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Lord Ashmodath

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  1. Lord Ashmodath

    The Darkwood Court ~ The King-In-Horns ~

    wonderful! I've always loved a mix between death and Sylvaneth, but I've never seen a mix of Nighthaunts and Sylvaneth, I have to try it sometime!
  2. Lord Ashmodath


    Very good!
  3. Lord Ashmodath

    Finished Terrorgheist Base

  4. Lord Ashmodath

    FeC Ghoul Heads and Shoulders success

    wonderful! the ghouls really convey a look of "past glory"
  5. Lord Ashmodath

    The Balefire Prince

    My custom Guardian of Souls finally has a complete model! (the paint job is by no means done) I decided to go with a green color scheme (backstory reasons, and so he could stand out). it is most likely not noticeable, but his skull his etched with feint green runes. for the color scheme, I really wanted a smoke/balefire look, so I went with a spray of chaos black, and on top of that, I painted some celesta grey where the ethereal meets the armor. the flames are highlighted with ogryn camo, and an all over wash of hexwraith flame gave the celestra grey the green hue.
  6. Lord Ashmodath

    The Silence Grows

    This is where I'll post all my minor updates for The Silent Cliffs. It has been a while since I last worked on The Silent Cliffs, but I haven't been completely idle, I've completed a skeleton champion, and made a simple insignia for the flag bearer. The paint scheme for Lord of the Silent Cliffs was a interesting thing, his skin is a layer of agrax earthshadeover coral white, with a thick layer of Athenian camoshade on top of that. His skull is zandri dust, an all-over wash of agrax earthshade, and a very thin layer of typhus corrosion, to give the bones a look of decay.
  7. Lord Ashmodath

    The Chainghasts

    Very good, the idea of putting a skull on the Spirit Torment is good, and the color scheme is wonderful!
  8. Lord Ashmodath

    Background and basing

    thanks for letting me know about that! I've probably got more green stuff then I know what to do with, so this would be an excellent use!
  9. Lord Ashmodath

    Scion of the Sun

    lots of spikes, and lots of horns. His ornate armor shows the contrast of the sun and the moon, light and dark. imbued with an intelligence surpassing all saurus, even comparing with the inscrutable Starseers, the the Scion of the Sun is a powerful sorcerer (lore wise, not rule wise, as I cannot change the stats) specializing in the lore of fire and water, another of his contrasts. I'm planning on making a better base for him, so expect that in the future. Further updates will be posted in the comment section
  10. Lord Ashmodath

    Background and basing

    Excellent, I await the arrival of new photos!
  11. Lord Ashmodath

    Background and basing

    yeah, it's great stuff. Admittedly, I had never thought of using it for basing, I have to try that some time. That Terrorgheist base is remarkable, an excellent use of the ruins!
  12. Lord Ashmodath

    Background and basing

    most impressive, a wonderful use of green stuff.
  13. Lord Ashmodath

    Minor Changes

    I cut some skulls off an old (and rather ugly) lord executioner, and fashioned them to look as if the were trailing from Tarvad's cloak. Further "minor changes" will be posted in the comment section.
  14. Lord Ashmodath


    very nice army! I especially like the Hexwraiths, the purple balefire looks great!
  15. Lord Ashmodath

    The Blood Host

    Indeed he is!