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  1. Some Wine? I really like Stormcast and enjoy playing against them.
  2. Thats What i mean. Three individuell trees Count as one Wood. Some said you need at least 3 new boxes (9 trees) to count as 1 Terrain Feature.
  3. Regarding the Wildwood Thing. I understand it totally different. Every new Wildwood consists of 3-6 trees. As the new models can be linked together, and each model consists of 3 trees each, you need 1 to a Maximum of 2 Models as one (1) Terrain Feature. I am pretty sure you can not link 6 new wildwoods into one Terrain Feature. Was too big . Read the original Text again... They clearly talk specifically about single Wood models here. And one new Wildwood is Made of 3 trees or wood Models. Thats why 1 old wood equals 1-2 new woods rulewise. I cant Imagine that you will need at least 3 new full woods in order to count as 1 Terrain Feature. As a result, you would need 12 woods a 40€ each? Wow.......
  4. Thank you all ... I was referring to things like Nurgles Disgustingly Resilient and other similar Rules. So Nummer 2 seems to ne correct.
  5. Hey there, i am really unsure about the order of save after save abilities (e.g. Disgustingly Resilient). What is correct? 1: To Attack, to wound, save, save after save and than damage (e.g. d6) 2: To Attack, to wound, save, damage (e.g. d6), safe after safe I would think 1 ist correct? Thank you very much Roman
  6. The Problem i see is, that this is really turning away poeple from AOS. Competitiv players are a different Thing... They will find a way to deal with new armies or changing metas. However, most Players are casual Players and GW should care more for Playtesting. I know it has been said 100 times before... I am sorry. But if you experience this in your gaming group it becomes real.
  7. A lot of Players in my group (30+) reject to Play against FEC right now, because they are to strong... Note, we are not competitiv and play casual for fun. Have you experienced something similar?
  8. Who is the author of the new FEC Tome? Phil Kelly?
  9. Thanks for the replies. I cant follow the argument though, that because of the limited rooster, the combos, traits and units need to be this uber. There are plenty of armies that are rather limited. I repeat: units with +250 attacks are nonsense... I am Happy that you guys receive new stuff though:)
  10. Sorry Guys ... Sorry GW.... This tome seems utterly broken. These kind of crazy combos proove that there is no internal Playtesting.
  11. Are you Sure? Modifications come last in sequence. You roll 3+ and the effect is not triggered. After that you add the +3 from CA. I dont want to be strange on this one, but is this really legit?
  12. Thank you. How does the +1 to Hit Aura effect the Mortal wound Trigger? I was thinking that the 6+ keeps!?
  13. I dont get it... How did you do that?
  14. I think we are somewhat spoiled... I mean, the Output and Quality right now is insane. Remember the old WHFB time, it was horrible. Now everyone gets just awesome stuff. Love the sylvaneth warband ! Khorne battletome? Why not! I am Happy for them! Endless Prayers? Really looking good. The Future really Looks bright. No, i am Not a fanboy... I am just comparing things to older times and i Just see no reason to mock about anything.
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