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  1. Time to dust off those Forest Dragons and sisters of twilight guys
  2. Sounds like you've got a great setting pretty well formed already to me. It might not part of the main lore but I don't see why you couldn't invent your own fallen/borderline stormcast. If it's only a small tabletop sized army there is no reason this should intersect with the main narrative unless you wanted it to. Having bits of your soul repeatedly removed sure sounds like a recipe for madness to me. If say, tzeentch was trying to corrupt a small group of demoralised stormcast, I'm sure they could find many ways to stop news getting back to azyr. Of course if they are delusional and reporting back to Sigmar themselves, then Sigmar wouldn't know there wasn't tons of chaos running around. Often when you challenge delusional beliefs people don't take too well to it.... This kind of thing could form a narrative campaign of its own. It might be interesting to look at specific neurological disorders or brain injuries/stroke syndromes (frontal lobes especially) and think about how that deficit might affect a stormcast. Do they lack inhibitions, the ability to recognise emotions or have short term memory loss? Maybe reforging has made them kind of autistic with the various social and communication difficulties and repetitive behaviours. If running with the paranoid delusion idea then have a quick read about the abberrant salience hypothesis. Playing these out could help fill in some of the details and explain why they are the kind of mad they are.
  3. In the old world they were definitely separate species with defined roles in the quasi-Confucian order of lizardman society. Spawning pools were created by the old ones and once lost they couldn't be replaced, if I remember correctly. So either the reproduction was magical in some way or the environmental conditions needed for healthy seraphon tadpoles were not naturally occurring.
  4. UpI play DOTA which has a big professional scene. What you often see is that DOTA hero's with low win rates in 'pubs' (non-proffessional and mostly low skill games) are played a lot by the pros. These heroes are very powerful in the right situation, but are really hard to execute properly and tend to die very easily when you get it wrong (like me most of the time!) I think seraphon and a few others like khorne and maybe KO seem to fall into the same kind of bracket. Not nearly as killy as they look like they should be, so the average player probably won't do that well. But really really good players who can use all the movement&summoning shenanigans to get objectives are able to win big tournaments like CanCon and ACon. I think this is quite different to armies like BCR and IJ (or saurus seraphon). They have a similar win rate but really don't seem to have the tools necessary to play that way.
  5. I'm not a tournament player but follow the stats and reviews from a distance. But it seems to me that aiming to have most real fctions in the 40-60% bracket would be a reasonable aim from a balance perspective. The recent tournament results seem to have shown the FEC and Skaven have come in pretty powerful. But LON and DOK do retain high win rates (despite Ben Savva not playing DOK at recent tournies!). Good comments were made above about not wanting to leaving other old Aos 1 factions even further behind. Altogether this says to me that says maybe LON and DOK could still use a little adjustment so those Aos 1 factions aren't too far behind but just not as much as the big nerfs people were asking for before. Eg maybe just increase hags to 100pts, make dire wolves not battle line. Tones them down a bit but doesn't leave them behind skaven/fec/idk. Those extra 40-80 points will make a fairly big difference to top level players but not enough to make casual players feel like their army is now totally different.
  6. I'm sure you can find examples of text written by people with intellectual disability or interviews about their experiences which you could use for ideas if you wanted to pursue the low IQ line. Alternatively it could be fun to try to develop an atypical ogor character. I've been thinking about my tyrant as Saill "Big'art" O'mentum. A progressive kind of ogor who has come up with innovations such as: sharing the loot equally (except I get the most cause it was my idea), treating other ogors from all realms equally (they all taste the same anyway) and not eating all the duardin all at once (if we leave some alive there's more beer when we come back).
  7. Seems to me that lots of people are more attached to their chapter than space marines in general. Also the conflict between chapters is fundamental to the Horus heresy which is the biggest (and most commercially successful) single bit of 40k lore as well as lots of the smaller plot lines, so it only seems natural for AOS to adapt ideas from SM chapters. That said, Aos already has more Order factions than 40k imperial ones so there are already more ways to have civil wars and defections to chaos etc. I think the success of Nighthaunt and LON with the whole malign portents storyline does show GW that there is room for more than Stormcast on the front page/poster. Hopefully they will build on that success. For me I would love to see a chaos civilisation fleshed out a bit more. Cities based around science and industry worshipping tzeentch and khorne. Maybe they've been flooded with refugees from Sigmars conquests of chaos held territory, that kind of thing.
  8. Between skryre and gloomspite it seems pretty clear now why GW didn't feel like they needed to nerf LON or DOK in the faq. Lord of change or slann now very sad that rats and goblins are more powerful than they are 😢
  9. I'm also hoping for some pretty awesome dwarf-bots, vengeful ancestor spirit powered golems would fit the bill nicely. Valaya would be interesting and creates a very natural space for some female duardin characters which I would like to see. But still..... Golems and massive adapted mining machinery to burrow up and crush enemies into pulp for me please. I like your idea linking duardin constructs with the forging/reforing process via Grugni. If that was the case then a sneaky dispossessed release would kind of fit in as part of the soul wars storyline. They are the classic enemies of the Gobbos who just got re-released and Skaven who are hotly tipped for the same treatment, so it would kind of make sense to see a Dispossessed release from that point of view too........ Nah I'm just gettingover-excited. Anyway I still need to get enough regular bearded dudes painted by the time anything comes out whenever that might be.
  10. Thanks for the tips guys! Looks like I've got some reading to do.......
  11. Hi first time posting on TGA. I haven't read much black library (most of my Aos lore comes via 2+ tough on YouTube) so I could have missed something entirely... .. but it seems to me there is a lot of space to expand on how chaos worshipping societies work. In terms of settled chaos societies in the world that was you had norsca, chaos dwarves and skaven (the last two not worshipping the big 4 though). The main beastmen and chaos warriors just seemed to roam around killing stuff cause they are evil etc. In Aos there is so much more room. Like how is a khorne worshipping city meant to work? There is a lot of detail about the path of skulls but what about your average guy who isn't really that into it and just goes to Khorne church for Christmas and Easter? Is a khorne city just like a free guild city but everyone loves going to gladiator arenas or getting into drunk brawls? Do they have any kind of civilian government? If everything is just a mass slaughter fest 24/7 then what do they eat? Going back to the main thread of the topic I guess what I'm saying is I really like the tidbits about normal life in the mortal realms,most of which seems to from an Order perspective. Like the guy from the malign portents story who was just a bitter angry old guardsman or how the stormcast at the start of soul wars loves apples because he associates apples with being in a home he can no longer remember.
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