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  1. I was referring to the designer commentary that says .. “Q: If a unit’s Pitched Battle profile is not included in the General’s Handbook 2019 or its Official Errata document, can it be used in a Pitched Battle? A: No.” You are right and maybe this comment only refers to profiles that currently existed when it was written, not new ones?
  2. Well it’s great that you think that, I’m just pointing out what the rules say, so don’t get bent out of shape .
  3. So did the guardian of souls with mortality glass and a number of other things such as carrion empire battalions. I didn’t make the rules man, the intention is clear yes, they are not allowed in pitched battles.
  4. Although that would make sense, the GHB19 specifically says that is not the case edit: to be clear, the ghb19 says only models included in the pitched battle points book or the errata to it are allowed in pitched battles. As warcry models are not in that book and not currently in its errata, they are not allowed in pitched battles.
  5. The models from Warcry are not legal in pitched battles though per the GHB19
  6. @Blisterfeet I would drop the arcanite cabal for sure, but keep the witchfyre for your semi competitive list, it could be fun and isn’t super expensive. Imo, the only reason to take the Herald on Disk is a flying hero with large movement for summoning that costs 140 points. Now that the shaman is 160, I feel like the Herald on Disk is mostly useless. The magister is a good caster, I think he is a little underrated. His spell used in the right place at the right time can be extremely effective. His main issue is poor movement to get him in the right place at the right time, so requires careful planning. It is true we have better casters, but I don’t think you’re hurting yourself by taking a magister and he can be fun. Adding a gaunt summoner (he is mortal) for your general could be good. Consider giving him arcane sacrifice and a balewind vortex for some crazy range. He also likes to have a paradoxical shield incase he gets in trouble. The only real issue is if you decide semi-competitive is not enough for you. You’re never going to need or want 40 Kairic acolytes in a competitive list. They are battleline tax only and just taking blue horrors for 10 points more is better if you want bodies. Sucks to build and paint all those acolytes if you don’t plan to use them for the long term.
  7. What you have quoted is how the warscroll read before Beasts of Chaos, yes. But this has not been true since the Beasts of Chaos battletome came out last fall. You only need one shield for the whole unit and it does mean that there is a best composition, though where to assign the Twistbray is a matter of preference I think. Also, if running larger blocks you would replace the second or third shield with paired weapons obviously. Imo, you should also assign wounds to savage great blades first (assuming 10 man) since they drop in effectiveness without the extra attack.
  8. My first thoughts would be Archaon is kind of wasted in both of these lists. I also think Tzeentch has command traits that are too good to be wasted by having a named as a general and since you have only one command ability anyway, him being the general isn't very helpful. Archaon also does not get 2 spells from spell lores. Shaman should also probably not have Tzeentch's Inferno; I'd say fold reality or some utility spell and use his tzaangor spell instead. Consider Ogroid Thamaturge with infusion. Spell portal without a Lord of Change is probably not worth it. For Tzaangors, I'd probably recommend cogs. If you do bring the Lord of Change, giving him fold reality is a waste, give him Tzeentch's Inferno if you want to fish for massive damage or bolt of change if you want something a little more reliable. Also, Tzaangors only need one shield. Their composition for a block of 10 should always be 1 shield (I give shield to twist bray to make dice rolling easier), 4 great blades, 2 mutants, 3 paired blades. I'd definitely recommend 6 enlightened. Anyway, just my opinion and hope it is helpful. Good luck!
  9. I think you could actually pick all 3 secondary terrains to be realmgates, to ensure you start near a realmgate. Doesn’t seem to be a restriction on that.
  10. Question about the Gaunt Summoner's Book of Profane Secrets. With the new terrain rules, it is now possible to choose a Baleful Realmgate as terrain, but the Gaunt Summoner obviously was not pointed for summoning 10 free pink horrors. What prevents you from using this ability, or what am I missing here?
  11. That’s true, but you don’t have to make a circle either, you can bend the shape when you setup to fit it where you need it if I understand correctly. I haven’t built mine yet, so I can’t say how helpful this is. On the other hand, a circle maximizes the area so it best to make that if possible
  12. If you double the circumference of a circle, the area goes up by a factor of 4. If 3 of the new citadel woods is about the size of one old citadel woods model, then 6 of the new trees is going to have a footprint roughly between 3 and 4 old citadel woods. Unfortunately, it seems you are really incentivized to buy the new tree models so you have the best flexibility for making the biggest woods you can.
  13. Are Enlightened on foot value though? Comparing 10 tzaangors to 6 enlightened on foot, by my calculations the tzaangors do basically the same damage (like 1 wound less average against 4+ save), cost 20 points less, have more wounds, have shields, benefit from the shaman's spell and are better at objectives. The enlightened really only out damage tzaangors if they get to use guided by the past, but with msu they are likely to be wiped out before that happens. Unless I am missing something, which maybe I am! I suppose the Tzaangors damage will go down once they take 4 wounds and lose the bonus attack.
  14. Oh, I did not realize that there was a listed date in the book (well, beyond the book publishing date obviously), so thank you. I was only looking at the warscroll itself. Of course, it does not change the situation, so we’ll just have to wait until the app is corrected.
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