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  1. Mollog hmm. I like the model shame about the cost he should be 140 max watch this space GHB 2019. I am calling it now he will be reduced. Cool abilities and very tanky I guess very good to hold an objective. I played a 1.2k game with him he almost died 2 times healed back up tanked like a boss.
  2. I too have used him. Both times as the general the casting and the shooting is just very good any day whether or not you take him as your gen or not. He has been my MVP both games I have played.
  3. I wouldn't get your hopes too high. I can't see many adjustments tbh a few units and battalions. I can see them adjusting the units they think they will sell most of. Currently the squigs don't seem to be played very much and I can see a discount here, also some of the larger units like the mangers and large spiders. I can't see them taking more than 20 points away thou. I presume they are testing things with tweaked points as we speak.
  4. @TheWilddog awesome mushroom bases love them!
  5. What do you think is my small mod. Quite happy myself.
  6. Is anyone else looking at the loon boss of cave squig and thinking why would I take the cutta? Just loosing 1inch on the range. ? ?? Anyone?
  7. Attacked is my 2k Gitz list. Look if interested gitz 2k squigs.pdf
  8. Firstly awesome lists. I personally really like the loon boss on cave. I think the random movement of our squig cav need a little something to help them along. The command ability of the loon on cave squig does just that and also working for your loonboss on mangler gives him a possible move of 21 inches which is insane add and charge and holy ******. I really like the more randomness of having larger models than large hordes which makes games more dramatic and less about the average amount of DMG you can do. Hope this helps. Cheers
  9. Most have sold out. You better run and get a box
  10. I prefer the squigs tbh. I watch people playing games and the stabbas just seem to blob around not doing very much. Such a slow unit. This is my view. Shame the loon shrine has no benefit to squigs. I understand 60 is hard to shift but with the use of endless spells a unit of 60 can soon disappear. Who else is building a list around squigs with a few shamans for spells?
  11. @TheWilddog thanks I will take a look.
  12. Any tips for basing? Currently I have added small pieces of cork to make rocks / uneven ground painted them black, then painted the whole top of the base Rhonix hide. Not sure what do do next. Thinking of adding some small pieces of grass. Any tips / pictures to show me would be amazing!
  13. Firstly thanks for your input. Tbh I like the models and their melee damage output + adds a little shooting which I like and I can see them being useful aiding a unit/ to soften one. The battalion is cool and I will no doubt try it out. I like Skrag as the general for the cp generation, I have not yet had a game where the control of the moon was important. I have also thought about making the mangler boss the general, when used with battalion I think it makes a lot of sense. I am waiting for the looncurse to be out to fill my army up.
  14. I am slowly building my army up. My aim is to be a bit competitive yet really fun to play. I like the casting and the speed of units. Nice CP generation to make the most of the units. I would have preferred two fungoids but hey ho. let me know what you think I can always change up the spells a little but I like the idea of removing chars with spells from across the board. Idea is to stop the charge on to my hard hitters with the herds and then fly over my units to hit them with charges. Etc I know the mangler with boss is a good target for spells early on, that is why he has the loonstone to stop a few mortals. The Fungoid and madcap will probs take squig lure and itchy nuisance. 2kGitzlist.pdf
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