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  1. 2K for me as well due to overall “balance”. 2.5 - 3K takes way to long and usually involves most of the players models and 1K is to swingy .
  2. The Gotrek audiobook is by far the best audiobook that BL has ever produced (IMHO). Made me go and by all other Gotrek and Felix novels to reread and get updated on the whole story.
  3. Does anyone have an Idea how the Sword of Judgement (Ulgu) interact with the Gaunt summoners Warptounge blade? I.e: 1) Do you cause d6 or just one wound if the model passes its Bravery test? 2) Do you roll for the ability per wound or per attack? Thank you in advance.
  4. This type of reasoning I really don’t understand (no offense meant). If an Exalted Flamer or Chariot would cost 10 points we would see spam list all over the place. Anything can be fixed with point changes, the hard part is to get it right (IMHO).
  5. Joind somewhere end of 4ed - beginning of 5ed. Still remember all the insanely powerful spells and the “Fly High” rule. Amuses me to no end to hear all the complaints on how the game is unbalanced right now:)
  6. Hi everyone, What is the general opinion on the Arcanite Cabal? For 180 points you get a minimum of 3 extra spells/summoning points (with the magister as the leader possibly many more), efficiency in spending destiny dice, three less drops and an extra artifact. Point wise it looks really efficient - and still I never see it played. What am I missing? Regards, Nick
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