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  1. My apologies if this came up before in this topic or elsewhere but I'm not an IJ player. My opponent had one ardboys unit from his ardfist batallion destroyed, bringing its total down to 2 units left. He spent 1 cp with his wc to bring one unit back, then kept spending cp's to bring another unit back up to a total of 5 ardboys units. Was this worked out as intended ? Can you spend multiple cps on this CA bringing back 10-men-strong units indefinitely, or at least up to 5 which is the batallion limit? Thanks for helping out guys
  2. I started AoS and Tzeentch for these same reasons, but I ended up loving the demon face and nowadays I only use the GS+changhehost. With your list you will have a fun intro into the AoS DoT mechanics but you will realize soon that you aren't exploiting its magical potential at all, being unable to cast enough spells and moreover lacking all the summoning models
  3. I had my first tournament last weekend. My changehost went pretty well considering my greatest opponent has been the time limit. I went through 4 units swaps, 11 spells, then movement phase, summoning and shooting with everything, numbers increasing with summoning. This was very time consuming and in 2 out of 3 games I couldn't play more than 2 turns. Consequently I drew one, won one by 1 point and lost one by 1 point. In the long term I probably would have ended winning them all considering my heroes were full life and had plenty of summoning options. How do you deal with speeding up your game? Andy hints and tips very appreciated thanks
  4. sounds like the witchfire coven is your way to go. Big acolytes battlelines, 9 enlightened + shaman on disk
  5. I currently run purple sun, geminids, pendulum, BV, spellportal. Palisade or gravetide too if there's space
  6. I run 3 units of pink horrors from the start and no Blues. I have 40 blues for the summoning, in case my pinks are dying too quick for my blues numbers, I rely on the "petty vengeance rule"
  7. I have played a dozen games with CH so far, no competitive environment but tournament rules nonetheless. I'm still very far for mastering this batallion, it requires a lot of thinking, positioning and decision making. The slightest error and your paper casters will get wiped out. If I have the certainty of going first, I usually deploy at least 2 units of pinks as close as possible to enemy lines, then at the start of my hero phase I swap them, gaining 9 inches towards the enemy. Then I release 2 powerful endless spells, combining the destiny dices, and +2 or +3 rerollable casting rolls (LoC comand ability and blue scribes). Then I can run back in the movement phase to defend my rear lines. So far so good. My learning curve gets steep when the Changeling comes into play. I must deploy him in the opponent zone, but not too close to the enemy's heroes in order not to get discovered. At the same time, it must me within 27" from the LoC to teleport something nasty behind the enemy lines . Honestly, so far I've always failed to use it effectively, very hard to master but potentially very funny
  8. You have enough demons for a very good changehost, maybe 10/20 blues for summoning. You are only missing 5/7 endless spell. The only arcanite I field in mine is the GS
  9. so in a narrative campaign, how are the fighters killed and then brought back to game considered? Does the opponent get glory points for 1 or 2 thirds despite they came back? do they roll for deaths or not?
  10. Also, minimum band size is 3 and maximum 15 or 20, depending on game mode
  11. I'm in the wargaming world for so long but my local friends are more into boardgames and rpgs. I know they'd fancy try this new (for them) world out, but they are held back by the entry costs. I find this game perfect for whoever wants to drag more people in wargaming. This is the main reason I will buy it and it's not a point that the 2 guys at GMG even considered because they are after the perfect skirmish game, comparing this one with more complex and refined engines but surely less friendly to newbies
  12. Paniere


  13. http://www.iii-i-iii.com/SchedaMiniatura.aspx?ID=2067
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