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  1. For the gargants I'm expecting something more akin to how Troggoths play rather than an Imperial Knight equivalent in AoS.
  2. It's only online that there so much push and hysteria about the competitive scene and ITC. I can bet 90% are playing homehammer or storehammer with their friends using the official rules in matched or narrative play. Competitive scene conversations can be useful for number crunching and analysing units which is nice when breaking down warscrolls but there is a whole section of the hobby which is all about just building themed / narrative forces and modeling and playing for fun. Personally I think if you want to play competitive and are OCD with balance then you should be playing Warmachine or Infinity which are tournament focused games, or even underworlds. Competitive Warhammer to me is more of a casual fun competitive format compared to other games which are bleeding edge competitive.
  3. I hope not as LotR is going though a huge revival at the moment with new and returning players coming daily. Plus with them producing the Rohan scenery and recent new plastic sculpts and forge world sculpts I think LotR is going to be here for the longhaul. I see the Old World project just been a specialist game project like Horus Heresy and not another 'main' game system like AoS or 40k. Currently they consider their 'main' game systems to be 40k, AoS and LotR. Anything outside of that or within that are usually boxed games e.g Warcry, Underworlds, Kill Team, Necromunda etc.
  4. @swarmofseals any chance you can compare handgunners against crossbows? I really like the idea of crossbows thematically in my army but I'm not sure if I should take them over handgunners. Sorry if this disgresses your topic abit
  5. I'd like to see Crossbowmen come down in points, maybe to 80. I have two boxes that I really want to build as crossbowmen because I just like the look of them more but for the same points as handgunners I feel like I'd be losing out on a lot.
  6. hahaha 2 blocks of 20 Ninjas across the board would be so awesome to see and play against if it was me. Are you going to theme their robes after the colours of your city too? The recent Kharadron release is making me consider whether I'd get a frigate and an arkanaut company in the future, purely for theme. Not sure how well they would do but I like the idea of my free city having skyport with a duardin contingent who control the flow of trade for favours and benefits from the ruling human class.
  7. @Myrdin I know exactly where you're coming from, I absolutely loved the first Dragon Age origins (I haven't played any of the others and it sounds like I might have avoided disappointment). But yeah the racial tensions and dark fantasy setting of dragon age 1 were fantastic. Definitely an inspiration for me regarding the racial tensions. How have you found the corsairs by the way? The models look great and havinbg the little crossbows looks cool. I just ordered 2 boxes of handgunners today to pickup next week to get started along with my freeguild general.
  8. Not to mention Seraphon are mentioned in the Cities of Sigmar tome (only released a few months ago) and are in the 2nd edition core book. They ain't going nowhere
  9. This is the same doom & gloom that you spread in the Cities of Sigmar thread. Sorry but you're wrong, they've already done the big model cull and what we have now is what will be kept and and supported. Not to mention Seraphon are an integral part of AoS.
  10. haha! you partly read my mind already! I already had a sort of floating concept in my head that has been brewing about these races working together, albeit with a touch of mild fantasy racism as they don't trust each other yet rely on each other. I'm planning for the city to be called Everunity with the humans actually being the head honchos and in charge over the aelfs and the duardin which creates a lot of friction and factionalism, yet when war comes they very much need each other. I haven't thought about what realm they will be in yet (that's going to be a big decision that will affect the basing scheme) but I might use the free city RNG tables that GW put out and see what happens. Nice what are you thinking of running? A civilised city versus the savage dinos sounds like a fun match up! I know what you mean about the D&D vibes, I really feel that as well and I can't wait to get building and painting the force to visually see that in front of me. Plus the amount of opportunities to throw out some classic racist one liners between humans, aelfs and duardin to each other is going to give us so many lols.
  11. Ahh okay I see, that makes sense. If I'm reading the rule correctly would it mean that say if my general got shot at and hit and wounded I would roll the dice to move the wounds over to the Ironbreakers and then take the armour save on the Ironbreakers? If so that would be awesome! Never thought about that but you make a good point, I guess that would mean I could use my Assassin more flexibly to pop out near my frontline instead of the shadow warriors if need be to either support a unit or go for some sort of alpha striking hero. I'll certainly look into this! Looking at the City abilities I think Hammerhal might suit this force best as my front line will probably be in my territory holding objectives while the shadow warriors are likely to be in enemy territory. I could possibly use righteous purpose on the shadow warriors through the assassin. Plus with all the extra command points I could keep popping off the new command abilities from GHB19 for rerolls while getting the hit roll bonuses from the general, could maybe swap his trait to blood of the twelves too to give out 12" reroll 1s to wound bubble for melee.
