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  1. Gristlegore artefact - the one that you can attack first - just work when you charge. Besides this, GKoTG ramped up a bit in points! It's still strong, but not as it used to be!
  2. Take in consideration it is my own opinion and test: - Cannibal Court: Not usable in normal settings (1/10); - Royal Family: 2 Ghoul Kings (foot) is an huge investment for such a simple bonus (3/10); - Attendants at Court: Interesting for Horrors List, and might be amazing with GKoZD spell. Problem is that Hollowmourne is overwhelming and Haunter cant be the general due to Battalion restriction (5/10); - Deadwatch: Amazing way to give you an extra artefact and lower your drops when playing Flayers as Battleline. The bonus is not amazing, due to not being able to feeding frenzy but we are talking about the possibility for a buffed Flayers to attack 3 times in a single turn. (9/10); - Abattoir: Bad bonus, fell short when comparing with Attedants and/or Kings Ghouls with almost the same set of units (2/10); - Ghoul Patrol: Not as good as it used to be, but still has its value. It is still a bit expensive but use units that are used as battleline tax, so it easy to do it (8/10); - King's Ghoul: Awesome bonus if using mass ghouls, easy to make, and can be made using only battleline in Hollow or Feast Day with Haunt being General. (6/10); - Royal Mordants: Interesting concept, but a lot o mixed bags in it. If you need movement, go Blistersking and /or Deranged Spell. The way units are used in it never fulfill a battleline tax. (4/10); - Royal Menagerie: Good bonus and awesome way to lower your drops and get a 2nd artefact in a Gristlegore List. With the nerf to GG, its lost a bit of value (7/10). *Tried not to repeat the same grade just so it became easily place in a ranked format. But there are Battalions that are close to value that should have the same grade.
  3. To be honest, most of times I see those ****** restrictions, they are implemented in such a poor state that make one army extremely bad while making others super overpowered! It is simple, do you really think that a small group will have the same structure than the GW Dev team, bunch of testers, feedback everyday to try to make armies more even in power? The rules, as they are, are the most competitive/even and fair that we will find! Usually what our group does to encourage those more casual, or starting the hobby, is to make a few adjusts that not impact the "main rules": 1 - List Explanation is mandatory and with details (It is some sort of pre-match step). 2 - First time and Newbies being paired between them in the 1st round as well only Veterans being paired in the 1st round. 3 - Zero restrictions for non painted model (For those that are still learning how to paint). 4 - Acceptance for "Count As" and/or "Proxy" models as long it is an low amount (Some new guys usually misses 1 unit or 1 hero that are good for their army). 5 - Prize more evenly distributed (Not only for Top1/3). 6 - Not releasing the complete rank, just Top 1 and 2. (Final table duel). But there are bunch of ways TO can do to encourage new players and those that are not competitive players.... besides changing main rules that make the game fair for every army! And if its has prize, judge and rules, it is a tournament! I'd never play with such restrictions besides some for fun stuff that has no prize and judges involved! But.... that is only my point of view!
  4. OFFTOPIC but I had to say it.... I envy you! ahahahahahah Wish I could go too! Should work fine... @Kimbo doesn't need to be afraid to use it!
  5. With 12 models will be hard to maneuver between terrain and positioning in a way that pile in don't be hard to do. 6 or 9 is much easier (9 being the number ppl tend to use most).
  6. Unfortunately, each one individually! Even for a small unit you must roll each scream. Usually I just see what is the value I need to surpass, and roll them quite fast! Like: "Well I need 10+, so 11 = 1 MW...." Roll "fast", 8 / 12 (2MW) / 3 / 5 / 14(4MW) keep doing"! It is not that bad and it seems like! ahahahahaha
  7. What must ppl do, I myself, is bring at lest 1 of those 3 units packed with more Flayers than the minimum size! That unit will be you target for most buffs... I tend to make my Infernal my Warlord, that way Flayers became Battleline and I still can use Feast Day (Once more it became stronger than it was due to changes to buying extra CP, its only 1 CP now). This Warlord will get the "Wizard" trait, in order to have the +1 attack from Ghoul King Scroll... Added the +D3 attacks from AAR I managed to pump in my games 4 extra attacks in a blob of bunch of Flayers. But those extra tactics is my personal preference. But I still think FEAST DAY will be the best option moving forward!
