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  1. No problem. I have 3000 points of this army and I am stuck waiting on the updated battletome.
  2. Bonesplitterz are not viable for competitive play right now. It's due to having an outdated battletome (2016). You will not beat someone playing a tier one faction. Those factions have better rules and Bonesplitterz are stuck re-rolling 1's. I have 3k worth of Bonesplitterz and I am stuck waiting on an updated battletome to be competitive against those factions. I still love the armies aesthetic which is why I bought them but they are not in a good place right now.
  3. I feel compelled to tell you not to continue investing in this army until the new Battletome comes out. Or at the very least the 2019 General's Handbook. But to answer your question. I think Bonesplitterz cavalry should be deployed as a size of 10 instead of 5. Maniaks are also superior to Boarboys right now. As for the Morboys they are better than the standard orruks. At their base they are below average so they need buffs like Brutal Beast Spirits and their Power of the Beast Spirit ability to get them going. Big Stabba's are good. They do well if they don't get shot off the table. The Wardokk is pointless unless you're going with a Kopp Rukk & Drakkfoot Warclan. Wurrgog Prophet and Savage Big Boss are good. Not sure what warscroll battalions (if any) you're looking to put together. With your 30 Morboys, Wardokk, & Prophet you are headed in the direction of a Kopp Rukk & Drakkfoot Warclan build.
  4. I would just keep the arrowboys unless you mind rolling a lot of dice.
  5. Three possibilities for Aelves. 1.) Discontinued. I think this is least likely. 2.) Consolidated (Gloomspite Gits & Skaven) 3.) Individual battletomes.
  6. Yeah I think so. Maniaks get a lot more attacks. Boarboys with stikkas don't get their full damage potential unless it's against a monster. They do have hit and run though but that doesn't outweigh more attacks. For faction with limited access to rend the additional attacks is necessary. The only exception I could see taking boarboys over maniaks would be if you're fielding a brutal rukk.
  7. For the boarboys box i would make them all maniaks. With 6 savage orruk boxes you have enough to make orruks, morboys, and arrowboys to complete a kopp rukk, brutal rukk, teef rukk, and kunnin rukk.
  8. I think Skaven would be your best option for being competitive. But in all honesty go with the army you enjoy the most. Beastclaw Raiders will get an updated battletome.
  9. It would be like that old horror movie Dolls
  10. But those are facts from the trailer. The game does have a specific setting and theme which is obviously chaos. There are also six factions because their logos are in the trailer while Necromunda currently has six hive gangs.
  11. These are just my speculations of Warcry. I have only stated what I think Warcry is. Which to me is the fantasy version of Necromunda.
  12. Buy the battletome first and read the warscroll battalions before you make any purchases.
  13. Except you can use the warbands from underworlds in AoS match play since they have warscrolls. Warcry seems to have a unique line of models that are strictly meant for only Warcry. Necromunda does the same thing with it's line of miniatures. That's why this reminds me more of Necromunda than Kill Team or Underworlds.
  14. It has the same format as Necromunda. Instead of the underhive and gangs setting we get chaos wastes and chaos tribes. Both games will play completely differently from one another it's only the structure that is similar.
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