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  1. There are some aelf factions in BL books: DoK, Deepkins, Swifthawks (a lot of them, fighting as a part of Sigmar's forces like many of dispossed), Wanderers (they are independent), Dark elf corsairs (3 novells from one author). All other aelves usually are just aelves with out much detalization. As for free people's characters - there are a lot of them, more than Death and Destruction characters. Don't belive they can be thrown away as a playable faction. There are many scenes in different books, describing how FP regiments fights, but IMO it looks more like IG forces in wh40k than imperial army in fb.
  2. They guard many things across all mortal realms, but like many other 'classic ' elves they survived in Azyr (most or all of their population).
  3. They are more like mortal wing of Sigmar's scout forces. Corebook describes them like messengers from Azyr, not Hysh. They serve Sigmar, not Tyrion.
  4. What things i remember from AoS books: - sylvaneth fighting sce, wanderers, free people - free people serving not Sigmar, but Everqueen (so they can fight Sigmar's free people, Religios wars ?) - wanderers helping sce in a battle and fighting against them in 1 book - etc... The only thing i can say about it - this is warhammer, all fights all, any unions are temporary.
  5. Books: arcanauts and thunderers picks off a buhcn of foes from the deck of fregate/ironclad. Game: 5 witch elves jump and bring down full hp fregate for one combat phase. I'm thinking about homerule for our local club like - we can shoot (no baloons, they busy) from ships, but arcanauts wargear should be as in a box, and 10 thunderers max per army. I like books more than my armybook 😒
  6. Looks like all aelves sometimes will be united in 1 battletome (i mean 'classic' HE,DE,WE). In BL novels i often read about 'aelves' with no explanation about exactly faction, but DoKs and swifthawks for example are not like others . Some sub-factions can be separated and updated in new bt (like DoK). I suppose that Tyrion aelves will be a new faction like Idoneth deepkin.
  7. I love this book, it's very ironical and humorous. Dialogues with his ex-wife are amazing 😂 Main plot is nice, i like references to WtW in that way.
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