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  1. I played a little event on the weekend, my first since Beastgrave came out. I took my gitz, and played against Grymwatch twice. First game, my opponent was unlucky, and I played well (but with two glaring mistakes, the first was thinking their inspire condition was countered by a single fighter in their half, the second was forgetting I had rebound in hand) that cost me - leading to a 2 glory loss. The second game, I was absolutely trounced. It wasn't even close. Seems as though Grymwatch are the warband to beat so far this season, so i'm looking to counter them hard. So what is going to hurt them the most? I'm thinking of playing the snarlfangs as my next competitive warband, as they look fun - and could be a good counter to the grymwatch with their fantastic speed and ability to split damage across multiple models (and the associated knockbacks that come with that). Trophy Belt and Tome of Offerings can lead to some big glory totals against them.
  2. Thanks, I've not played any Underworlds since Season 3 came out, so I wasn't aware of the change to restricted. I definitely want to keep Spectral Armour though. With how great acrobatic was in S2, I can't bring myself to ditch it.
  3. I've started to build a deck for these guys, let me know what you think; https://www.underworldsdb.com/shared.php?deck=0,B368,N373,B398,N550,P56,N436,N543,B431,N503,N514,B434,N322,N384,P36,P41,B367,B100,B101,B103,B104,B106,B298,B110,B116,B117,B118,B119,B126,B382,G21,P57,G3,B105,B275,G22,B120 Looking to go pure aggro, but i've tried to avoid objectives that rely on making a kill with 'attacks'. Between spittle, snare and pit trap - there's too many chances to miss out on scoring them. I've included a couple of weapon upgrades, to make the archer boy a lil bit more choppy in the event that Rippa goes down early. I do need to cut an objective and 3 upgrades from here though. Get Thee Hence and and the Weapons would be the easiest to remove by themselves, but I think these will be quite useful. Chip damage and increasing the accuracy of attacks is what i've tried to focus on. Cover Ground/Spectral Wings/Loping Strides seem like no-brainers for these guys. And then a few defensive upgrades for keeping the boss alive. So... what do I cut from it?
  4. It sounds as though you're playing right into what Mollog wants. Mollog players want a slug-fest centered around the big guy - it's what their decks are designed to do to win. Play your objective deck, and the cards you have in hand. When you need to get a kill, go for the squigs. Half the time, if you spend all game chopping at Mollog, by the time you kill him you've already lost based on the glory he has racked up. There are certain cards that work well against him. Cruel Taunt, Transfixing Stare etc all do wonders, but you limit your deck by including them. Mobility cards like faneway and hidden paths are great, and useful in many matchups. To be honest, it just sounds like you're not playing the game smartly.
  5. Yes it is. Rulebook states that Reactions are a special type of action. Ergo, an Action. One that is printed on a fighter card. The designers commentary confirmed this, as it speaks about Scurry itself counting as an action. Not the move that is triggered by Scurry. So essentially, if a charge action triggers scurry, and a goblin moves - this counts as 3 actions for Keep them Guessing - charge, move, and an action on a fighter card. The same principal applies to the Guardian reactions, Gorefists, and Thundrik.
  6. Seconded the low glory total. You mentioned you can get screwed with bad draws, which is exactly what you need to avoid with only 14 glory. I thought I was at the minimum amount of glory with 16, so I definitely think you should push it out a bit. Trading building momentum for Victory after Victory or Combination Strike would be a good start. I'd trade Shining example for Escalation too. With a few score immediately cards you can still claim this in round 1, and will almost always claim it in round 2. Sphere of Aqshy should be in there instead of Pangs due to being easier to cast, but I tend to run both. I like your approach to resiliency. Gallaghan with Warding stance and Cursed Artifact is hilarious. I'm definitely going to try running both in my deck soon. Why no Sorcerous Scouring? I'd swap out Domain Denied for it.
  7. You only receive the +1 when there are no adjacent fighters.
  8. Are they though? Unmaking can score, or help score quite a few common objectives - Song of Hatred, Lithe Spirits, Reclaim the Lamentiri. It also has a chance on inspiring Ylthari. Leech Power still inspires Ylthari, and heals her. I get what you're saying though. The Guardians feel quite pressed for gambit slots because of the required healing potion + amphora and those two gambits. You're right, Tethered was almost solely to keep Ylthari alive. It also seemed to work a bit to discourage people to attack her, and assists with Lithe Spirits (although i've never had issues scoring it).
