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  1. They are smaller company with less budget. Is normal stay behing GW. But as you say some models are in the same level of GW and are cheaper.
  2. Yes, their models are bigh meh... True story:
  3. Yes. Para Bellum are making good miniatures, specially in infantry and their cheap mega gargant of 50 EUR and same height of the gargants of GW (but a miniature more mono pose)
  4. We are in the beginnings of 3d miniatures. Please do this topic again in 5-10 years and look the miniatures of the greece company: Parabellium Miniatures. In order of appareance: mega-gargant proxy, mancrushers proxy and grave guard proxyes. The prices in Spain are 30EUR for the mega gargant proxy, 46 EUR for the mancrushers proxy and 24 EUR for 20 grave guard proxy. Otherwhise you can use this miniatures for other tapletops like Saga or Kings of War. Answering the question of this topic, yes, in my opinion, currently, GW make the best miniatures but I think that the lore is created after the designa of sculption and consists of a little lines of text(in general).
  5. While they win more earns, less content is free. Furthermore, the comparisson between GW and patreons or other free content creadors who ask for voluntari donations, at the very least, is hilarious. But if we aren't agree, the solution is easy, consists of don't pay. We ever have battelscribe.
  6. Do anyone still play age of sigmar in Luxembourg? Or is more popular warhammer 40k?
  7. Don't you need a master moulder to make one prized creation? *so as to improve the Hellpit
  8. Could I add an Stonehorn in ambush with Hrothgron?
  9. Ok, stormfiends without improvements are a mediocre unit.
  10. Did they shoot with the 6 Stormfiends to Froslord of Stonehorn and Huskard on Thunderstrusk with the witch Stone, More More Wrap Power and vigurous injection? I have never won this type of list. Only with a specific underguts list with three cannons killing their skyre heroes (so as to cancel stormfiends combo). With a few number of screens it is imposible to get enough near to do a melee fight vs stormfiends.
  11. My 3 maneaters are ready to fight.
  12. Now, we can choose one of this mutations for each unit of ogros and abomination instead of re-roll wounds of 1 and get 1d3 points of live more. I think that is a good improve for our clan moulder.
  13. Extraordinary attack. Without words but it isn't good for a ogor army (only vs armies with a huge magicians like Lumineth), as count as one model and is too weak in front of screens. Only move 10, not fly, not pass across littel units. In fact, is a counter to boulderhead lists. Good for Goblins and Orks.
  14. First battle with Kalestai Legion: Leaders: -VLoZD: 435p. General. CT: Rousing Commander. Artefact: Fragment of the Keep. Mage: Pinions. -Vhordrai 455p. Amarantine Orb. -Vampire Lord 140p. Amarantine Orb. Batteline: -10 Dire Wolves. 135p. -30 Deathrale Squeletons. 255p. -5 Blood Knights. 195p. -5 Blood Knights. 195p Others: -3 Vhargeists. 155p. VS Allegiance: Khorne- Slaughterhost: The GoretideLeadersArchaon the Everchosen (800)Slaughterpriest (100)- General- Command Trait: Hew the Foe- Artefact: Thronebreaker's Torc- Blood Blessing: Bronzed FleshSlaughterpriest (100)- Blood Blessing: Blood SacrificeBloodsecrator (120)Battleline20 x Bloodreavers (140)- Reaver Blades10 x Bloodreavers (70)- Reaver Blades5 x Blood Warriors (100)- Goreaxes5 x Blood Warriors (100)- GoreaxesUnits5 x Wrathmongers (140)BehemothsSoul Grinder (210)Endless Spells / Terrain / CPsHexgorger Skulls (40)Wrath-Axe (60)Total: 1980 / 2000 Mission: similar to startrike. The only difference is that the three objectives apperas in the beginnings of the second round and every line is split in 12 parts (you throw 2d6 for determine in wich point appear each objective). Summary: Deployment: Skull altar near to the middle of the map. Tombs in the extremes of the map. 30 squeletons and the vampire lord in the left extreme of the map. In front of theirs, to 24" 20 bloodreavers, 5 blood warriors and the bloodsecrator. On the right extreme 10 Dire Wolves, to 24" of 5 blood warriors