  12. @zilberfrid thanks for your detailed post. This is REALLY helpful! I have the book already but it has been quite overwhelming with where to begin since I am buying every from scratch and not using an existing collection. I had no idea you got spare wizards in that kit, that's really helpful to know as I thought I'd have to buy the mystic battle wizard set. This will save me a lot of money. I plan to run the freeguild general on foot since I have the model so I think I will probably take 10 greatswords, and then maybe 2 units of 10 handgunners if the crossbow sculpts are pretty bad. Are the handgunners just as bad with them being the same kit or? This one thing I definitely want to do, I plan to convert by bits swapping heads, weapons, shields, bodies etc where I can. Similar to Peachy's Hallowguild so that I can make a force that is my own. I may have to buy a few kits over time until I have enough bits to start swapping between a few kits. I may consider buying some second hand models to use the extra arms and bits like you say, that's a great idea. Thanks @Myrdin that's really encouraging to know that different warscrolls can work well without depending all the time on heroes and generals. I don't plan to play in a tournament setting any time soon and mainly just played matched play with friends (we just like using points for balance and structure). A mixed race approach is definitely the way I want to go and what you have said has helped me not to worry as much. I think taking into account what you and @zilberfrid have said I might build up to something like this as my starting force, not sure about what City yet but leaning towards Hammerhal or Tempest's Eye: Allegiance: Cities of SigmarFreeguild General (100)- General- Trait: Acadamae ProdigyAssassin (80)- Artefact: Saint's BladeBattlemage (90)- Spell: Lore of Cinder - Cindercloud (Hammerhal Wizard)- City Role: General's Adjutant (Must be 6 wounds or less)10 x Freeguild Greatswords (160)- City Role: Honoured Retinue (Must be 5-20 models)10 x Freeguild Handgunners (100)10 x Freeguild Handgunners (100)10 x Ironbreakers (130)10 x Shadow Warriors (110)10 x Shadow Warriors (110)Total: 980 / 1000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 0 / 200Wounds: 75 The idea would be the general and battlemage form a front line with the handgunners and ironbreakers acting as a screen, the general and the greatswords would be a countercharge unit. Meanwhile I would use the Shadow warriors to flank/harass and capture objectives where I can, I would have the assassin pop out of one of these units that is attacking or holding an objective to try and do tons of damage using the saint's blade.
  13. Hi all, I received a freeguild general and assassin for Christmas as well as £25 of vouchers to spend. I'm looking to make my first handful of purchases to start building my city and in the wider view I want to run a mixed race city. My thoughts would be having shadow warriors and the assassin to be my aelf contingent, crossbowmen and greatswords and demigryphs to be my human contingent and probably longbeards to be my duardin representation. I like the theme of this but when I study the tome I'm not sure if I am handicapping myself by doing this. Theme wise it looks really fun but rules wise my freeguild general would only help less than half my army. Can anyone offer any guidance or help on how they have made their mixed race cities and what led them to the choices they made? Am I trying to fit too many races in?
  14. Hi all, I'm mainly just fishing for ideas of simple conversions that people have done to give their city a unique flavour. The interwebs was surprisingly scarce of this kind of stuff apart from what Chris Peach and a couple of others have done. So what conversions have people done or any good ideas? Are people just doing head swaps / weapon swaps mainly? To me buying 2-3 kits to convert 1 unit is just too costly so I'm curious to see what people have done, I was thinking about buying the units I want in my army anyway and swapping bits within those kits.
  15. Been lurking for a little bit now in this thread as I'm considering starting a free city. Is there somewhere I can find a good unit by unit breakdown? I've got an idea of a themed force but feeling abit overwhelmed by the battleline choices. Feels like there's a lot of overlap.
  16. Just ordered myself a loonshrine. How do you guys transport yours? Do parts like the cages break off it easily?
  17. Is there any good reasons or thought son taking Squig hoppers over Boingrot Bounderz? I plan on getting the christmas battleforce box to add my budding grot force but I don't plan on running a mono-squigs list. For 10pts less all I can see is they move abit faster and can be battleline, but apart from that the bounderz just seem better in every way.
