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  1. You need a second battleline. My first choice would be taking 10 pinks +20 blues +20 brims. You can take 3 leaders, only the changecaster being a no brainer among your choices. So depending on which other 2 you pick, you would end up with : 3 leaders+2 pinks=900/915 pts, leaving space for 3 screamers or 1 endless spell (demonic simulacrum /portals). I'd play host duplicitous with this setup. On the other hand , if you want to include your exalted flamer, you will be at 825/840 pts, leaving points for 3 scremers as battleline in host arcanum and maybe 1 endless spell. In this case you should buy 6 more screamers for the free summoning from the fanged circlet (host arcanum artifact). I hope this helps
  2. Anybody knows why they removed the HORROR keyword from the new Horrors of Tzeentch warscroll? Does this mean that they can't be used anymore in those warscroll batallions requiring it? Ofc in those games where WB are still allowed
  3. There's still people "climbing up on mirrors" , desperately needing anyone in GW saying black in white that the max number of a unit of 10 models is 10 and that "returning" means "to add back" so there's no difference between the 2 wording. So GW can we please make them happy so we can play the same game now? thanks
  4. A couple of rules question that arose during yesterday's game: 1) Kairos used his once in a game skill to turn a successful opponent's charge roll of 3-1 into 1-1. Opponent wanted to use a command point to reroll the charge but I argued that that dice couldn't be rerolled. Could he have rerolled only the other dice anyway? We thought he couldn't since , in order to reroll a charge , he should have rerolled both dices and one wasn't rerollable. 2) The changecaster used his once in a game skill to cast a spell with 3 dices, but he failed. I had the chance to reroll. Should I have rerolled 3D6 or 2D6 only? Thanks for the help!
  5. Most of the confusion comes from the wording "max unit size", which had a precise meaning in the context of AoS 2, being a thing also minimum unit size. In Aos 3 there's only "unit size". Max unit size means the unit size (starting size) is at its maximum. If we accept this, then it's consequential that, starting the game with 10 pinks for example, I will be able to go above this number only by SaSA mechanic. Then when the unit size drops down to 9 models or less, we can also use rally, emerald lifeswarm, fold reality and icon bearer. In order to use effectively the banner, we need the following situation to happen, that is to say that our 10 pinks suffer 9 wounds or less and we use petty vengeance on all of them, no splitting, then we can take a 1 using DDs, adding more in the following hero phase using spells, endless spells or CA up to 10 models in total. Most players are against this interpretation because it's the most nerfing scenario, not being able anymore to inflate unit size endlessly
  6. definitely top tier , if not S then A, but it's just a guess at this point
  7. I' d be very surprised if this will be the case: let's take your example. You rallied back 5 pinks, now you have 10 pinks and 10 blues. Let's say all 10 pinks die. I should have now 30 blues. I don't see what rule I'm violating by adding blues number 21 to 30. Split and split again allows me to do it.
  8. When you allocate wounds or MW you must allocate them to pinks if any left. In any other case ( no pinks or no allocation, like for example for fleeing models due to BS) you get to choose.
  9. Correct, they succeded in faqing up a ruleset before its official launch. Anyway this means that every pink that flees can still take petty vengeance , even though I'd rather remove a blue [EDIT] above assumption is incorrect (thanks Sinfullyvanilla). When any horror flees , it's just gone
  10. Both statement are false, please take time to read through the rules carefully before posting to prevent spreading fake news: 1) You are allowed to heal/bring back slain models but if the unit is at its max size (starting size) , these additions are discarded. The only possible (and unlikely) scenarios for healing to actually happen are: A) Your unit is reduced to less than 10 brimstones due to heavy casualties B) Your unit is under it's max size because it failed a BS test badly AND it took advantage of petty vengeance at some point 2) Rule 1.2.2: models are "removed from play" if they are "slain" OR "flee". Precise distinction here, a model removed from play because it fled is NOT considered slain anymore [EDIT]: today's faq bring things back, now fleeing counts as slain again omg...however this will not allow horrors to benefit from "split and split again" as per warscroll errata.
  11. Horrors got nerfed , hence the point decrease. Despite they can split and split again reaching the double unit size, they cannot benefit anymore of other means of unit size increase as before. Basically, a horror unit will always be at its maximum unit size (the starting number (10,20,30) up to its double (20,40,60). Hence, using Emerald lifeswarm, icon bearer, fold reality or Rally will give no benefits. In particular I think they missed to rework the icon bearer, 99% of situations it will be useless. Also, models removed from play due to a failed battleshock test, will not split. Still a solid unit but not OP anyomore
  12. Had my first game vs ogor Mawtribes, overall good feelings for the new edition. I suspect that cogs will be nerfed sooner than later. Despite rolling 4 times double 1s in less than 40 spell castings, I had 27 fate points in turn 3 , making board control by summoning very strong
  13. I just read this too and now the matter is cleared, but up to literally a few hours ago there were still some misunderstanding. Thank you
  14. Straight to a simple example, which they should have included in the "best ruleset ever" for clarity's sake, considering the flames it's generating in my gaming group: Miniature A is attacked by miniature B. A benefits from Mystic shield (+1save), All out Defense (+1 save) and has a base save roll of 4+. Miniature B has rend 2. When A rolls to save, does it save with 4+ or 5+?
  15. A reason for pinks going down in cost can be that they are getting a reworked warscroll. Also another reason is hidden in rule 25.3 (side paragraph), basically splitting 1 pink now generates 1 blue, not 2. Also BS casualties don't split (they don't count as slain anymore)
  16. With the warscroll batallions gone ( CH in primis), is there still any reason left to take a LoC over Kairos? The latter seems no brainer to me
  17. I'd take host arcanum so you have 160 spare points for 1 more caster or turning the GS into Kairos
  18. I personally go for Mass conjuration as a general rule, if I don't have any particular plan. If I'm running changehost, there are good chances I'll start the charge phase at 9" from the enemy so, depending on my unit and the strategy, I might want to go for Reckless abandon. For example if Im teleporting a blob of pinks in a changehost- host duplicitous list I probably would love to stick those pinks to the target unit for good. Or maybe I teleported a big unit of screamers to tag an enemy key monster.
  19. I'd start with a path to glory campaign, it starts about at 500 pts so perfect for starters and it's nice to grow in the game at the same pace that your army
  20. Ok thank you! So you're just confirming my thoughts on the current state of this matter. However I disagree when you say it doesn't need a faq (and btw you disagree with yourself too adding "at the moment", implying a change could occur via faq) . This is clearly an oversight by the rules team because named characters shouldn't be customizable in their traits (including mount ones) . They aren' t generic leaders but specific ones with their own traits, paid in points. I also feel pretty weak the insinuation of correlation with a named being able to choose spells, since a mount trait is much more comparable to a command trait/ artifact than to a spell. I think this rule was intended to prevent combos between traits/artifacts and nameds' own traits. Anyways point cleared, thank you
  21. I'm going to necro this post because I cannot find a definitive position by GW on this matter. It appears that RAW you can still give named characters' mounts despite this clearly appears not intended. Did I miss a faq out? What the faq
  22. Here's a scenario where the tome shines: cast it with Kairos in host arcanum, getting a total of +9 extra inches (3" for the tome and 6" for the extra move given by that coven). Now you can snipe with 6 flat MW a key support hero within 27" in sight. When you roll for casting, you can reroll results which doesn't show any 6s or double 1s, giving the spell a 55% chance of being unstoppable.
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