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  1. Anyone have any good ideas for kit bashing a musician?
  2. Is it just me or should Morboys have 4 base attacks instead of 3?
  3. Chompas have 3+ to wound instead of 4+. But the amount of additional rolls you gain via 2" reach is better.
  4. New models and rules. Look at the Godsworn Hunt (Underworlds), Darkoath Chieftain & Darkoath Warqueen for what Darkoath looks like.
  5. Slaves to Darkness is a Chaos Undivided force. It's the classic Warhammer Fantasy "Warriors of Chaos". Everchosen is Archaon and his Varanguard. They are also Chaos Undivided.
  6. They aren't coming back. Orruk Warclans is three books in one and it doesn't include Greenskins.
  7. The guy on the cover of the battletome is the classic empire greatsword model though.
  8. I think the worst rules are currently written for destruction armies.
  9. I would say it would be another combined book. It's just faster to get these factions updated that way and less books overall is a good thing.
  10. This battletome is great. We now have three armies to play as via one book.
  11. Probably going away. I think arrowboys won't be the MVP's anymore but will have a support role in the army. As for hero synergy, I think keyword bingo still applies. The tome is three books in one, so I expect there to be incentives to playing each army individually or mixed. I think this would be a good thing as it promotes inter-faction competition.
  12. No. They're order. The real questions to ask is if the factions will be discontinued or what models will go out of production.
  13. A complete overhaul from top to bottom of traits, artifacts, battalions, etc, etc. Even a name change is needed.
  14. You're going to want a weirdnob shaman in your list so you can deepstrike on your opponent via Da Great Big Green Hand of Gork. When you're stating Gore Gruntas x4, brute x1, and ardboys x2 does that mean the number of minimum sized units?
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