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  1. I am looking forward to this release. I have 1k of Gitz thinking what to buy next. Going off this info probs going to just pick up some Rockguts, another mangler and the spells. When do you all think this will come out?
  2. Thanks for all the help. # best community
  3. Thanks everyone. Sorry in advance. If I took multiple wizards with the same spell. Can they all attempt to cast their spell in the same hero phase? Sorry just thinking about what to buy next/ army builds ..
  4. Please help. Question: let's say I have the Morks mighty mushroom 80pts. I have three gloomspite Gitz wizards. They can all cast the mushroom right. Let's say the first fails, can the second attempt to cast the mushroom in the same hero phase? Any difference between ranked and open play?
  5. Keeping a few hero's close by to units goes along way. Just use a CP and all is good or if it's squigs getting targeted maybe just let them go wild. My last game I couldn't use the CP fast enough. I had skragrott and a Fungoid.
  6. I love Skragrott 2nd MVC. I will always try and fit him in every army. Decent castibg and shooting and can control the moon. Done deal.
  7. So the next question is are stabbas worth it due to the hiding of a loonsmasher unit? Or just taking up more area with Congo line?
  8. I played a 1.2k match Vs tzeentch. My army consisted of gen- skragrott casting call da moon, loonboss on mangler with loon stone Tal, Fungoid casting squig lure, two small units of squigs for battleline, two small groups of boingrots and Morks mushroom. Pictures shows turn 3 my units were very slow but I managed to get a few casts off, failed to cast the mushroom. The MVP was the mangler with loon boss followed up by skargrott. The mangler hit very hard and took out most of the cannon fodder units and skragrott sniped his characters at the back.
  9. Can you link your list? What spells were you casting? Or trying to cast?
  10. Sounds really good I agree. You will have to let us know how you get on. I played a 730 points game at the weekend with skragrott as general, Mollog, two units of 5 boingrots and two units of squigs. The boingrots ran and charged with squig lure and hit like trucks. Turn two all enemy's were killed by the boingrots and Skragrott shooting and spell casts.
  11. I can see this being a pain to play against. I like this army a lot.
  12. I am also thinking about this. I plan to maybe attaching a small magnet to use it as both.
  13. When I get the model maybe I can attach a magnet and then it won't be an issue.
  14. In order to keep my point under 1k he will have to be a standard mangler. Is there anything wrong with building him as a mangler with loonboss and playing him as a normal mangler? People's thoughts? Casual game would be fine what about competitive gameplay? My 2k I think is looking like this. Skragrott - general, Fungoid, Mollog, Herd, Herd, Herd, Herd, Stabbas, loonsmasha, Boingrott, Boingrott, Rockguts, Mangler, Mangler, Morks mushroom, Cauldron. Two standard manglers. Not sure on spells depend on the game. Squig lure is good. Having the cauldron makes it not an issue.
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