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  1. maybe with the ability of pile from 6' you could fight first with two units of 3 yetis in the combat phase. you could do 6damage to a unit with save +3 or 8damage to a unit with save +4 whitout take wounds. But the difference of damage is important (around 50%), and are worst for take objectives. As a minimum, are more fast and resilient than ogors gluttons:
  2. Hi team, today i use this list with exit vs tirants of blood: Allegiance: SkaventideThanquol on Boneripper (390)- 4 Warpfire Braziers- Lore of Ruin: WarpgaleArch-Warlock (160)- General- Command Trait: Deranged Inventor- Lore of Warpvolt Galvanism: More-more-more Warp Power!Warlock Engineer (110)- Artefact: Vigordust Injector- Lore of Warpvolt Galvanism: More-more-more Warp Power!Grey Seer on Screaming Bell (240)- Lore of Ruin: Death Frenzy40 x Clanrats (200)- Rusty Blade- 2x Standard Bearers- 2x Standard Bell Ringers40 x Clanrats (200)- Rusty Blade- 2x Standard Bearers- 2x Standard Bell Ringers10 x Stormvermin (100)- Halberd & Shield6 x Stormfiends (520)- 2x Windlaunchers- 2x Ratling Cannons- 2x Shock GauntletsPurple Sun of Shyish (50)Prismatic Palisade (30) I use 80 clanrats as a wall, 40 with 10 stormvervin and grey sheer on screaming well, with the 6 stormfiends behind. The arch-warlock near to a gnawhole while was doping the stormfiends, the other mage between the stormfiends and thanquol. Thanquol was between 0-1" to the second line of the other 40 clanrats. I begin the round and kill one bloodthirster of rage using the windlaunchers and one unit of 20 bloodletters with the ratling cannons. I use command point of thanquol to use 2 command points for free and my clanrats run 14" to a objective. Thanquol works very well, endure one fight phase vs other bloodthirseer of rage and kills this monster. This remains as a good mage at the moment that appears the Hexgorgers Skulls.
  3. i not have the same opinion for skeletons. I like static miniatures for big hordes. Other miniatures that needs a upgrade: Blood knight The dragon rider of VLoZD
  4. Oh, this is sadly. Few years ago they sold minitaures printed in 3d in their matrices. I don't knew that this model of negocy was cancelled, maybe due to a low sales (they had models of orks and other armies). I can't undertand this.
  5. You can see the miniatures of Lost Kindgom, they have a lot of better seraphon units than GW. For example:
  6. I think that your list is pretty interesting. I'm sure that i will copy your list. Thank's.
  7. What tipe of stance? Do you want the expulsion of other tropes? I think that you are the only commentarist that short the respect other users.
  8. Part of my family are bad people, and some of there live with socials helps without work with my cousins abandoneds. I don't know if the case of UK, but in spain exist a lot of helps without requiritions. And this is the trap. Maybe if this helps incorporate conditions as do courses for companies, do profesional formations with a salary and after this find work is more better than helps without requiritions. And social control to the parents in order to take the children to the school, take care of them, etc. In summary, helps with a lot of poor people but with conditions. Sorry for this commentary to the moderators.
  9. This is forum of GW and this is the beginning of other political/social discussions. But if you want you could see the Australian experiment with anonimous cv's. Racism appears in specifical areas, not all.
  10. Without enter in arguments of authority as you does, I think that in this forum all the commentaries have been respectful. Maybe i misunderstand your commentary because i don't know english coloquial expressions. For other band, I think that the tolerance paradox is about people that wants impose their ideas violently.