  18. Physical all the way. There is something special about the colour and artistry that gets lost in the pixels of a digital copy compared to a physical copy. Plus a physical copy just 'feels' better. I also like the non reliance on battery power. I also find it faster once I'm familiar with the book compared to digital.
  19. I work in an industry that is heavily involved in using different types of steel and CNC / precision machining it. I'd be amazed if the top and bottom mold slabs combined cost more than £25-30k MAX. If it's all being done in house with their own labour and machinery and not outsourcing the steel for machining then it's probably lower than that. These cost figures that are been quoted very much depend on whether it is the cost ONLY of the molds themselves or whether it is the broader cost including labour, machining, maintenance, building overheads etc. Personally for me my spending habits have slowed down, I've got plenty of backlog to go at and plenty of painted miniatures to play with. And I've sold off a big ton of miniatures from backlog that are just sitting there. I take a much more disciplined approach now. Also having a display cabinet incentivises me to finish what I have rather than keep buying more.
  20. I'm very much looking forward to battleforce box to expand my 750pts force. At the moment I have 40 stabbas, 20 shoots, a fungoid cave shaman, zarbags gitz and a Loonboss on a Giant Cave Squig. All of those units will synergise with my force perfectly and save me quite abit of money, can't wait!
  21. The Gloomspite Gitz box looks fantastic for me, I need every single one of those units to expand my 750pts army. I worked it out and with the 25% discount I'll be paying £75 and save £45 compared to buying it all separately. Can't wait! Will these boxes comes with some sort of battalion in them btw named after the box? - Caveshroom Loonz
  22. @Bombort @Double Misfire having warm fuzzy sentimental feelings towards dwarves doesn't change a thing. GW simply does. Not. Care. How do you expect us to handle 40% of our faction getting discontinued? It really irks me that people on this forum (not necessarily yourselves) are trying to defend GWs decision to do this as if what they are doing is okay and acceptable. We have been strung along and strung along on a false hope as players, it happened first with the fyreslayers fluff teaser giving us hope for our faction's future. Then with the GHB19 and the copy paste allegiances we were let down but persevered because at least there point changes and an incentive that our faction is still considered and that we are just waiting for our time. Then suddenly the warriors they just did points changes for are discontinued? What If I wanted to buy more warriors from GW in the next year? Oh wait I can't. The way GW have handled this has been nothing short of deceitful. First they said the discontinued units would be a 'handful', is 33 units across order a 'handful'? And they didn't even have the decency or the guts to give us advance warning or any reasons behind their decisions, they just decided to put everything on last chance to buy overnight on a Friday night and send out a crappy email on the Saturday morning with no article or anything to communicate to us. What they should have done is taken notes from the 40k team and revamped the model line like they did with Chaos Space Marines. I think all of us here would have been happy to play warriors, thunderers etc with a new aesthetic and updated warscrolls. None of us would complain about a dwarf refresh. The reality is we have been handed an expiry date of 1 year from now and have gone the way of the TK, Brets, Gitmobs. We are already weak as a faction and this decision to discontinue our warriors who were effective screens, our thunderers and artillery (signature and iconic dwarf units) and our Unforged are the final death bell for us as a faction. They will receive no warscroll updates and will be left behind while the rest of the AoS factions continue to gain more and more abilities on their warscrolls which are high synergistic with their allegiance abilities, battle traits and heroes. I'm not normally a negative poster and you can search my post history to see that, but this one has really got me this time. We should be calling GW out on practices like this. I am already starting to see the cracks in 'new GW', at first WarCom was great but it has slowly become not just a marketing tool but something to caused people to panic buy. And they have done two price increases this year with some units receiving quite disproportionate price increases. I'm sorry but I'm not prepared to spend £200+ on boxes of the more recent dwarves for my faction to continue to be relevant.
  23. Or just sell them and invest elsewhere. That's what I've done. I agree with and totally feel the pain with the others on dispossessed and I'm very disappointed in GW for stringing along us legacy players like this then overnight doing last chance to buy with no warning article or email a day prior. I think I will play middle earth instead for now as at least those models are timeless and always relevant
  24. Yeah I sold mine now and I'm £150 better off. I've got Gloomspite gitz I cn play with, to be honest I've been enjoying the middle earth game a lot more and at least I know those models are timeless.
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