  9. I ended up placing 4th at a Grand Clash over the weekend. Deck did well, I think I played quite well - and I had a good draw in warbands/players I was up against. Decklist is here; https://www.underworldsdb.com/shared.php?deck=0,N269,N268,N266,N265,348,N371,N302,N365,N274,N388,N557,N451,374,257,306,336,391,330,N550,N529,N340,N543,N309,424,N272,N276,320,N290,349,N527,N476,N503,272,372 Round 1 - Kharadrons - I don't recall too much of the games, but I won 2-0, with +11 glory. Deck performed well and my new approach of playing aggro against them served me well. Round 2 - Orruks - 2-0, +11 glory again! Very young player, who was actually pretty good. I chose boards in both games, so that helped me set up in an easy way. Round 3 - Kharadrons (Katophrane Deck) 0-2, -24 glory. I almost had the first game, only going down by 3 glory after he just managed to get 6 relics up with 2 activations left. Very close to snagging a win in that one. I had 8 glory at the end of Round 1. In game 2, he got a good draw an steamrolled me with glory. I didn't lose too badly by comparison, as he'd been scoring very highly and ended up with +98 glory differential. I'd tech against it, but he's the only person playing katophranes in our area. Round 4 - Briar Queen. 2-0, +23 glory. Deck played fantastically in this matchup. There's just so many squishy fighters to score my score immediates off of. Gallaghan with Tome of Offerings scored me 8 glory by himself in game one. Game two was closer, but I churned through all of my objectives by early in round 3. Round 5 - Eyes of the 9, 2-1 +6 glory. Rubbish warband, very skilled player. The horror was a pain to deal with as I found out that you can't knockback when he turns to brimstones. My burning of objectives worked well as he was running supremacy and two Tactical objectives. I lost the first game, but came back solid in the final two. My dice were kinda ass for a decent portion of this round too, but it didn't matter. So yeah, scored myself some cool loot by sneaking into 4th place. Brair Queen won, Ylthari's guardians in 2nd, Katophrane dwarves in 3rd. I definitely would have made some changes to my deck in hindsight. I played Rebound once all day, and it didn't go off. With Tethered Spirit and Last Chance, it probably isn't needed (as I can't use it if I use those instead). Twist the Knife can be taken out, as only Ylthari and Skathael can use it (requires a range 1 attack). I'd look to bring in Haymaker, and maybe Frozen in time. It may have given me a chance against the Kharadrons. Objective deck worked well, and I wouldn't change a thing. Dropping Twist does free up a restricted slot. In most games I cycled through all of my objectives. Yeah, it's only 16 glory, but I seem to find that it's enough.
  10. I played a small little event last night to experiment with my deck for an upcoming Grand Clash. I tried out Curse of Dwindling, and I wont be bothering with it again. I played Fiends, Guardians, Gitz, Cursebreakers - and it wasn't needed in any game. It's a card you need to get out early for full impact, and it's hard to get out early due to it requiring at least one (of two) upgrades to cast somewhat reliably. Does anyone have some tips on how to play the Magore matchup? I compete well against other warbands (havn't played against Mollog yet though), but Magore just tears through the squishy elves. My deck needs to start aggresive to get going, but I find it hard to commit against a choppy aggro warband that benefits more from combat than I do. Any ideas? I'm finding the Cursebreaker matchup to be quite good, which says a lot about the warband's strengths. I did lose a game to the Gitz. While I won on the board with kills and I claimed 11/12 objective cards - he still won. Mostly due to Superior tactician and a couple of final turn keys. I'll be putting Masterstroke in the deck. I had Master of War - but then I realised gambit spells are NOT ploys. So i'd be hamstringing myself by including 4 spells. Due to Masterstroke, I put rebound back in, and turned TTK into Trap. Between Ready for Action, Rebound, Trap and the fighter reactions, it should be enough I think. Rebound should be good for the Magore matchup too.
