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  1. It's a shame GW didn't give us any updated models, but it seems like most other armies in this wave of updated tomes are getting the same "tome+spells+terrain+one hero" treatment Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― I'm just happy that the tome is good. For skryre, I wish you luck in your IoB/SoD model search πŸ˜† If you want plastic eshin I suggest the bloodbowl team, they also make for good acolyte bodies and hands if you can find gas mask heads from the warp lightning cannon sprue
  2. Many armies can play defensively if you build your list to do so. I assume you want your army to be based around defensive positioning and not just units that have good saves/high wounds. Do keep in mind that you'll need to be able to take objectives though and not just sit back and shoot all game. All the dwarf armies have a defensive playstyle where they turtle up, lob shots, and clean up in melee. Fyreslayers are much more aggressive though since they want to rip and tear the enemies up close, and they have more bodies for objectives. Only fyreslayers have an up-to-date tome at the moment, so I'd recommend them. The other dwarfs have no tome/are outdated and struggle to take objectives but I'd still look into them. Free Peoples also play defensively with gun lines backed up by guards and greatswords to screen, take objectives and chop up stuff. Stormcasts can also play similarly, if you want a more elite army (plus they actually have a tome). Skaven can also kinda play "defensively" if you play skryre-heavy, tying up your opponents and objectives with clanrat hordes while jezzails, wizards, cannons and acolytes shoot everything down is viable and fun. πŸ˜‰ Tzeentch, Gitz, and Bonesplitterz are also worth looking at if you're looking for armies with lots of magic, walls of dudes, and shooting.
  3. What's everyones thoughts on acolytes? I recently kitbashed some plague monk and warp lightning cannon bits into 10 of them. Are they only good in large numbers?
  4. It's disappointing that stormvermin didn't get points cost changes in the battletome. Plague Monks are so good even without buffs due to how cheap they are. I can definitely see them being nerfed in GHB, but I think the plague furnace will be untouched. I'm thinking Monks will go up to 80-90 pts, and stormvermin down to 120.
  5. From what I've seen and played, pestilens and skryre units are the current most competitive (rat ogres and HPA aren't bad though!). The 'base' of most competitive skaven armies seems to be 80-120 clanrats, at least one max unit of plague monks, a warpseer, and any grey seer hero. From there I'd add skryre units and an engineer, jezzails and acolytes are generally very applicable units. Most skryre units are pretty good though, there's a lot of different synergies that are powerful. Skaven as a whole has a lot viable options and good situational units, which is why I wouldn't copy netlists and instead playtest to see what works for you and your playstyle. I personally like having multiple WLC over jezzails for example, it's not necessarily better or worse, just preference. Also don't forget the warp lightning vortex! πŸ˜„
  6. Yes! I do that exact paint scheme for my clanrats, except I spray them black and do an all over heavy drybrush of brown, and I use ushabti bone for the eyes, teeth, and to drybrush the fur. I find the bone color makes the eyes 'pop' more than red since the model is mostly darker colors. I personally really like the dark and gritty look to the clanrats. I could probably do an entire unit of 40 in one day with the scheme if I am motivated enough and have the time (although that never happens πŸ˜†).
  7. I'd say the hellpit abomination or the SC box, you have a lot of shooting already but no close combat hammer units. Plague monks are very good at the moment so nothing in the SC box will go to waste, and having 2 WLC will make your opponents' heroes cower-scurry in fear. But the HPA is a great choice as well. πŸ˜„
  8. I believe you can use warpstone sparks abilities at any time in the phase, the wording doesn't say you have to select the hero before you cast your spells. Usually if an ability requires you to do that it'll specifically say so.
  9. They're very fun and very powerful with warpstone sparks, just be careful if the enemy has shooting, ratling guns are very squishy and can be easily shot down before they can do much. The overcharge is honestly pretty safe though, I think out of 4-5 games have they only blown themselves up twice on me. My strategy as of late has been 6 rat ogres, 2-3 ratling guns, and warp lightning cannons buffed by their engineers and master moulder, and behind a big horde of clanrats. Lots of damage! I personally don't really see any use in rat swarms. They just remind me of nurglings, but worse. They might be good at tarpitting but we have so many hordes that can fulfill that role if needed, alongside being able to screen and deal more damage. I've only used vermintide once, it didn't really do much but it's a safe endless spell I guess.