and 5 wrathmongers. In the middel of the map, in the end of my border my two dragons. A 12" of the middel of the center of the map, 10 bloodletters, soul grinder, Archaon and both slaughterpriest. Round 1: I gave the first turn to my enemy: Turn 1 Khorne: He falls the preys (he couldn't receive the help of the skull altar), advance to the front with all his minis. Shoots of the Soul Grinder killd two Dire Wolves. Turn 1 Soulblight: I revived one Dire Wolve. Vhordrai receives his main spell on hinself. VLoZD use pinions on hinself. Dire Wolves go and charge to the Soul Grinder, my two dragons run to the right behind the wolves and in a long distance to Archaon. 6 Wounds to Soul Grinder (i attactk with 7 dire wolves). Soul Grinder kills two wolves and remain one wolf with 1 wound (7 wolfs). Round 2 0-0: One artefact appear behind my skeletons amb vampire lord. The others two artefacts appears on in the middle and the other near behind the center on the enemy territory. The good new was that the artefact witthin both territories was in a scenary piece with 3" of height and a big church. Unfortinately i Win the priority and began this round. The Soul Grinder, Archaon, 10 Bloodletters and both Slaughterpriest have two objectives. In order to win i needed that my enemy did a lot of erros. Turn 2 Soulblight. Vhordrai received his own spell- I move my skeletons and VLoZD around the objective on my territory. Both Dragons shooted Soul Grinder and did 6 damage (Soul Grinder remained with 4 wounds). I thought that due to the sceneography and the wolves would be impossible the charge of Archaon. I deployed the vargheist in the vertix near the bloodreavers, blood warriors and bloodsecrator (my idea was that my enemie commit the error to go vs the vargheists instead of go to the skeletons to conquer my objective (it wouldn't have been a problem because i think that these units aren't enough hammer to kill my 30 squeletons). 5 blood knights in the other vertix near the wrathmongers and blood warriors, 5 blood knights more 6" to one border of the middle of the map and 9" to the wrathmongers. I charged with my new 3 units, only the 5 blood knights of the border managed to load the enemies well. 3 wrathmongers and 2 blood warriors were killed and 2 Blood Knights. Only 5 Dire wolves and Soul Grinder with two wounds. I earned 2 points. Turn 2 Khorne: He sent his bloodreavers and bloodsecratos to kill my Vargheists. 12 bloodsecrators would die and only one Vargheists woud receive 3 wounds. The other 5 blood warrios ran to the center of the map. He summoned the skulls and the axe. Only 1 wound to Vhordrai. Unfortinately with the shoots of Archaon and Soul Grinder kills 3 dire wolves gaining the just enough space for the base of Archaon. This god move and charge to my VLoZD, i thought that my dragon would survive and in the next turn with the CA of Vhordrai more the charge of this prince and the activation of Rousing commander Archaon would die. Nothing of this happened, Archaon kills the VLoZD in this combat phase (two 6 with "the slayer of kings"). The vampires locked in combat didn't do nothing. His wrathmongers and blood warriors kill 2 blood knights more. He earned 4 points. Round 3 2-4: I began again. Turn 3 Soulbight: I spent one command point and run 6" with the squeletons to the center of the map, they arrived without problems followed by the vampire lord. I revived other dire wolve. After this, i ran with the princess to the left of the squeletons (due to the fear caused by Archaon). I charghe with the o other blood knigts, the general of the other unit used "Riders of Ruind" without did mortal wounds so as to conquer the objectve in the territory of the enemy (that was without protection and near to Archaon). Wrathmongers and Blood Warriors were killed with the blood knights. +2 to run and charge and +1 to wound forever. Only remains two Vargheists but they killed the last 8 Bloodreavers. +2 to run and charge forever. Soul Grinder with one wound and one dire wolve. I earned 6 points. Total of 8. Turn 3 Khorne: With preys and the axe killed 5 squeletons and in the shoot phase kill the dire