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  1. According to the tome, you only need the general of your army to be Pestilens to ally with Nurgle units, not the entire army as pure Pestilens. I don't think many of them are good options for skaven but it would still be fun to experiment with πŸ˜„
  2. Skeletons are super slow, so you won't have to worry about them for a turn or 2 while they march up the table or wait in the grave. Shooting spam is for sure the way to go, just unload everything you got onto Nagash. Sniping down Arkhan if you get first turn could also be a good idea, he's only got 11 wounds and a volley of buffed jezzail shots can down him easily. Killing Arkhan means less magic, less skeletons being brought back, and less range on Nagash's spells. Without that extra 6" range, Nagash is going to rely heavily on the umbral spell portal or moving to more vulnerable positions to be in range to even cast most of his spells on you. Killing Nagash asap will basically ensure your victory though 😝
  3. I'd go with option 1. I still don't think stormfiends fit into many lists that well, even with the pt decrease. If you use them as a shooting unit you're essentially getting a single ratling gun and jezzail that has more wounds, and a melee model that just tanks damage. 9 Jezzails are just way better for shooting, they have longer range and can deal some really good damage with warpstone sparks (and without). 20 acolytes is a scary thing for your opponent too πŸ˜„
  4. Ratling Guns deal so much damage with warpstone sparks. Their only weakness is if the enemy also had good shooting, ratling gun range is rather short compared to a lot of shooting units, and they can be picked off easily. Screening and positioning is important. Verminlord heavy lists should still be good, just more expensive. I think the second list is the better one, unless you really like the double death frenzy idea. WLV is just so strong, and the warbringer will already provide death frenzy. There's also the option of decreasing the clanrat units to 20x to bring both double seers and WLV, but I personally like having at least 1 unit of 40.
  5. I'd drop the verminlord corruptor for something else. If your monks have dual foetid blades then there's not really a point in bringing the corruptor since they'll already be rerolling hits. His spell is good for horde killing but besides that he's the weakest verminlord in combat. The only exception would be if you can use realm artefacts in the tourney, sword of judgement is really good on the corruptor and will make him very kill-y. Having a grey seer with skitterleap would still be a good idea though. 2 grey seers for skitterleap and double death frenzy on your monks with the warbringer's spell could be a good replacement too. I think the overseer of destruction's rerolling hits of the ratling guns would be better than +1 to cast dreaded warpgale, I'd change the general and command trait to the arch warlock. The artefact can be put on the warpseer or warbringer, or the grey seer if you decide to use one. You could also do 1 grey seer with the WLV, or even another unit of plague monks if you swap out the corruptor. Up to you really. And remember to not overcharge the arch warlock's spell, despite how tempting it may be πŸ˜„
  6. I haven't used stormvermin at all besides 1-2 games, so I can't give a proper comparison but I've used rat ogors many a times and they are good in units of 4+. They deal tons of damage and can crush or put a huge dent into any unit they get the charge on. Only downside is that rat ogors are actually pretty squishy due to their bad save and bravery, you need the master moulder or at least packmasters as well to make them not get instantly destroyed if your opponent gets the initiative. This increases their cost by another 60 to 100 pts essentially, they're not a cheap investment just like stormvermin. In a way I think stormvermin could be better over the long-term game, but rat ogors give much more immediate results which fits my playstyle more. I agree that they are pretty equivalent, just depends on the situation.
  7. I think the HPA increase was kinda unnecessary but isn't bad. Verminlords and Grey Seer going up was pretty obviously going to happen. Not sure why Skreech was increased 🀨 Plague Monks increase isn't going to change much, I still feel like they'll be spammed. Stormvermin and Warpcog battalions are still too expensive in my opinion. Stormvermin need to be like 100 pts if they want to compete with plague monks and clanrats. Warpcog is really only useful if you planned on taking all those skryre units in the first place. Ratling Guns going down was a surprise (yay!) I think the WLV change is the biggest, since you'll need to rely on skitterleaps or gnawholes way more to cast it where you want. I don't see the skaven meta picks changing a whole lot, lists will just be a bit more expensive and maybe less WLV in games.
  8. It's a shame GW didn't give us any updated models, but it seems like most other armies in this wave of updated tomes are getting the same "tome+spells+terrain+one hero" treatment Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― I'm just happy that the tome is good. For skryre, I wish you luck in your IoB/SoD model search πŸ˜† If you want plastic eshin I suggest the bloodbowl team, they also make for good acolyte bodies and hands if you can find gas mask heads from the warp lightning cannon sprue
  9. Many armies can play defensively if you build your list to do so. I assume you want your army to be based around defensive positioning and not just units that have good saves/high wounds. Do keep in mind that you'll need to be able to take objectives though and not just sit back and shoot all game. All the dwarf armies have a defensive playstyle where they turtle up, lob shots, and clean up in melee. Fyreslayers are much more aggressive though since they want to rip and tear the enemies up close, and they have more bodies for objectives. Only fyreslayers have an up-to-date tome at the moment, so I'd recommend them. The other dwarfs have no tome/are outdated and struggle to take objectives but I'd still look into them. Free Peoples also play defensively with gun lines backed up by guards and greatswords to screen, take objectives and chop up stuff. Stormcasts can also play similarly, if you want a more elite army (plus they actually have a tome). Skaven can also kinda play "defensively" if you play skryre-heavy, tying up your opponents and objectives with clanrat hordes while jezzails, wizards, cannons and acolytes shoot everything down is viable and fun. πŸ˜‰ Tzeentch, Gitz, and Bonesplitterz are also worth looking at if you're looking for armies with lots of magic, walls of dudes, and shooting.
  10. What's everyones thoughts on acolytes? I recently kitbashed some plague monk and warp lightning cannon bits into 10 of them. Are they only good in large numbers?
  11. It's disappointing that stormvermin didn't get points cost changes in the battletome. Plague Monks are so good even without buffs due to how cheap they are. I can definitely see them being nerfed in GHB, but I think the plague furnace will be untouched. I'm thinking Monks will go up to 80-90 pts, and stormvermin down to 120.
  12. From what I've seen and played, pestilens and skryre units are the current most competitive (rat ogres and HPA aren't bad though!). The 'base' of most competitive skaven armies seems to be 80-120 clanrats, at least one max unit of plague monks, a warpseer, and any grey seer hero. From there I'd add skryre units and an engineer, jezzails and acolytes are generally very applicable units. Most skryre units are pretty good though, there's a lot of different synergies that are powerful. Skaven as a whole has a lot viable options and good situational units, which is why I wouldn't copy netlists and instead playtest to see what works for you and your playstyle. I personally like having multiple WLC over jezzails for example, it's not necessarily better or worse, just preference. Also don't forget the warp lightning vortex! πŸ˜„
  13. Yes! I do that exact paint scheme for my clanrats, except I spray them black and do an all over heavy drybrush of brown, and I use ushabti bone for the eyes, teeth, and to drybrush the fur. I find the bone color makes the eyes 'pop' more than red since the model is mostly darker colors. I personally really like the dark and gritty look to the clanrats. I could probably do an entire unit of 40 in one day with the scheme if I am motivated enough and have the time (although that never happens πŸ˜†).
  14. I'd say the hellpit abomination or the SC box, you have a lot of shooting already but no close combat hammer units. Plague monks are very good at the moment so nothing in the SC box will go to waste, and having 2 WLC will make your opponents' heroes cower-scurry in fear. But the HPA is a great choice as well. πŸ˜„
  15. I believe you can use warpstone sparks abilities at any time in the phase, the wording doesn't say you have to select the hero before you cast your spells. Usually if an ability requires you to do that it'll specifically say so.
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