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  1. Anyone got Anvil of apotheosis Dwarven heroes in the works? Poor cogsmith is now worse in most situations than a 40pt vanilla dwarven commander with improvised weapons 😒 at least its thematic to have a dwarf army led by a commander armed with nothing more than a tankard of ale!
  2. "The Fyreslayer lodges hoard ur-gold like an Azyrite squirrel hoards lightning nuts – but what’s so important about it." I've cracked it. Next big release Order Battletome Squirrels! Fear their fluffy tailed wrath!
  3. Duke Crakmarrow from the Grymwatch underworlds warband has a halberd. Very similar arms/hands with claws and bony bits as well. New FEC warcry warband definitely has my bet. A band of noble questing nights no doubt. I'd love to see what they do for FEC 'Damsel on unicorn' interpretation! If it is a FEC warcry warband then that opens very interesting possibilities for the next round of warcry releases.
  4. The release is looking very promising, although I will struggle to justify more than 1 to ally with my ogres πŸ™„ As with many on this thread I like the aesthetic so far. In the very high fantasy world of AoS it's a nice change of pace to get giants you can imagine saying 'fee fi fo fum....' I'm also wondering if Johan 2.0 is hiding in plain sight....
  5. Check Sciborminiatures.com if you feel the need to scratch that itch. (or get bear riders for home brew/ proxy dracoths) I know not everything mentioned in the lore gets realised in plastic, but with these kind of mentions, the warcry releases, AoS forgeworld cuts and so on I do wonder if our chaotic kin will be seeing a plastic reinvention sometime in the next few years. Sorry, I've already got a couple of tech priest grombrindal to convert for CoS mages at some point. I'd also like to make a dwarven 'phoenix' or two. I'm planning one riding a molten infernoth and may
  6. It's an interesting idea but for me part of the fun of each grand alliance is how different they are. I wouldn't want them being too similar. Each grand alliances serves its own narrative purpose. In Death Nagash's will is monolithic and inevitable, like, well, death. This enables you to tell stories about acts of internal and external resistance to absolutist regimes (as stated by @FrekyDoogal) or explore ideas like Nietzsche's master morality or the superhuman. Destruction obviously feeds off the Darwinian competition/Hobbesian war of all against all. Perfect for thought experime
  7. Anyone else think the Cows look like a cross between Gundam and Tibet? I wonder if Elder Titan from Dota2 was an influence https://dota2.gamepedia.com/Elder_Titan Also on behalf of dwarves throughout the realms, WTF mountains of hysh?! Giving aelves, I repeat aelves, mountain blessings and magical hammers. This is going to be a whole ****** chapter in the Dammaz Kron! (I'm in absolutely no way jealous of aelves getting yaktimus prime obviously πŸ˜›).
  8. Somewhere out there is one person who has been waiting 20 years for Zoat model only to have it snatched away when it was so close.....
  9. So we can garrison 2 bastiladons?
  10. Yay for actually existing. I like the idea of mixing Azyr with other realm magic producing locally unique seraphon cultures similar to other races. Gives a bit more personality and brings them more fully into AoS without losing the strong world that was connection. I wonder if there is any this merging with realm magic gets included in the rules other than the terrain piece. Also reading between the lines it sounds to me like the 1 drop battalions may be converted into subfactions ala Sylvaneth war groves. I'm guessing thunder quake starhost is now the subfaction with Battleline st
  11. Thanks for clarifying on my behalf. It seems I wasn't as clear as I thought I was with the initial comment.
  12. As per Zilberfrid, individual KO units can do more damage output with the buffs in tempests eye. So if by inherent weakness you mean the lack of hit/attack buffs and you want to build a list around an ironclad (or two) hitting on 1+ or a big block of riggers with +1 attack and +1 hit then go tempests eye. If you want low drops, gold, shenanigans and/or quirky but powerful item choices go KO. If by inherent weaknesses you mean the lack of melee anvil, then you would have to run a cities list with so little KO that it's becomes a Cities list with some included KO. Which is fun, just doesn
  13. Love the idea of ramping up the toxicity the longer a campaign goes on for that classic quest into the heart of darkness feel. The rules ideas come pretty naturally for a lot of the factions. Nurgles rot as you say, mutagenic Rivers of tzeentch magic, Slaaneshi trees that like to whip passers by, fungoid growth releasing toxic spores, purifying flows of holy water, armies of the dead lying in wait under the surface etc etc. Definitely a lot of potential to think about.
  14. I had the same thought. It could be anything large, but the two previews seem pretty clear that lumineth is both tyrion and Teclis so Tyrion's base has got to be odds on favourite. Also @luminethmage's sherlock Holmes like deductions! It makes sense to me from a sales point of view. Reveal Teclis early to get the hype train rolling. Keep Tyrion back until the last minute to get maximum hype shortly before product release. $$$$ In more random musings, I wonder if there will be any tyrion mutant/reject aelves at some point. Teclis rejected the idoneth and morathi keeps her mutants aro
  15. As confirmed as cannons in greywater fastness? 😜 It is another bit of lore connecting both Teclis and tyrion to the lumineth. So it does seem to strengthen the suggestion Tyrion might be coming in the lumineth
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