wolve. He sent Archaon to kill my blood knights (to defend the objective of his terroty because one blood knight was to near). Due to the huge basis he got to lock the two units of blood knights. Extraordinarilly, he only killed 3 blood knights of the unit of 5 and received 6 wounds (my vampires fought first) and +2+3 -1 and 1 damage with lucki caused 6 wounds to archaon). The lonely blood knight keept wihouth wounds. His 5 blood warriors and bloodsecrator advance to the center of the map. Soul Grinder killed in the combat phase 5 squeletons, two revived and killed the soul grinder. Remains 22 squeletons on the battle. He only earned 3 points. Total of 7. Round 4 8-7: I began again! Turn 4 Soulblight. Without using spells (the -1 fo the altar and the -2 of the skulls more the likely of receive mortal wounds due to the use of spells were too dangerous). 25 squeletons again!. Blood knights retreated and conquered the thirst objective. Vhordrai charge and killed 5 blood warriors and 10 demons. +2 to run and charge forever. I earned 12 points. Total of 20. Turn 4 Khorne: He killed two squeleton with the axe, and all the blood knigts with the preys and shoots of Archaon. he recovered his objective. Also his priests summoned one Bloodthirster of Fury to 12" of the skull altar and with the charge phase (repeating the charge phase with one CP) conquer the objective of my territory (was undefensed) and attacked my squeletons, this was his other big mistake of my enemy, he killed 8 squeletons and 4 was revived so that i recovered the objective of my territory (i revived in a line with a distance of 1" bettween squeletons). He use a extra move with Archaon and charged my princess with exit, he killed Vhordrai in one combat phase (whithout the necessity of "the slayer of kings"). He only earned 4 points due to the big error of use his demon to fought my squeletons. Round 5 20-11: He earned the double turn: Turn 5 Khorne: As a summary with Archaon destroyed in one combat phase all my squeletons. And the vampire lord. He earned 10 points. Total of 21 (after the cluster of the bloodlirsther was too long of the objective in my territory). Turn 5 Soulblight: I run with the Vargheists, 12"+2"+5"=19" and i conquered the objective of his territory. Final: 30-21. Conclussions: I won only fo the big quantitie of errors of my opponent. Bad lucky with my dragons or they aren't enough goods... The mobility of the Dire Wolves, Vargheists and Blood Knights is really good. Archaon is really hard to killd and our mages aren't to good for try to use the spells in a map with the khorne skulls or others good mages. I'm pretty worried about AOS 3.0 is the map would be more littel may be the deploiments to 9" of the enemy could be hard and we need this mobility
  15. A viable rend -2 damage 1 intead of rend -1 damage 2 on the book is too worst. Basis: Multiplier: Multiplier: Armour (+) rend -1 D 1 rend -2 D1 rend -1 D2 2 x1 x1.5 x2 3 x1 x1.33 x2 4 x1 x1.25 x2 5 x1 x1.20 x2 6 x1 x1 x2 - x1 x1 x2
  16. Do Anyone thinks in a combination of VLDZ and Vhordrai on Kastelai with "Fragment of the keep" (-1 to wound 6" of the VLDZ)? This does big resistence to our dragons and other good artifact is the red sword. Fightings togheter could be competitive or are too points? For other band, what does the CA Rousing Commander?
  17. I think that the outpot of damage is insufficient in comparisson with other similar types of contructions like orcs, beastclaw riders or fec. I think more in a fast army (Blood K, Mannfred, wolves, etc) with some good tanky lines and a few monsters deployed.
  18. OK, unfortunately i don't have facebook. I have enough with other social networks.
  19. If you uses this spell againsts a big monster and, futhermore, you charge him, you will stop this monster during one turn.
  20. Where i can find the warscroll of Neferata and Skellies? I undestand spanish.
  21. Why do you think that Vhordrai is good in comparison with other monsters around 400-500p?
  22. You need the spell of Vengorian Lord and the CA of Lauka Vai and only vs one enemy unit within 12".
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