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  1. Be’lakor, Kairos, Sorcerer Lord on Manticore and Khorne Daemon Prince are some allies that I have seen work really well depending on the actual army composition in question.
  2. My main problem with the new (sort of) direction with DoT is that it is so efficient at shooting. The army is definitely not unbeatable but most optimised builds comes down to can you remove enough of your opponents army with the initial shooting/spell casting or not. While loosing is never fun - people tend to get a worse gaming experience if they don’t even get to engage.
  3. I always go back and forth between the Rod and Sword. In the end the sword wins (for me) not because it is great but because I have tons of ****** shooting anyway - 2D6 more or less rarely means anything. The sword on the other hand is useless 90% of the time since the LoC tends to stay out of CC BUT it provides me with three things: 1) The chance to really threaten support level characters in CC (any decent save hero is more or less safe from the Rod); 2) Prevents the LoC from getting charged by mediocre “hunter” units - any decent hammer will still destroy the LoC but most 100-200 point units will regret fighting a LoC with the sword; and 3) The Hail Mary situation where you have no choice but to commit the LoC or lose the game. If the LoC will need to charge a 3-400+ monster I rather have the Sword (odds are the opponent will have a nice set of new feathers regardless but the sword makes it at least a possibility).
  4. I guess it is down to play style and your idea behind the army. With Cabalist I personally use 1-2 marauders units as ballistic missiles (teleport them up to 9” away and charge - preferably something holding a back line objective or a mage) so in such case they don’t really work as fodder. The horrors are excellent (especially if you have the emerald swarm) or the snake people (since they get models back). I also always try to include the spell portal (since I really need to be able to get my spells where needed) and then I really like the Khorne DP (or Kairos) since they both can buy me an extra turn out of CC if necessary.
  5. The Manticore Sorcerer greatly benefits from the Ethereal amulet. As to the second one, I feel that the Godswrarh isn’t really worth it in Cabalists. A second Gaunt (trimming needed to fit), the Blue scribes, Khorne DP or another unit of marauders provide much more than the lower drop and additional artifact. I would also look to remove a marauder horse unit to replace it with a sacrificial unit for the rituals.
  6. Nagash is either fairly middle of the pack (sometimes just worthless) to absolute ridiculous depending on actual list/what your opponent is playing. Lowering his cost would unfortunately make him of the charts in some of the more frequent competitive Death lists.
  7. I would argue against units of 20. Ten are relatively cheap and function as a road block/holding objectives in your own zone - 30 gives you discount. 20 is just expensive and not worth it at all.
  8. Big disclaimer - not my army (although I have played against it half a dozen times at least): He plays with Rotigus, one GUO and Be’Lakor as the main characters and then 3 units of 10 plaguebeares as core (almost the same as your initial list - which was very close to what he used to play in Magotkin). Then he adds Drones or bigger units of plaguebearers depending on preference (trying out different combos) and what is left is spent on Endless spells or a support hero. The main thought behind the list is to utilise the durability of Nurgle. The Legion gives the whole army an additional 6+ ward save and lets you summon a unit of plaguebearers (10+ on 3 dice) which should give you a new unit 3-4 times per game (on average closer to 3). Then Be’Lakor can return d3 models To all plaguebearer units on a 3+ (Including drones which actually makes them playable) and Be’Lakor also has a very powerful ability and access to STD endless spells as well as becoming a decent tank/fighter in the legion. The main drawback (from my perspective) is a that the drops are high - but in our meta people usually are playing 1-3 or armies that do not care so the usual Thrice list is still outdeplyed when it matters (different metas will affect this naturally). The list is not S-tier in any way (hard to get a real punch with Nurgle Daemons), but I have played against both it and the regular Maggot daemon army quite a lot (my main opponent) and I find that the Legion list gives me more of a challenge (played against with both StD and DoT).
  9. Thricefold can be great but falls really bad against decent magic defence (IMHO). Our Nurgle player has recently dropped Magotkin and switched to Legion of Chaos Ascendant. He plays it pure Nurgle with the exception of Be’Lakor (for legion of the first prince bonuses). Better sustain, better summoning and better synergy/bonuses for daemons - especially if going pure daemons.
  10. I agree with most suggestions, but I think that the Manticores (especially the sorcerer) is probably about right and the Gaunt is to low costed. As to the Prince, the problem is that it is mark dependent- Tzeentch and Slaanesh need a point decrease - Khorne and maybe Nurgle are fine as is.
  11. Increasing the cost for Marauders is not a great (IMHO) idea - we don’t have that many top competitive choices and definitely not any unit at the absolute top of point efficiency.
  12. Depending on which manufacturer/unit. Don’t have any of my own at hand - but something along these lines usually works very good (IMHO):
  13. Not arguing, just don’t forget that there are very good movement trays (non GW unfortunately) designed to be used for round bases that allows for unit formations aka Fantasy. Makes the regiments look really good and let’s you use round bases if you want.
  14. But this is your main problem - it is not the same game as it was 10+ years ago. The world is new, the setting is new, the system is new - the fluff is vastly different. As to your criticism of the book - no one is looking away, people are simply pointing out that there are options if you want the book to be competitive. If you want to play a fluffy friendly game agains a similarly narrative “soft” opponent then the book provides you with plenty of options. If you want to have a really strong tournament build you better focus on the 25-30 percent of what is competitive. The thing is all armies are this way - some units are strong some are weak - not one army out there let’s you play competitively with anything you want. Here is IMHO your main error in assessing the book, you want your favorite units to be competitive - since they are not the book is “garbage”. On a related note - I started playing chaos in the nineties and I don’t recall warriors ever being on the competitive side of things. They have always been overpriced and underperforming. Great lords, monsters, magic - but the big warrior units were seldom what dominated.
  15. Herr we go again... why are we back on “this book sucks track”? The funny thing is that STD have been placing high (right before the Corona stop to tournament) but still “it sucks”. Lot of people come with various advice on builds - still it sucks. The only real reason that I am seeing is “I can’t play with knights and warriors competitively”. Here you probably are right - but few people say that Fleshcourt sucks because ghoul swarms are not viable, or that Slaanesh is not top tier just because you must use KoS. Heck - sometimes I like playing Tzeentch without casters, but I don’t get upset that that is far from an optimal build. Learn to accept and adapt. Or simply play another army (without any disrespect - there are other knights in shiny and oversized armor armies in AoS- some much more competitive if you want loads of such models). As to criticizing the advice to use a 120 points model as an ally in a 2000 point game... priceless comment. I regularly use Gaunt summoners on discs in Tzeentch as well as Be’lakor due to them being fantastic models - By said logic DoT must really be a worthless army.
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