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  1. Start taking Slothful Stupor to keep him from charging if you gotta get close and maybe soulsnare shackles just to to make sure their 520 points investment does as little as possible. I think the investment to kill him is just too high to be worth trying unless you absolutely have no other choice but to kill him to secure the win.
  2. Not mine but someone on Reddit did magnetize both arms. The big issue I ran into when looking at doing it for my Keeper was that they cloak/jewelry both connect to the wrist on the hand bit so I ended up opting for the cloak and no magnetization since I cared about the cloak a lot more. https://www.reddit.com/r/ageofsigmar/comments/bplpdk/magnetized_keeper_of_secrets/ For the rest of the topic I'm in the same boat, build full command that I'm allowed to just in case. I figure that since it's legal it's better for the occasional times I play against something that can pick off a specific model and won't have to worry as much about losing a key command model.
  3. I haven't gotten a chance to try him myself but I've been wanting to run Karios as well. Big reason because I "just as planned" myself years ago when they first released because I thought he was a cool model that would let me dabble in DoT and give me a fun caster to ally. Turns out it was a good choice. From the very limited experience I've gotten with the new book (only 2 games for Forbidden Power at 1.5k points) the Epitome along with our heroes can be enough if spells are an edge to your game plan and not a big part. I think Karios while really powerful needs to have a plan for him to be worth the points. Something like using gateway to help nuke screens, having better chance at slothful stupor being successfully cast, or even for endless spells. I was running invaders with sybarites and rod of misuse in both those games; with the GHB2019 I didn't need the spells as much because I had so many command points I could burn for re-roll ones to hit and save rolls that mystic shield and acquiescence weren't as important. I think he's a really fun powerful addition for us but far from a necessary must include.
  4. Currently all we have to go off of is the FAQ about the realm of metal trait and how it affects changing the dice roll which that only applies if the initial roll before the change was a double. If you go off that ruling then only if re-roll is a double before the dice get changed it would do the mortal wounds But it's GW so who knows for sure. To your second question you're correct that no it wouldn't since the start of the combat phase is a separate sub phase of the combat phase.
  5. Yes you could just in different order of operations because the locus happens at the end of the charge phase and the Epitome's ability happens at the start of combat. Which until they FAQ it looks like the way to cause units that have fight at the start of the combat phase to fight at the end if you trigger both. The locus would count as neither rule being active then the Epitome would cause them to fight at the end.
  6. If you have time to do some practice games I'd suggest trying some dropping The Masque to bump your second squad of daemonettes to 30. For how fast Slaanesh is even running pretenders I think the extra 20+ attacks from the daemonettes will be worth more than the movement debuff. As for advice remember with Devotee of Torment you can run and still be chosen to pile in from 6" because of the trait. Running only stops you from charging and because you have to stop outside of 3" people don't expect the pile in. If you're going to use that tactic positioning is super important because you have to pile-in towards the closest model and it wouldn't hurt to have a copy of the rules for your command trait and combat phase rules since it's such an uncommon interaction. You'll be faster than most other armies so use that to pick your fights and positioning. Against lists that can deepstrike like Stormcast or Idoenth one of your units of damonettes (squad of 20 if you keep The Masque) should be set up to screen for your more important units. You might lose the whole unit but you'll be able to set up a devastating counter attack. Dimensional Blade on the EKoS claws is a great choice from Uglu for the -3 rend or Thermalrider Cloak from Aqhsy if you want to bump up your EKoS speed and give it fly are good choices depending on what you think you'll need more. I'm personally leaning towards Thermalrider Cloak on your EKoS if you're going to run Pretenders. Extra move and Fly combines really well with DoT and Allure for survivability. In addition it allows you to make flying charges if you choose not to run as well as flying pile-ins. If realm artifacts aren't allowed I like the Icon of Infinite Excess , Breathtaker, or Enrapturing Circlet. The icon specifically on Seeker Herald for the utility. It'll generate extra attacks on 5s for 12 of its attacks or you can use it's speed to keep enemy units outside of the 8" while buffing your units. The other other probably best on the EKoS but they can work on either. Hope this helps and good luck in the tournament!
  7. 1) According to the designer commentary for GH2018 only regular wounds sadly. 2) Fiends got updated to 18 points to summon 3 in Wrath and Rapture.
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