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  1. Fun list. I am hoping that with the CoS book a similar but dwarf&mage rather than freeguild&mage based list will be possible. Might as well make 1 list that I can actually put an emerald lifeswarm into! Skinks, lots and lots of skinks
  2. A faction spun out from goblin wolf riders makes a lot of sense now we've seen the beastgrave warband. Many of the Aos factions have been taking the coolest thing from an old world faction (slayers, witch elves, tree people, depraved chaos cultists, cairn wraiths etc etc) and expanding that into a full faction. So (hob) goblin wolf riders would fit that pattern. Thinking along those lines, are there any other very cool old world units which could still be made into their own faction? (other than the light/dark elf thing) A Knight-like giant army would be fun (giants festooned with cannons anyone?). But Beastclaw already kind of fill that niche. Several other armies can legally go <20 model count if you want (not necessarily very good, but possible) . So I'd be a bit surprised if they went that way myself.
  3. The recent forbidden power short story certainly showed that destruction are up to something.... Also in this thread people have talked about 'barbarians' a lot. From the context I think that means naked northern european/conan/old world norscan aesthetic and culture. For GA Order or destruction barbarians there are plenty of other 'barbarian' groups from which influences could be drawn like moari, Polynesian, many different North american groups, lots of people who bordered China for a couple of thousand years etc. etc. I know what madmac means about the current destruction factions. But we have living humans in all the other grand alliances and worshipping all the other God's. All the books tying up the old factions since legions of nagash are soon to be more or less done. So it doesnt semm that unlikely to me that we'd get a group of gorkamorka worshipping humans at some point. You would have differentiate them from the orks somehow. Maybe have them more politically motivated anarchist s or something along those lines. Just to be clear, I mean 'barbarian' from the perspective of various historical empires hence the '' . I'm not denigrating anyone's culture or history.
  4. I like the clones idea, no idea how you would implement it, but it would be interesting for sure. To add my own tin foil hat speculation to potential warbands with a couple of seraphon options (also going with the underworlds warband to replace old finecast/metal idea as suggested for ogors) - new chameleon skinks which totally break the deployment rules - a kroxigor and skink buddies (who they might be able to throw around the board or have the skink jump on and off the kroxigor or something). (Another totally uninformed idea......) Given that a nurgle warbands seems relatively likey, how about a nurgle 'suicide bomber' - when inspired explodes corrosive pus over everyone in adjacent hexes healing the rest of the nurgle warband or doing substantial damage to anyone else. I would also like this (although I don't have that many yhetees)
  5. Same initial thoughts. Though classic bugman's was XXXXX! Grots pirates is an idea. But we know Ogors are coming and the ogor kits (like the ironblaster especially) have plenty of planks and bits scavenged from the Empire. So part of a new ogor kit is my bet.
  6. It's based on a comment from the battletome reveal at the AoS open day. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/07/20/the-warhammer-age-of-sigmar-open-day-2019-live-bloggw-homepage-post-1/ Sam Pearson (rules writer) said "Contained within you will find allegiance abilities for whichever of the great cities your army hails from,from the mighty Hammerhal all the way to the Living City of Ghyran, as well as over-arching abilities such as picking a retinue and personal advisor to accompany your general." (my emphasis) No info on how that will be implemented but lots of people (myself included) are looking forward to finding out. For me (and I think for some other people) the idea reminds them of space marine command squads with the commander, sergeant, apothecary, techmarine etc. etc. which I would quite like personally. On the other hand it could turn out like the whole 'packs of magmadroths' thing where most people seemed to be expecting a magmadroth battalion, but it turned out to be Lofnir lodge being able to take 1 extra magmadroth. Anyhow, there's been some discussion over in the CoS thread if you're interested.
  7. Liking the ghost on the back. It's a great little reveal when you turn the mini around.
  8. If you've got a phoenix in your elves and plan to have the slann actually casting spells, you can buff that phoenix save for a great mobile anvil. Plus durable phoenix guard to hold objectives and protect the slann. Or if you have some order draconis and they have rippers then you could go with a shadowstrike battalion seraphon list and make a great alpha strike list.
  9. You're right that is one possible future. Depending on how the stormcast are included it's not too hard to envisage a half decent shootcast list with some cheap chaff screens being possible in the CoS book. I guess that might be the sort of thing you had in mind? But the stormcast have their own perfectly fine allegiance abilities, etc. It seems very unlikely that all other builds will be weak though. Several of the existing CoS units are already strong, phoenix temple have gone 4:1 in tournaments without any book or GHB support. It does seem unlikely that all options will be highly competitive. My dwarves will still have 4' movement. So, unless there are serious movement shenanigans new in CoS, a heavily dispossessed focussed force is unlikely to be ever be top tier because they will always struggle to play the objective game to some degree. Depending on whether tempests eye is any good, I would guess its more likely KO players might want to experiment with the CoS rules (until there is an updated KO book) .
  10. Thanks for the comment Gaz. That is a good response.
  11. Priesthood is a term of office which can apply to the holders of that office male, female, or otherwise. A common example of this contemporary use is in the Anglican/Episcopal church. A few others had made similar assumptions that a priest is a male, so I thought I would highlight some minor casual sexism whilst participating in the thread discussion.
  12. Secret weapon miniatures do Oni mask bits in 28mm scale. No way of knowing if they fit exactly, but if they do they should give you the look you are going for. In an unrelated comment does anyone think the priest will be an actual in-game priest with prayers to Nagash? I can't remember GA Death having any but I don't play any current death factions so my knowledge it patchy.
  13. I may be being a little bit too politically correct, but what about that priest(ess) says they are a 'he'? I mean they're undead skeleton construct things so they aren't exactly going to have ******..... Katakros is the exception but the rest of the range so far is kind of non-gendered and a-sexual by definition so far. Also does Katakros make anyone else think of Word up by Cameo?
  14. I found the complaints that the 'skeletons' have noses kind of amusing. That's really a minor detail compared to say, all their limbs or the fact the cavalry seem to have a rib-cage which goes all the way down to their pelvis. Anatomical accuracy was definitely not the aim. They essentially are made of armour plates and wearing more armour plates. I agree with Overread that you can paint the exoskeletons however you like with no requirement to paint them bone. Painting them all Chamon style if you want to go full Necron is one obvious example and would be a very quick paint job with a metal primer. My favourite idea so far is getting a bunch of slaanesh and idoneth bits then making them into a giant crab army.
  15. In the Warhammer weekly review they reported the GW reveal team said in the preview seminar that the morghasts would be included . It is a bit like that. Its totally fine not to like them, as long as you don't hate other people for liking them (which you haven't so its all good). The ability to shift fighting style sounds interesting (as long as its not too complicated). My uneducated guess would be something like the Sequitor ability to chose to be more defensive/offensive. As for things about Katakros being the best strategist in the realms...… the community articles tend to be a bit hyperbolic. You may well be right, but personally I wouldn't assume too much about his actual warscroll from those comments. Although from the aforementioned preview seminar it sounds like he does have very interesting rules involving having to fight all the various attendants in the diorama in turn before Katakros himself steps off his dias to fight you personally, which makes him more powerful the more wounds he takes.
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