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  1. Oh yeah, that is a good catch. Not sure why I thought it was 32mm. Well, I guess I need to rebase mine!
  2. I don't think this list is anywhere near as OP as you think it is and I wouldn't worry about playing it in a casual setting. Your chance of getting a LoC turn 1 with only 9 casts is far from guaranteed and if you wait to summon turn 2, you won't be casting with the LoC until turn 3. At that point, your free LoC isn't really that big of a deal anymore. Keep in mind, acolytes are only wizards when they have 9+ models. An opponent could very easily disable 4 of your spell casts per turn with minimal effort. It's a fun list, and I'd only recommend to swap the cursling for changeling or change caster or really any other wizard. Fun list, but not OP. I say play it to your heart's content.
  3. I'm personally not a fan of the ahriman fate master proxy. He's too big for a 32mm base and it just looks janky. Also, Ahriman is so iconic in 40k, it's also a little immersion breaking imo. If you feel the same, here is what I did. I made my fate master with a chaos sorcerer lord body, new chaos warrior helmet, Enlightened Aviarch spear, disc made from extra chariot parts, and a shield from a tzaangor.
  4. This is what I thought should happen. However, if this change is made I think his points should come down considerably as well. 180 pts for foot and 200 for disc seems more reasonable. That's 20 more points for a foot GS compared to before the book, which when you factor in the spell nerf and the added summoning (not to mention a general point discount for Tzeentch wizards), 180 seems about right. At 180, you're paying a premium on a double cast wizard for this book with a 6+ save, but he has a free unit and a strong signature spell.
  5. I mean sure he is great, but he’s not a must, even without changehost.
  6. Definitely not a must have. I think the downside is that although, yes do get a 200pt pink unit and a 40pt 2 cast wizard, the GS doesn't fill changehost and the 200 pt pinks don't fill your battleline. So you are still going to have to buy another battleline you wouldn't otherwise need if you just paid 200 pts for pinks, and you'll need to buy another unit for your changehost, and your changehost won't be a 1 drop. The flying GS can cast darkfire, so if you are building that into your list, he's obviously essential. Outside of that, I hardly consider GS a must personally.
  7. This is covered in the AoS core rules FAQ, and indeed the answer is yes.
  8. New Tzeentch FAQ up. DD always count as unmodified and cannot be rerolled. Exceptions for battleshock and saves are for modifications only, so Pink Horrors can still use a 1DD for battleshock.
  9. I agree they probably meant interpretation 1, but I disagree it’s interpretation 2 as written as it says “roll” singular not plural. It would need to say “add 1 to the dice rolls made for that unit’s Change-gift ability.” to make it interpretation 2 in my opinion. But that’s not my point; people have different reads and I’m not super interested in hearing people’s rules lawyering as I’m sure they aren’t in hearing mine. My point is, this conversation exists and the wording is definitely ambiguous.
  10. Short answer, nobody knows and it needs a FAQ. I’m playing it yes, because that’s how I read the rules, but I would be prepared to discuss it with anyone you play. A tournament would have their own official ruling, so ultimately this only matters for causal games, so just go with what you think is right and sort it out with your opponent by rolling a dice if they disagree.
  11. You have to follow the restrictions of 2 in every 5. #25 and #26 can be greatblades and then #30 and #31 could be greatblades. #24 doesn’t get you anything because you don’t have 5 extra Tzaangors at that point, so has to be #25 and #26. In this scenario, your mutants would probably be #27 and #32 as greatblades are more important.
  12. Probably not. I assume you have a Tzaangor Shaman, and I would spend those points on Wildfire Taurus if you haven’t already
  13. @Sacrednikki89 True the Simulacrum is a liability, but I think part of the intention of this spell is to use it as a trap and not dispel it. Note that this spell can't move super far and hurts the closest unit within 6" even if that unit is friendly. Say there is an odd number of predatory endless spells out and you are at the bottom of the turn, you can cast Simulacrum and potentially position it in such a way that your opponent can't hurt you with it, but if they don't pick to move it, you could obliterate one of their wizards if you choose to move it. Now your opponent must choose to move a spell that doesn't help them, giving you an extra beneficial predatory endless spell move or eat potentially serious damage on a wizard. It's even possible that you could place it such that your opponent has no way to move Simulacrum without hurting their own units. Is this super worth the points and risk? Probably not. But this spell is the most Tzeentch spell there is and I really like the design.
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