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  1. Good call! I'll have to give this a try! Thanks! I was thinking on swapping out the extra Bullgor for a Gragon ogre for the extra inch of movement too lol.
  2. @Warpedstormthose came out awesome! I'm starting a trail of champions (the one where fighters can die) campaign with a friends and this is the list looking for some advice Bullgor leader with dual weps Dragon Ogre with glaive Bullgor with dual weps 4 Gors with dual weps 2 Ungor Raiders Not sure what they will bring seems to be OBR or FeC for one and Tzeentch or Corvus Cabal.
  3. Auric Hearthguard helped take a slayers list to 3rd at cancon! It was nice to see a "different" list do well!
  4. @Beastmaster I feel like the Tyrant is worth his points just for Bully of the first degree, 1 cp to have a unit not take battleshock for the whole game for a few wounds is huge! I ran a unit of 9 gluttons (bc points) and they did fine too.
  5. I'm digging the book so far! I've been running Meatfist with the Goremand with a Tyrant for 2 drops. Beat DoK twice! The glutton blob wrecked whatever it touched and survived the counter charges.
  6. Warscrolls up on new Zealand site! They're in the boxed set though so only a few!
  7. @PlayerJ I didn't think so either, but I was getting my hope's up Haha. Ty!
  8. Wait does Ironclad and Ethereal Amulet work together!? I keep seeing it mentioned and its getting me excited lol.
  9. Heres my Kustom warchanter, Grokk Big 'ands
  10. I think at 5 the pair of choppas is better (+1 attack over the hakkas) but the range on the hakkas would let more get in if the squad was bigger.
  11. Rogue Idol has Ironjawz and Bonesplitterz keywords!
  12. Rogue Idol has Bonesplitterz and Ironjawz keywords!
  13. Hand of Gork with Blazin eyes could be interesting too. If they are in a line teleport to one side of it and roll the 4d6 and hope for the best lol. Wouldn't try it in a serious game but could be fun.
  14. @Kizkull well that's a bummer! Ty for the info though!
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