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  1. Surely the main benefit of playing Ironblasters is that we can now decide who wins in a fight between a rhino and a shark? Comparing an ironblaster (est120pt. Est 2.3 dmg, 2.7 on charge vs 4+ plus 1 mortal wound) to an allopex (120pt, Est 3.1dmg vs 4+). Its pretty close if the rhino gets the charge, but the shark moves faster, flies and is still never picked for its warscroll. It is looking pretty rough for the old ironblaster. If you want something cheap to hold a back objective, beat up skinks or heart-renders and take pot shots which will very occasionally snipe support characters then I can see occasional use for one. But then again why not use leadbelchers, Maneaters or a spare tyrant to do the same job better and offer more versatility.
  2. They do play the same role,one is gut busters the other BCR I guess. The main difference I can see gameplay wide is that the gorgers are more likely to make their charge than the hunter but less than the Frost sabres. Also I have gorgers (converted skin wolves anyway)
  3. If you know you are going vs greywater probably use the - 1 hit mawtribes. Killing them won't be a problem so you don't need the extra buff spells. You just need to survive that first volley or two. Probably also FLoSH with ethereal amulet if you have one. It might die to all that shooting but at - 1 to hit and ethereal it should soak up enough firepower to let your other stuff into combat. Gorgers probably just need to come down a few points. A unit of two stands reasonably good odds of sniping a wizard or clearing a 10 man objective holder
  4. I'm no pro, so you probably want to wait for those guys, but for tabletop standard I've never been unhappy with the results of mixing sand into artists acrylics and applying with any flat object. Children's pva glue applicators and cocktail sticks for around feet are what I tend to use because we have them around the house. For the paint I've mostly used a heavy body acrylic burnt Sienna to make a nice rich dark brown mud. Its nice and thick which I find makes it much easier to control. I'm sure you could go cheaper but it's still much more economical that citadel across a whole army.
  5. More ogres is never a bad choice. None of the gutbuster battalions are amazing, but I think they are definitely worth considering (although I don't expect that anybody will have 3 scraplauncher's ready to go!). The other three battalions all have very good core unit composition. You probably want a starting CP for turn 1 battleshock anyway. Extra artefacts are really good value if you plan to take a frostlord/huskard or two in a mainly gutbusters list and/or if you want to take one of the tribes with their mandatory 1st artefact. The tyrant guard ability definitely has potential (its a shame you cant pass the wounds to gnoblars or gluttons but oh well). The ability to split up wounds across multiple units is especially helpful when there is quite a lot of 1 or d3 wound heals. The goremand ability is ok, I think probably better if used to double heal a stonehorn or two rather than in a pure gutbusters list. The butchers band ability isn't great, but the battalion potentially has all the gutbusters units you want (except another hero or two) making it a reasonable option if you want to be very low drop.
  6. Agreed. I don't think GW was ever going to make their cheapest and probably quickest to paint army S tier. That would just be a disaster for the game. Likewise, with frost wreathed ice, that ability had such a bad reputation it was very unlikely to stay the same this book. I think with the wide range of mild to moderate buffs, new abilities/combos and minor per-model points reductions for a couple of key units, it will definitely be able to mix with most armies now. Also agreed on the 5+ FNP being better than halving damage in most games. Especially now you have a few different ways to heal and start with extra wounds. I think I might try using a tanked up Stonehorn as a distraction carnifex whilst a couple of units of ironguts run around actually killing (and eating) everyone. Mournfang have definitely improved quite a bit. You can combo up for some very juicy looking charges. I think the battalions generally are good for both Gutbusters and BCR. I expect most armies will use at least 1. They're a reasonable price, especially compared to the old BCR ones. None of the abilities are crazy, but most do something vaguely useful in addition to lowering drops, artifact and CP. The unit compositions are pretty sensible and a solid core for most of the lists most people will probably want to make. The last point is especially key for me. My other main army is dispossessed, who didn't get a single battalion in the mostly really good CoS book (unless you collect high elves anyway). The ranged options may be terrible, but at least mawtribes actually have cannons!
  7. The idoneth option sounds fun and effective. There are several options in the cities of sigmar book for magically assisting Gotrek. Ghur battlemage from any city plus-minus cogs (easiest to cast in hallowheart obviously) will make him super-speedy but cogs is a lot of points in 1000pt list. Flying Gotrek with wings of fire from hammerhal spell lore and enough command points to run 6' or re-roll charges whenever necessary. Healing from any city with enhanced lifeswarm and hallowheart, living city and phoenicium have direct healing spells too. The alternative to making gotrek faster is to make your enemies slower! Use endless spells, living city/phoenicium city spells, chamon/ulgu battlemages to achieve this. The other alternative to making Gotrek faster is to force your opponent to come to you. Hallowheart or greywater fastness seem like attractive options for this but it will be a bit difficult to achieve at 1000pt with gotrek being over half your army. With a couple of battlemages you can really make the rest of a 1000pt army out of whatever battleline you already have or can get at an affordable price. Something like a Hallowheart list with: Gotrek 520 Chamon Battlemage - general - sear wounds + whatever else you like 90pt Ghur battlemage - adjutant - 2 spells you want 90pt 10xFreeguild guard - honoured retinue- battleline 80pt 10xLongbeards - 110pt - battleline 10xlongbeards - 110pt - battleline
  8. Seems likely it will be similar to the orruks in terms of set up. At least I hope it will be gut busters, bcr and joint mawtribes. Although if the ever winter is gone maybe solo BCR won't be a thing anymore. The ever winter did kind of define their identity in the lore and allegiance ability (such as it was) previously. Reroll 1s to save too. Banner makes more models flee failed battleshockand gives spell resistance on 6s. Nice to have if unreliable. On the other hand, Vs Hallowheart casting 12 spells a turn that will actually go off pretty often! Looks like ironguts are the same solid damage dealers but a little more reliable. Plus whatever new abilities we get to play with
  9. In the meantime you can sculpt your own very similar flames. I found that it takes quite a long time but its not technically difficult. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wK_pVa1JUPE. Have you seen the Scibor dwarven bears? Can't use them at GW event obviously but they are amazing looking sculpts. They're not cheap but they're not more expensive than typical GW prices either. https://www.sciborminiatures.com/en_,shop.php?group=139 They do one bear with a cannon which I'm very tempted by for a steam tank proxy. I second both of these.