  10. I assume you mean using the throt models as counts-as packmasters? When it comes to proxies/counts-as models, always just ask your opponent if it's okay with them, or simply explain to them what the unit is. 99% of the time they'll be fine with it or not even notice. You don't have to use the old models as the generic hero equivalent the compendium says they are. He's an official GW moulder skaven model that has all the packmaster weapons, sounds like a perfect alternative packmaster model to me. Plus Throt, both character and model, aren't even in AoS nor sold on the GW store, so nobody will confuse the models for a different unit or anything like that. I agree with @robinlvalentine that he does look more like a master moulder though (isle of blood one also has a thing-catcher!), not that it really matters. 🀭
  11. I think frustration mostly comes from going into a game expecting to win, and then having your strategies and expectations shattered by something you feel is out of your control. GW does a fairly good job at balancing but there will always be a cheese army/strategy, top competitive armies, and weak factions which can give that feeling of unfairness. Also need to keep in mind that Warhammer uses dice rolls for mostly everything which adds onto that "not in control" feeling at times when you roll poorly. Game knowledge, good positioning and tactics can obviously negate most of these, but "unfair" situations will still happen occasionally. It's a good idea to try getting into a mindset of being okay with losing before you even start playing, and if you're into it then adding some narrative elements to the battle and your models can make unfair moments or losses still be enjoyable. I personally like naming my heroes and giving them titles or adding bits to their bases for notable things they do in battles, regardless of whether it was a good or bad thing, or if I won or lost. When I lose games I also like to think about what I could have done differently and what I can do next time. Maybe a new unit I tried out wasn't performing as I expected, maybe one did very good and I should include more or build around it more next time. There's always something to learn from your losses, although usually it ends with me buying more models I think would be effective for next time πŸ˜‚
  12. I personally prime and paint all my models assembled or mostly assembled, no issues with stormvermin. I find painting stormvermin to be pretty similar to painting clanrats, they're just not as quick to batch paint and assemble. So long as you don't assemble the halberd shafts to be clutched closely to the stormvermin's body or something like that, you shouldn't have any problems painting and priming.
  13. They can be tricky. You either have to shoot the heroes and engine down asap, or bring enough power to destroy skink hordes and the summoned units quickly so you can take over objectives. Last time I played against lizards they ironically ended up tying up my clanrats and constantly summoned in more skinks and warriors to block them from reaching objectives. I wasn't able to kill either their heroes or the summons fast enough, although this was before the tome and changes. Stormfiends might actually be a good choice here if you're worried about warpfire thrower teams getting shot down, plus they'll provide some good shooting to target heroes with. I think rat ogres will be very good too if you can get them in range, every successful attack kills 2 skinks/warriors and if you can manage a charge on a hero, they'll very likely kill or severely wound it. Gnawholes/skitterleap could be very good if your opponent doesn't know how to play around them or is in a bad position
  14. Nobody will mind if you use them as gutter runners so long as you explain it to them. Considering how little they're used, I doubt many non-skaven players even know what night runners are anyway πŸ˜‚. The only time I could see it being a problem is at tournaments where there's rules against proxies, in casual games I would find it a little rude to deny playing against someone just because a unit doesn't have the "official" models. πŸ˜… If you haven't assembled the runners yet and have any clanrat sprues or bits lying around, they have some punch dagger hand weapons you could maybe use to make your night runners have the proper gutter runner weapons.
  15. The warpseer + another verminlord seems to be rising in popularity from what I've seen. It offers tons of support, magic, battleshock immunity, bonus command points, etc. I think it'll be better than a grey seer at higher point games, but at lower obviously you'll need something cheaper which is where the grey seer shines. I may need to get another verminlord box for a warpseer, I only have the verminking himself. @AliKing Fun battle report, thanks for posting. I agree ratling guns are surprisingly very good and also underrated, they've been doing great for me as well with the weapon team rerolling trait. πŸ˜„
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