  8. Usually 3 units of Flayers in a DeadWatch Battalion! You will need Courtier to support them (Maybe 1 Varghulf and another Infernal)... even Chalice can help sometimes! It is a highly mobile list, with bunch of MW that make it a pain in the ass for a lot of enemies units (Those with good saves). Besides this I always bring those 2 Big FEC Guys (AAR and GKoTG). What I love about Flayers, besides all that I said before, is the possibility to be following my GKoTG and acting as his Screen! It become much stronger right now that we lost the "Fight First Gristlegore when charged"... that way, using Flayers as Screen, you prevent those Glass Cannon units to Charge your GKoTG and burst him! Even on my heavy Ghouls list I will bring at least 1 unit of Flayers to be my GKoTG screen!
  9. I'm trying Ghouls Heavy w/o Horror! I know the Ghoul Patrols is not that good anymore, but at least I have those 3 Battlelines that I'm already paying in for other purpose than tax! I'm going to a different route, I will not engage in most of fights with ghouls! Trying to fall back when possible and trying to being annoying in some objective!
  10. Well... I myself never played as Gristlegore knowing it would be nerfed due to its strength! It indeed need a nerf, It wasn't in a good state for a competitive game. I choose not to play so I didn't get attached or used to it and could have the same feelings you are having right now. Been playing Blisterskin (Dressed as Feast Day) having a lot of fun and I've been winning locals tournaments. Going to test Ghouls heavy list for the next months, change a little bit my play style.
  11. Sadly no changes for Battatlion costs (like Ghoul Patrol) and/or points decrements for Ghouls. Same thing for Zombie Dragon, I still don't get its points costs in comparison to TG. All other points I'm oky with it!
  12. - Agreed with its weakness and the fact that is pretty slow units. Usually I try to paired them with some sort of screen and add some high move units to be the "objective grabber". I'd never go FULL Arkanauts + Khemist list! (But must be a fun one, even losing ahahaha). - I try to attack with them early on. That way I can cause some sort of distraction with my opponent, changing the focus from my Arkanauts to the Rigger attacking their back line. I saw it... it was amazing! But reading some sort of report from him, it was clear to me that he used this tactic knowing it will only be effective in some sort of battleplans (The ones you won stealing the objective from your opponent). And it went well due to lack of acknowledging about this tactics... my believe is that, from this point in beyond, ppl will tend to pay more attention - usually this happen when someone get all the spot lights for some tactics used at a huge tournament. I thing in his list that I thought was well thought - was using EVOCATORS to acts as Screen / Counter Attack units paired with some sort of Dispell, much needed by KO! If I had them I'd easily use on my lists... maybe with GHB19, the small ship drops on points and we can add it as some sort of Objective Grabber! Who knows....
  13. Your list looks interesting... to be honest my feeling is that KO must always take one full unit of Arkanaut to be at least a little effective! Maybe I'm wrong due to lack of experience, but I feel that most of its units (outside the Khemist + huge arkanaut unit) is lackluster. This Saturday going to test a little more to get a better feel of KO.
  14. That is why list building give me so many headaches??? ahahahahahah Going to study my opponents, just 30 dudes - so won't give me trouble studying it! Man... 12 Skyhook upgraded by Khemist is nasty! Turn one - killed One Big Khorne Daemon and a few bodies... than turn 2 I one soothed Archaon (He missed the prayer to give him +1 to save)! My opponent face was priceless.... he was like "Dude, I didn't know KO could do this - how is it possible" Did some math and this group, with the Mhornar re-rolls, on average deal 19 Damage to an 3+ Save Monster (+1 to hit). With a lot of nasty monster - Like FEC TG with attack first and twice upgrade - I can one shot it off the board without worrying with those combos. I need to worry about getting locked on some sort of TARPIT (That can make me loose the ability to target prioritizing correct) and/or being alpha striked without having 1CP to pass moral. Lets see - going to text that new list to feel it better.
  15. Well... first, thank you for your advice! Second, at least will be a shock for all players! ahahahahaha It is been a while since no one plays KO in our local club... so it is already a surprise for most of them! I might say that more than half of the players of the tournament never faced KO before, so this will be an advantage for me! The ship brings the distraction effect (everyone will aim for it even that we know it makes almost nothing... sadly). But I'm seeing more overall valuable bringing Brokk as Mhornar! I guess I should try it! About Artefacts, I have the Navigator as my dispelling source! I could give him the artefact for 3 Dice dispell or give one Khemist it for a second dispell. Besides this, I still can choose one aretfact from Realm of Origin if I think it is more worth! Maybe given my Navigator a MW ward save (That can wreck him) in form of Ignax Scale artefact... Lot of options here...
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