  11. We're very quickly going to start playing the exact same deck. I like Twist the Knife instead of the traps. mainly because it helps with Strike Swiftly. Another card I don't like is Warding Stance. I much prefer Trusted Defender/Champions Fortitude. +1 dice is functionally the same as rerolling one - unless you rolled two successes (and needed three). But it can be applied to any fighter. I don't get why people are including it - is there something i'm missing? Another question, does Withering count for Sorcerous Scouring? It's wording makes me question it. I smooth out the Lithe Spirits RNG with cards like Duel of Wits, Last Chance, Duelists Speed, Potion of Rage and Tethered Spirit. Reactions are so easy to find, and they're some of the better cards. Lithe Spirits is an auto include
  12. Yeah, i was pretty happy with it - i'm starting to lock my deck in for Grand Clash in my city and i'm quite happy with it. Amphora was useful. Of the 6 games, I didn't draw it at least twice. I inspired Skathael with it twice, healed Gallaghan once, and inspired Gallaghan once (end of round - better than discarding it). I would kill for a single channel heal to take it's place. If I went with dwindling (and Vytrix) i'd look at including the double channel heal spell. Death from afar is the hardest score immediately there. I usually end up scoring it with the 1 damage spells. It can be tough to set up (have ylthari in range, have gallaghan/skathael charge someone to 1 wound left). But it combo's with sorcerous scouring - and when you consider the ways I have to score that - it's essentially the same objective, but Anhslaine can score it too. I've had zero issues in playing against Cursebreakers. I did lose to a very defensive cursebreaker deck - but it was close and I definitely could have won it. That Guardian deck is definitely different, with some very interesting choices. Sphere of Chamon? No healing potion? Edit - wait, different deck i was looking at. This won 2nd at a Russian GT https://www.underworldsdb.com/shared.php?deck=0,270,N266,N269,N340,306,N265,N270,N365,N262,N268,N302,275,324,356,321,343,N274,348,N429,N388,N465,N453,N279,410,L56,N282,N290,N485,N500,N499,N501,384,N557,374
  13. Season Boxset; High Elves - The Lion, 2-3 rangers and a caster. Slaanesh - Actual daemons? Maybe they can summon a whole bunch of daemonettes? Flesh Eater Courts - 1 big gribbly, 5-6 ghouls Daughters of Khaine (basically just 3 Melusai?) Beastmen? Seraphon - please be skinks & skink priests Obligatory Stormcast warband Finally - I want a brettonian warband. Just one mounted knight, and 3 squires. Similar mechanics to mollog.
  14. Quick rundown on the event I went to this weekend with the aforementioned deck. Rounds were 1 and done. Round 1 - Magores. I killed everything but lost by 1 glory. Ran out of ways to score once they were all dead. Lost Ylthari early to Magore Hidden Pathing into my backline, which cost me my chance at most of the passive glory. Round 2 - Cursebreakers. Easy game, not a great player. Round 3 - Thundriks. I won by 5 glory or so. Not much to mention, deck came out in the right order and I played well. Definitely think the guardians have to play more aggro against them. Previously i'd sat back thinking id win on passive glory, and it doesn't work. Round 4 - Cursebreakers. Heavy spellcasting deck. He rolled terrible and his hand got locked up with objectives. I managed to take them all out by early during the 3rd round. Skathael got on a roll. Big win to me. Round 5 - Thundriks. Very good player who i'd never beaten. Used the lessons learnt in my previous game against the dwarves and was more aggressive than i'd been in the past. I won 20-14, after I had 7 upgrades on Ylthari (Tethered Spirit, Sudden Growth, Well of Power, Archers Focus, Tome of Offerings, Blessing of Hydragos and Gloryseeker). Once tooled up she just jumped around blasting dwarves for 2 glory per shot. I've found that taking out Drakkskewer early is pretty important for this matchup. Round 6 - Thundriks. The Katophrane deck. I went defensive and it cost me. Couldn't cycle my hand and got punked. I'd tech against Katophranes, but there's only 1 guy who runs them in my area. So deck performed well, will make a few tweaks for the next event.
  15. given that the card explicitly states that the fighter doesn't get taken out of action - I don't think that is a problem.
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