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  1. I'm kinda sad that they didn't give the Rogue Idol some rule for adding Waagh points. 3-4 would have been very thematic for the army & lore
  2. You could always just mount the shields to the backs of the models. That way it doesnt matter what weapons they are currently built with.
  3. I saw that. However reserve units were described as "A reserve unit is a unit that is set up in a location other than on the battlefield" in the Designers’ Commentary for the Core Rulebook . The Ardboyz in question would be deployed on the battlefield normally and moved via the Hand of Gork. So that shouldn't stop the deployment clogging.
  4. I had a question regarding the Meeting Engagement Rule set. Is there anything stopping us from using the Hand of Gork spell & a group of 10 ardboyz to clog one of an opponent's deployment area. Therefor denying them part of there army because they cant setup all of their units with the remaining room?
  5. What if they made a "Upgrade Kit" for the Mawkrusha that would give you covers for the feet holes and some plastic basing bits to make the Megaboss easier to run on foot. They could even add some kind of platform so you could add a Warchanter or Weirdnob. Also unrelated question, can you stack multiple Waagh!s from a single MegaBoss if you have the comand points for it?
  6. I'm working on a new Khorne list and had a question about how the Slaves to Darkness models fit into the list structure. If I give them the mark of Khorne then they gain the KHORNE keyword. Does this mean that I could take a Lord of Chaos as my General? Going futher down this murder hole, could I give that Lord an item from the Murderous Arrifacts list? The Blades of Khorne battletome says that to pick from that list you need the KHORNE MORTAL HERO keywords, all of which the Lord has.
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