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  1. Ok... To me that is kind of new to all this it would have been nice to have some clear usable rules to get us started, I doubt my wife will trust me to make up my own rules when the official rules are failing...
  2. I'm in the same situation, also bought the Storm Strike box and some extras. I got the Knight Incantor and some nighthaunt heroes from the Soul wars box, but I guess what we should be looking for is some low point cost heroes to make it fun and make all the units useful in skirmish. I'm thinking maybe a Lord Executioner for the nighthaunt. Not sure what to use for a Stormcast hero, probably best to get one of the 100p leaders to leave room for the rest of the units. My wife will be playing the Stormcasts so for her it would be fun to have a female leader, one option could be to get Neave Blacktalon and maybe use her as a regular Knight-Zephyros to save 20 points and not make her too powerful compared to the rest of the units. Another fun thing to do would be to get a Lord-Castellant or Lord-Veritant, preferably a female conversion, but I have a feeling that won't be a cheap option... We could also look outside Stormcast and Nighthaunt for the heroes in Skirmish, I think a Necromancer would be a fitting leader for the nighthaunt but not sure it would be very good with the summoning rules for Skirmish. If we look at all of the Order grand alliance for a leader for the Stormcast there's a lot to choose from, i hope the warscroll builder gets updated for the new skirmish rules soon!
  3. I'll have to look into how to make my own playing mat, but to be honest I'll probably buy one if I can find one that fits my needs. We already started to make some scenery, the kids loved that part. I'm not planning to only play Skirmish, I would like to go on to Path of glory and "real" AoS games when I have enough miniatures for it, but it might take me a year or three to get there (at least if I want everything painted), so 2019 will probably mostly be skirmish (and some Blitz Bowl, which also works fine with the kids). Oh, and I like the Underworld warbands, the one I like the most is the Thorns of the Briar queen, which I think is only available in the main box... but it might be fun to try that game too...
  4. Hullo, Sort of new to measured miniature wargaming here, I used to play Blood Bowl in the 90s and I always wanted to get into "the real thing", so just a few years later... here I am! Got 2 kids aged 8 and 10, so the plan is to mainly play and hobby with the family now. We started out with the Storm Strike box in November then added the Knight Incantor, some more Castigators and Gryph-hounds for the Stormcast, and more Glaivewraiths and some heroes for the Nighthaunt. Played through the introduction battleplans in the Storm Strike book, which I think did an ok job introducing the rules. I then bought the Path to Glory book in December, thinking that might be a good way to play some more and slowly build up towards bigger armies. Looked through the book a bit and realised there's no rules for most of our miniatures in there, and then came the new Skirmish rules in White Dwarf, which might be a better starting point for us? I enjoy painting, but I'm a slow painter and while the kids like to help out, it doesn't really speed things up. So my main plan now is to try to get two small Skirmish Warbands painted! I'm also considering buying a better playing mat (mainly for skirmish) the paper one in the start set is a strange 22" by 43", maybe also buy/make some scenery to put on it... Come to think of it they should really do a new starter set with the new skirmish rules, appropriate miniatures and a better sized playing mat to introduce the game to new players like me.
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