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  1. so, if i m getting it straight, if my GS on disk gets one rend 1 wound in melee, he will not be able to save it using DD (since his 6+save gets modified by rend but not by the +2 from disk)?
  2. any reason why the gaunt's disk's profile in SdT is different from all the other disks in the DoT book?
  3. in my similar 2k list I snucked in a pendulum for a turn 1 shananigans, generating averagely 28 blues to be' brought back via lifeswarm, DD 1 on BS and the batallion ability. seen the great amount of wizards and endlesses, darkfire demonrift is a must too imo
  4. it worked in the previous tone and it still worked with the new one. then they oversaw the BS immunity shenanigans and put a patch in the wrong way ( instead of modifying the wording in the core rules about BS and modifiers), this way overnerfing horrors survivability. now we need to roll a natural 1 to bring back horrors IF we have the chance to , before they get down ro blues only, so from 0 to 1 time a game
  5. no...it just consumes 1 cast attempt, but the summoned unit can cast its own signature buff
  6. my 2c on how balancing things out. 1) rewrite aura of mutability , too strong 2) if you take the changehost batallion, no arcanites allowed ( no fatemaster, no gaunt summoner). 3) modify changehost: either 1 teleport or 2 but within 18/27". Thoughts?
  7. don't overrate the Changeling, since turn 1 he will do nothing else giving locus in enemy territory. if he survives turn 1 then yea, he s great
  8. guys you can't do that, the Changeling arrives at the end of movement phase in turn one so no spells
  9. i m fought between a 4 heroes configuration, leaving 50 pts for endless spells (so no geminids), and a 3 heroes one leaving 110
  10. my first game with new book was testing changehost+host duplicitous. I tool turn one , teleported 20+10 pinks in Front of 1 unit of gore gruntas and 1 unit of 30 arboyz, then I shot and charged using dd. the plan was to pin them there . at the start of my second turn both my units were wiped out
  11. it s virtually impossibile to keep 20 pinks and 9 flamers in the 9" bubble for +1to wound once they start splitting .
  12. tried this list and found quite a few issues that math can't include. Main problem is that you need to keep at least 31 model whilly within the 9 " bubble for +1 to w . then when pinks double up i n size this become even harder. if tou decide to split up your army in 2 separate forces, they will sub perform for lack of buffs, so you are forced to keep the big 1300pts bubble in one spot. now, in battleplans with many objectives like scorched earth where you have to spread out, this is a big issue, expecially against armies with great movement or teleports. So, in conclusion, the dmg threat is real, but not unbeatable if the opponent or the plan force a split
  13. two players should always exchange lists before deploying , nothing hidden except your thoughts😀
  14. the wording is clear: Horrors are battleline if they contain no blues/brims. Also they cost 100 only if they contain no pinks
  15. 2070 points according to my rusty math. I think a unit of 20 horrors costs 400 points if there are 19 brimstones + 1 pink
  16. The horrors' warscroll says that you must allocate wounds and Mw to pinks if there are any left. On the other hand, when a unit fails a BS test, feeing models count as slain , no statement about allocating wounds . So I 'm guessing if I can remove brims or blues as result of a failed BS test
  17. not doing the math for pinks vs std because it s a no brainer to me. pinks can benefit from fold reality , 1s on BSs and locus of change making them more durable
  18. once pinks are all gone, you can remove either blues or brims as you prefere
  19. There are clearer reviews, like "the dark artisan 's" one
  20. I'm stilll baffled. 1) If a horror unit wants to cast it on itself, it must be in an approximately 19 cm bubble. This formation won't be kept forever due to splitting and piling in combat, so the bonus will be useful for 1 turn. 2) If a horror unit wants to cast it on another horror unit, the latter must be adjacent and with 15cm diameter, never happening
  21. Another note, is it just me or the wording of Horrors' signature spell is unnecessary ambiguous? Channeled pink fire: 6+ to cast: "pick 1 friendly horror unit wholly within 6 of the caster and visible to them" ...Does this mean that you must keep all models into a bubble of 6" diameter to be elegible to cast it? This micro range also makes it very hard to cast it on another nearby horror unit. also. how can a unit not being able to see itself? This makes me thing that this spell is intended to be cast on OTHER horror units, making it possible only if you tag em in 2 very close bubbles, physically impossible as numbers wil ltend to grow...I'm baffled by this wording
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