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  1. Oh GW... They don't learn it and we as players keep going on with that dumb powercreep instead of stop buying. Yes, it's to early... But it is pretty obvious that there is a lot off in this new release ruleswise. So sad... I especially dislike the autocast of Teclis. Unfun...
  2. 220 Points? ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†
  3. I know it was rather meant ironically, but for a lot of people this is a fact. With such rules the enjoyment of the game will decrease for many.
  4. Again totally bonkers GW. The rules are nuts!
  5. Absolutely bonkers again... Oh my GW...
  6. I am not sure right now. I like the range but with this low model count I would definitely not start this army as for me this is not enough variation. A Gargant as an ally is smart though. I will definitely buy one or two models.
  7. Nobody wants to talk about that ludicrous "Lightning Reaction"? Baseline Ability?
  8. Wow awesome... What model is it you use for the he Frost Sabre in the Foto above?
  9. See attached... Where do you get the 47% from? I see 66%.
  10. Ahh, you again Tzeentch is stated with a 66% win rate, not 47%. Please read the statistic correctly. Furthermore, 3.22% is quite ok for the metal? They are in the range of armies like Sylvaneth, Nurgle, Overlords, Seraphon, Gitz and Nagash. And besides, the winrate is even more impressive with the rather small amount of players with this army... Again, maybe it is you who have no clue what Slaves actually are, and not the authors (I just recited your words). A lot of people have fun with this army. Who are you and whom do you speak for? I am out of this discussion now (ignore). Good luck.
  11. It is not just one list... Slaves have more tools than a lot of other armies and the latest lists were different from each other's. Of course certain builds are more valid than others, but this is a problem pretty much every faction has. I don't wanted to be disrespectful, I just see a lot of complaints in this thread... Pretty much from two persons The army is quite good and allows a lot of different builds. I just don't understand this negativity. I enjoy this book a lot!
  12. Updated Honest Wargamer stats show a winrate of 50.5% for slaves, which is pretty solid. What do you guys wine about?
  13. That is just wow!!! Speechless.
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