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  1. If this becomes the future for Stormcasts I would actually enjoy the aesthetic more as I find them a tad plain with only the super holy warriors theme they got going for them now. Breaking up that mono theme with "regular" humans/dwarfs/elves would act as a real nice contrast to them and could make certain aspects of a force easier to distinguish due to them being more unique.
  2. Yes most likely they have new releases ready and waiting in warehouses around the world. The question is how many they have of those or rather for how many weeks would those releases fill? Starting up the factory x of weeks before starting the release of new stuff would give them the opportunity to both resupply their existing products (and that supply is not limitless) and start filling up the queue of new releases. I doubt GW would like to halt their pre-order for a week or two after they have restarted it with big fanfare and has had it going for 1-4 weeks. Overall they have their big logistic net to get going smoothly again (as much as possible) and that ain't accomplished quickly.
  3. I don't see the benefit for GW to announce the starting up of their factory and at the same time start doing the next week shout out for the pre-orders. Not accounting for what GW has stored of upcoming releases, the start up of their factory most likely will hit some snags (hopefully minor) and they likely want their production to be (to a degree) ahead of demand, product launch and resupply. I would think they would like to start up their factory and get it working properly before starting up releasing new stuff.
  4. The problem is that once you think you have decoded what GW will do, what they intend, what they will release or how future miniatures will look then they will absolutely not do just that. They constantly do things that (most) people do not suspect. Lets take Sons of Behemat as an example. Already people have started filling in the huge and gaping blanks of what we don't know about the faction (basically anything beside the name). What´s the odds of anyone doing these speculations being anywhere close to the mark? What I gathered from the Spiky Aelves teaser was that it was a new faction, roughly based on the old High Elf faction and I then assumed that GW would do their usual new iteration of them with a twist. How wild and out there this twist would be was to be determined later...and here we are partway down the stream.
  5. Not to mention that they need to be enough visually different that they are easily distinguishable between each other on the tabletop. Its a fine line to tread on, that varies for everybody. Too much difference and it can get jarring (break immersion), too little difference and people can have issues telling units apart from each other.
  6. These Spirit of the Mountain miniatures sure looks to me to be the fantasy equivalent of the Eldar Wraithknights. Same rough proportions and build. Not to mention it suits elves to take mountain spirits and stuff them into a body that aint built like a mountain and instead be built like a big and tall elf instead with a few pieces added for mountain flavour! 😆
  7. That sure seems like the more likely answer, although it's the more boring alternative! 😁
  8. Going back and reading the blurb in the Coming Soon article about S2D Start Collecting kit got me wondering after comparing it to the provided image of the box. The 9 Chaos Warriors are there in the image, so is the Champion, the 5 knights are there and so is the Chaos Lord mounted on the lizard, apparently a Karkadrak...but what is the Chaos beast we´ve never seen before? Am I to literal in reading the blurb? Is the end part of the sentence meant to for the Karkadrak? 🤔
  9. I actually rather keep on being sceptical and keep an open mind until I actually get access to information (leaks or official) as the game development goes on. I never have been keen on hyping stuff up on small teased stuff and build air castles out of it. If you go back and read what I wrote you´ll see that I didn't say that square bases wont be used. I only said that they where used in the announce promotion and then asked questions on how they´ll be used in the game. There´s quite a bit of possible ways that GW can go with how they utilize bases in a game that lies years ahead. But as you said whatever floats your boat I guess.
  10. So...? How does it tell us how square bases will be used? Will all miniatures use them? Will they instead be square trays with inserts for round bases? Does only infantry blocks use them? Where it only used as that was a very visual and remembered difference from AOS? The answer to all that is that we don´t really know. It was only used in the promotion video for the announcement of a game that is years and years away. It can be a hint of things to come (bases) to be used but also as a tool for nostalgia and a pure marketing strategy. Until we actually get more information I´d say we don´t actually know anything besides the game is supposed to be based in the Old World and that´s it!
