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  1. I'm in the wargaming world for so long but my local friends are more into boardgames and rpgs. I know they'd fancy try this new (for them) world out, but they are held back by the entry costs. I find this game perfect for whoever wants to drag more people in wargaming. This is the main reason I will buy it and it's not a point that the 2 guys at GMG even considered because they are after the perfect skirmish game, comparing this one with more complex and refined engines but surely less friendly to newbies
  2. Paniere


  3. http://www.iii-i-iii.com/SchedaMiniatura.aspx?ID=2067
  4. http://www.iii-i-iii.com/schedaMiniatura.aspx?ID=1842
  5. I prefer saving blues for summoning purposes, fielding screamers instead. I also prefer 1 more horror hero over some of those endless, but honestly I'd need way more games to state which solution would be better
  6. You are 1 horror unit short. try squeezing 1 more hero in and basically we play the same
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