  11. If you are physics as me, you have enough capacities for learn about multiple areas that use science. I only participate in this web. But in the comic-book the editors of american super-hero comic have the same problem of new readers (players in the case of this forum) and they thought that problem instead of the bad quality of the majority of theirs historys was the poor diversity of etnics in the main series. They try to change the sex or etnic of a lot of characters, or contract more people of a lot of countries. This strategies as you could imagine didn't works well, only works well the creation of new characters as Kamala Khan (sorry i say Kamala Harris in my first message 😅). Saddly other good new characters as the ultimates of Al Ewing didn't have good sells and was canceled with a hurried final. For example, in a lot of big cities of south american as Mexic the sells of the collectibles with good stories and good prices have more sells than in north america. And the same occurs with the manga, in a lot of famous manga the characters are asiatics or caucasians but have a lot of good sells in south-america. Isn't a problem of inclusion, is a problem of quality. In our hobby i know a lot of youtube mexican channels about AOS, but they say that are mexican with enormous salarys in compariosn of their citizens. In spain our middel salary is 1/2 of your salary, but for mexicans the middel salary is the 12%. Is imposible introduce this game in their country. GW only thinks in USA and UK. PD: in usa i don't know for what but in the comic book a overrepresented % of the best writers are of UK. I don't want quotes of spanish, germanics, chinese, mexicans, etc. I want writers with the same quality.
  12. I think that now this topic don't generate new opinions and seems the beginning of a bucle. I think that most of the players wants more diversity but the diffence is how do this. I view two different positions, the people like me that wants new armies with specifical tematics and the people that want put diversity in the majour of the armies that now exist.
  13. Sorry, maybe i'm not explaining well mi idea due to my poor english. I'm not talking about the lore, i explain the armies that i want. I like the freeguild for reasons that i explain this sometimes in this threat. I don't want a game with all fanciful armies, as a minimum i want a few number of fantasy versions of more realistic armies. Nothing more. Or other versions of popular fantasy armies or characters. For example, i prefer slave to darkness with less demons, only barbars and "viking warriors" in dark amours. I prefer this instead of khorne with a lot of daemons and red armours. But is only my opinion. I like khorne, idoneth. and the other armies but i prefer other aesthetics for spend time mounting and painting. I think that if you want more inclusion in AOS, you need make new armies. In the fantasy movies that treats about china you could see visual topics, maybe if you make a new army exploring this topics this would be attract more of this citizens because they will see their culture represent. For example, the ogre army of Eorek: https://www.tga.community/forums/topic/25451-the-khorne-werewolf-guy-bushido-ogre-style/?page=3 I don't know the lore of warhammer fantasy but never i associated their orks with africans... Only with american natives for the appareance of the tattos and clothes, i think as a consequence of the weather the germanic tribes wore more clothes. These had the same type of weapons but a lot of knowledge about maths and cosmology. Maybe the chamans of this orcs could have similar knowledge. I think that this commentary isn't a insult for no one. For example, i love the flagellants models as a parody of the cristian fanatist, for me are funny with i'm sure that in the next years they will pass to warhammer legends. I think that we can't stop the creativity of the designers in order to create new armies or recreate realistic fantasy versions of real armies, with the argument that could offend any historical culture. Thank's and apologies for read my messages with a lot of english errors.
  14. Sorry, this is your opinion. All fantasy constructions are based in aspects of the real world. I don't see any problem in this.
  15. No, the real problem is demand black, asiatic soldiers or womens in every army that have the aesthetics of some real armies like cities of sigmar (the empire has tecnology and little steam punk appareance similar to the occidental armies of Europe in S.XVI). If you want more representation i think that is better make new armies like armies of mercenaries with a lot of strong womans, pirates of any nations workings together (i think that ogors have some mongols aesthetics), etc. I repeat, for the aesthetic of stormcast i think that is better and more realistic make a army of black soldiers (black people of north africa have better hipertrofic conditions for wear stormcast armours). Is impossible for white mans make a army where every soldier have a big bodybuilding whitout take stereoids or magic potions. For other band, i think that slaves to darkness must be white mans with viking aesthetic in their soldiers . AOS is fantasy but i want armies that are based in phantasy versions of real and identificable armies. For example, the savage orks with their tattos for me are versions of the humans tribes and ancient tribes like the native americans of Apocalypto (movie of 2006).
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