Without those movement trays though? Hell nah.
  15. @Walrustaco Thanks for finding a screenshot! 1d4chan is still the quick reference go-to until the Tomes get delivered, unfortunately. Yeah, that makes the MSU idea not nearly as good. And Meatfist now just generally doesn't seem worthwhile...
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