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  1. On mobile there is just the title and no icons!?
  2. Why isn't the new forum directly jumping to the latest unread messages? This is annoying.
  3. There are already cheap starter sets for WHU. The new starter is just weird... Why the toned down rules? It's like playing half a game. And after buying this set you want the full rules and can buy the other full starter set. This is just weird.
  4. To whom should I talk about bad LRL rules than in the LRL thread? I can talk about this with Nurgle guys probably...
  5. I don't know what your post is about. Mine was not a threat or something. I know that this decision won't change anything. It's just that I am getting old... I don't want to spend time on something that is not making fun. And playing against such stupid rules, this includes Idoneth as well, is for me personally not fun. And yes. In the end this could mean that I will sell all my armies and do a different hobby. Something that is less stressful.
  6. For me it is quite simple. AOS is not my life and it is supposed to generate fun and not stress. I just made the decision to refuse to play against LRL and also against Idoneth. And if GW continues to write such bad rules I simply will quit playing overall. This is not a threat. GW will be well without me. I know that. It's just that I don't want to spend time on something that is not fun FOR ME personally. I so enjoy the models... I really love what GW is doing there... But the rules. Oh my.
  7. Guys... Seriously. Severith, a fun model? I Just read the rules and Mlmade the decision to refuse to play against LRL in the future. This is everything but not fun.
  8. Even in the external link the resolution is so poor, i cant read the rules with a little zoom in.
  9. The Resolution is so bad, i cant even read the content. I mean, you put so much effort in writing these and than this Resolution?
  10. Did I understand correctly? Gravelords ist actually Legion of Nagash 2.0? Or what means "Legion of Nagash is included"?
  11. Wow, happy that everyone is excited... BUT besides all that stuff is announced, what can I buy? -->Nothing! 4 BR now announced? Where can I buy one? This is nonsense...
  12. Yep, the actual Warscroll is pretty excellent!
  13. Uhm, nobody wants to talk about that fantastic OBR archer? I imagine a whole AOS unit in a second wave... Awesome:) 😃😃😃
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