  11. With a bit of thinking and fun assumptions this is how I would introduce a game based in the Old World. I would avoid building directly on WHFB as there are so many potential pitfalls dotted around it. Expectations, insane hype, "you're not doing it as I want it" and so such. Trying to live up to nostalgia is often an impossible task. Just look at the overall reaction from this very much vague announcement that had no actual information in it. It has been everything from "something new! Yay!", to "Yes! Old WHFB has risen from the dead!" and even "This will ruin what I prefer". Instead I would create a "new" game system, that would take inspiration from both WHFB and AOS, while keeping it as distinct from AOS as possible. Take the things people in general enjoyed about the Old World and spin up something fresh out of it with todays eyes. Not to mention they are hinting that it's a Forge World system so not a "main" game, rather a Specialist one. Say make it more finicky, higher skill level and complex overall. The use of formations, flanking and facing would most likely be a good start for that. Then I would not release an overall rulebook that contained rules for every old faction from WHFB, I would rather do as with Necromunda and release rule books for each (faction) release wave. Also to increase the changes of new players starting, either from AOS or fresh, I would reduce the size of the optimal game size. The players with bigger existing armies that are compatible would be able to scale up the games/rules if they so desired. On top of that I wouldn't mass release all the old sculpts at all, instead I would let new sculpts and (old fan favourite) factions get released more slowly as the game evolves. This to encourage the sale of new miniature models over already bought ones from years ago, not to mention keep them in same scale as AOS to have some cross-pollination between the game systems. Of course it would only be beneficial to allow old models be used but at the same time keep them sub-optimal in a creative way because revenue is king. GW is a company that sells miniatures after all! Say launch the game with a box-set with 2 factions, something something human vs something something chaos. Slowly expand those to ranges for a time period and then move on to another box-set with 2 other factions, dwarves/elves/orcs/skaven... Lastly I would keep the visual styles of the miniature ranges between this Old World game and AOS distinctly different. Give the high fantasy and weird/over the top things to AOS while keeping it more mundane and low fantasy for the Old World.
  12. ...or perhaps they'll get their time to shine in the newly announced Old World game?
  13. From my point of view we only know two things; 1) GW has announced that they have started development of a new game set in the Old World. 2) They stopped supporting WHFB and replaced it with AOS. From a few posters here we can easily gather that it was hard to get new players and a mess rule wise. So from these two points it seems to me pretty logical that this new game set in the Old World won't be WHFB reincarnated. It will rather be it's own beast. Now granted it can (even be very likely) contain rank and file formations with flank attacks and such but if we look at GW:s other newer game launches it will have way more streamlined rules and accessibility to more easily draw in new(er) players. On top of that they very much like to have miniature kits to be usable in different games. Just look at 30k vs 40k, underworlds and Warcry. This could easily reinvigorate certain classic old miniature ranges of AOS, like beastmen, skaven, COS and the like. They also won't want to cannibalize their AOS player base so they most likely are going to differentiate this new game enough from AOS gameplay wise that they cater to different tastes. Why neuter their most successfully fantasy game as they call AOS in their announcement? Not to mention that after GW dropped WHFB the fanbase created their own edition, 9th age I think it's called, and other companies has tried to fill up that market to. How would GW take back the "ownership" of WHFB in the fans minds? Especially now that it has been allowed to live it's own life a few years with the players getting used to and comfortable doing whatever they want. In short it most likely won't be a reincarnation of WHFB, if it's a successor it likely is heavily streamlined and changed enough to stand on it's own legs. Also GW is likely looking into diversifying it's range to increase the potential income rather than neutering AOS.
  14. True but we have no idea on how this reincarnation of the Old World will play out, which scale, gameplay or anything else really. So I would suggest caution in hoping for things and keep your expectations low, while keeping hope for the best.
  15. I hope that they keep this transparency up and continue giving us information as the development progress of this project goes on.
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