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  1. Oh, I agree it feels gamey and a abuseable. But I mean, who knows if setting up either infinitely small pieces of terrain or really long mausoleums is actually an advantageous strategy in actual play.
  2. That raises a good point. What happens if all 10 pieces the players pick can't be placed? I didn't catch any ruling on that except for faction terrain. Do the other pieces just not get placed? Two mausoleums set up like that will probably mean no other terrain can fit. It's gamey and abusive but seems legal, so you can bet people will probably do it if they think they can use it to their advantage. But maybe setting terrain up like this isn't to anyone advantage and no one will bother.
  3. Hmm, to my understanding the 10" limitation is for pieces of scenery that fall under Unique. Unique says: Any other terrain feature. This seems to me that Unique is talking about pieces of terrain that are not part of the 8 warscrolls specified like old kits or custom pieces. Hilariously there's no minimum size so you could essentially drop grains of sand as your scenery to give your guns firing lanes, or whatever reason you could think of why you might benefit from less scenery on a battlefield. Maybe since you don't also have to account for the footprint of the piece of scenery just 6" bubble, you could free up a little space to sneak in one of them new awakened wyldwoods? Anyways, the Sigmarite Mausoleum doesn't seem to have be beholden to the 10" limit or any restriction beyond being composed of the minimum number of pieces and the other restrictions on its warscroll which I've met in my picture. But I'm working off the GMG YouTube video on a phone, I could have missed it in another section. Also, just to try and clear a thing up with the dimensions. I see common reference to either 10x10x10 or 10x10, but the Unique section seems to be talking about a cylindrical footprint. It says no more than 10" across at its widest, which is necessarily a circle in shape. A 10x10 square would exceed 10" if you measured corner to corner. So to me it reads a cylinder, 10" across and 10" high. To be fair, I have no idea how to shorthand that.
  4. Im fairly sure this is a legally placed mausoleum. It's one group, all pieces are touching the base of at least two other pieces, and it contains the minimum number of pieces. If I understand starstrike, which has no objectives on the board, this is a turn one drop you could make. I did use the longest fences pieces within a whole mausoleum kit. But it honestly didn't make much of a difference. It's still massive.
  5. Up to 10 if both players bring only mausoleum.😅 Anyways, I can imagine gun line or sylvaneth armies might opt for infinitely small markers under the unique category. Unique doesn't have a minimum size at the moment. Sure there's still a 12" bubble going down anyway but it might recover enough space for a sylvaneth player to squeeze in a wyldwood, and makes the board fairly barren for clear lines of sight. Not sure how viable a tactic it is in play. I really like the idea they're going for here. I've always wanted battlefield set up rules, but there's a lot of work that'll need to be done, I think, and it goes beyond just being overly restrictive. I haven't heard anyone mention it yet, but Garrisoning is going to need an overhaul/clarification, there's a lot of ways to twist/exploit/game interactions because of a lack of clarity. Here's a few questions my friends and I have been debating: - Currently a garrison can be attacked. But Spells and abilities aren't attacks. Can you sling a spell at a garrisoned unit? With the new hedonites FAQ it's clearly stated that an attack must use the attack sequence to be considered an attack. Starsoul maces, warpfire projectors, they don't use the attack sequence. - Does a garrisoned hero also benefit from lookout sir? - If warpfire projectors do interact with a garrison, how many dice do they roll? If a piece is garrisoned by 30 models, are all 30 models counted in range if the warpfire is within 8"? Or is it just the terrain piece since the terrain piece is counted as an enemy model. Essentially, are you rolling 30 dice, or 1 dice? Of course, we'll have to see what they come out with in their FAQ, but I think there's a lot of potential for abuse with garrisons. Personally, I hope they just get rid of garrisoning altogether and remove the LoN specific rule on the mausoleum. For the actual set up, I'm hoping they'll ditch the edge of battlefield for faction terrain and make placement for all terrain more than 3" from other terrain and objectives. I'm still optimistic this can be adapted into an interesting mechanic while still making faction terrain playable, but not as reliable to place optimally.
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