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  1. Thank you. Hopefully it won't be hammer time with the kits.
  2. Splendid advice. I shall return to the glue splattered trenches tomorrow evening, and post news from the front. Thank you very much and may your Daughters of Khaine reign supreme over whatever tabletop they're lording it...
  3. I've had a trawl back on this topic thread and can't find the answer so... I'm using Revell plastic cement for the standard Sigmar figures with no problem. But I've bought a set of witchy things from Raging Heroes and that glue isn't working (I presume because the resin isn't melted by the Revell solvent. Had a quick look online and there was the odd mention that resin kits are best stuck together with super glue. So went and bought some, squirted it ... nuffink going. I tried scratching the surfaces up a little but it still wouldn't hold. In desperation I even tried a little Revell/Superglue shandy and the only thing that stuck together was my fingers. Any advice from longer term modelers out there?
  4. That's interesting that you mention GW because I have a dimly clutched to memory (most of them are now) that the name of the game shop (in the city of Bath) was actually called Games Workshop. I might be mistaken though - I usually am... It was a tiny little shop. The other game that seemed popular at the time was some space travel/war adventure I think... This was years before Warhammer... perhaps late 70s, very early 80s. The first D&D computer game I knew of (and had) was a weird dark grey and orange plastic electronic board game by Mattel. But that was after I started the real deal. Certainly not a screen based computer game! Ha ha!! Found the beast on t'interweb...
  5. Well they got my wallet's attention with the heads... also (presumably through the joy of google algorithms) this name keeps popping up in adverts www.ragingheroes.com - any opinions or knowledge of them?
  6. Cheers m'dears... we started making a mess yesterday. It was quite funny, me and my wife sat together at the kitchen table concentrating on painting the fiddly little figures. The first thing that came into my mind was our parents saying "well at least they're quiet"...
  7. Just Dungeons and Dragons... when it was one small box worth of paper and half a dozen dice! And I think it was Citadel that made little metal figures then... I had hair too... ahh - the good old days.
  8. Oh it's just the Soul Wars starter box. But my wife got her goth on and snaffled the Nighthaunt legion first... so I'm running with the 'Peter Perfects' from the Sacrosanct Chamber. I might have to scabby them up a bit with the painting. Perhaps do a matt black anarchy division - I can't cope with all that shiny blue and gold 😉
  9. Hi I'm in my fifties and my wife finally convinced me to buy Age of Sigmar... The figures are made, primed and ready for painting... I'll let you know how we progress with the game. Hopefully I can come up with some help for other newbies...
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