  10. If malign portents and/or the back oak were models for future narratives then they shouldn't need to lean so heavily on the results in future..... Just maybe fixing games on warhammer TV 😜 I would be very surprised if sigmar himself turned up. You never know, but I'd be very surprised. Especially with the whole psychic awakening thing in 40k also going on. A non hammers of sigmar named Stormcast to duel Gordrakk on the other hand, that I wouldn't be surprised to see. That and a Skaven gnaw hole popping up in Azyr at a convenient moment in the plot.
  11. Sorry guys, too many chaos stars all over for him to be anything else. Although the model looks like it might go nicely with bits from various troggoth or ogor kits for conversions, depending on its size.
  12. I can join the list of folks with more ideas than time/willpower to follow through. I was thinking of going with the betrayal storyline. There are many details to fill in and conveniently timed events for 'plot reasons' which would need actual reasons for happening. But anyway the basic sketch of the plot was: A woman fleeing chaos/stormcast conflict gets taken in by a village. She makes a new life and friends in the village but something isn't quite right. Turns out the fertility God the village worships is actually Nurgle. One of her village friends becomes pregnant with a baby which is going to fulfil a prophecy about a blessed 'messiah' who will bring Nurgle's true 'blessing' to the land. Horrified, she secretly contacts the stormcasts, but the woman goes into labour before they arrive. She is attending the birth and gets handed the baby (who does appear very 'blessed' by nurgle, the whole thing would probably be pretty gross). This presents her with the moral dilemma of killing her friends baby or risking the deaths of thousands, or even millions, if the prophecy is fulfilled and the baby grows into a great champion of Nurgle. She raises a knife to kill the baby but can't go through with it and runs away. As she is pursued by the angry villagers, she finds the stormcasts answering her call. The chase reverses as she and the stormcasts try to hunt down the nurgle cultists from the village, including her friends and the baby. It reaches a point where the stormcast can't find the cultists, but she knows where they will be. Knowing the stormcast will kill the child and her friends if they find them, she is faced with the same dilemma all over again. And...... then I hadn't decided how it would end. Maybe the protagonist betrays her friends and then gets killed by the stormcast herself because of her exposure to chaos. That would definitely be the miserable but tidy way to go. Also doubling up on the whole betrayal theme. Maybe she decides baby killing isn't the way to go, and lures the stormcast into a trap before falling to the worship of nurgle.
  13. In the community post it definitely shows that all the dwarf infantry including irondrakes can be battleline (its in that picture bit). They didn't specify which will be universal battleline and which will be battleline if. We'll find out soon, but I expect longbeards and ironbreakers universal, hammerers with warden king general and irondrakes with cogsmith general. In the worst case scenario you can probably use the bodies from the warden king and cogsmith to make alternative unit leaders for the ironbreakers/drakes with a bit of repositioning. Ironjawz and bonesplitterz exist as special types of bigger/crazier orks without any normal orks having battletome representations. In comparison the lack of non veteran dwarves doesn't seem to be a major issue!
  14. Bloods knights is a classic option. You can still run them as drakespawn knights, just cross out the name on the warscroll and replace it with 'aelven heavy cavalry'. For those on this forum who clearly like exact 1:1 it won't do, but for those who don't mind a little more flexibility it would be fine. I agree. As above, some folks clearly like 1:1 and are really bothered by this issue. That is their choice to make. But it isn't a choice they or anyone else has to make. I will be using my little bearded dudes as freeguild also. And now we can also have a phoenix with a cogsmith. Nothing better to keep your Bugmans XXXXX cold than a frostheart phoenix. Also maybe a griffon ridden by a cogsmith, I'm going to need someone to order those warriors and thunderers around...….. all of a sudden the GW marketing seems to make more and more sense and I have an idea for what I might do with those spare cogsmiths from the start collecting.
  15. A faction spun out from goblin wolf riders makes a lot of sense now we've seen the beastgrave warband. Many of the Aos factions have been taking the coolest thing from an old world faction (slayers, witch elves, tree people, depraved chaos cultists, cairn wraiths etc etc) and expanding that into a full faction. So (hob) goblin wolf riders would fit that pattern. Thinking along those lines, are there any other very cool old world units which could still be made into their own faction? (other than the light/dark elf thing) A Knight-like giant army would be fun (giants festooned with cannons anyone?). But Beastclaw already kind of fill that niche. Several other armies can legally go <20 model count if you want (not necessarily very good, but possible) . So I'd be a bit surprised if they went that way myself.
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