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  1. I think that the issue with Nagash is his supposed power level and what limitations are set upon him. He is supposed to be this super powerful Death god that eats other death gods for breakfast while walking the realms doing his business, yet the other (mortal) gods need to be able to confront him as what would otherwise be able to halt him from achieving his goals? To me it seems that the only beings within the setting that are stronger are the chaos gods and those have some rather harsh limitations set upon them to not wreck havoc on the setting and ending it. So if Nagash is suppo
  2. Have Bonesplitterz been mentioned anywhere in fiction/lore of joining Gordrakks big destruction army?
  3. Here´s a left turn what if Kragnos is connected with the Silent People? They´re gone and are technically under a mountain.🤔
  4. To me that sounds like a great starting point of a new destruction faction. A mix of goblins, orks and perhaps trolls, the only thing missing is the pitch/angle to make them stand out in the faction crowd of AoS. Basically destructions take on Cities of Sigmar! 😃
  5. Yeah factions should only be merged together if it makes sense for both of them and it makes the whole better then apart. For Warclans, Skaven (they did technically get merged once again), Beasts of Chaos, Mawtribes and Cities of Sigmar it actually creates more opportunities from my point of view, while still maintaining most of the old unique and interesting stuff from them. It´s a risky avenue to pursue though as you never really know how fans of the faction(s) will react to it. We are all attached to our favourites by sometimes the strangest things and aspects! 😄 That trollslay
  6. While joining these 3 factions together would be technically possible it would be like combining lumineth, idoneth and the remaining aelves of CoS into a single faction. Possible but wasting a lot of potential and cluttering it up, not to mention risking major negative reactions from the factions fans. Here's my detailed thoughts on existing dwarven/duardin factions in AOS. Kharadron has no need to be merged with any other faction as they have a great theme that can be expanded into several directions of so desired. Dispossessed as it stands are not in a bad position wi
  7. From looking at the pattern that GW has been working towards during this edition it seems that factions has been steadily moved towards where they are set up to have an easy way to get the chamber/temple treatment that Stormcasts and Lumineth has recieved. Factions are in general moved away from being a very specific path within an overall theme and are instead a part of a greater theme ripe for exploring. So if a specific faction is "narrow" in theme as it stands I wouldn't be surprised if said faction either will get merged with another related faction or be "widened" by adding focus of
  8. I don't see how game rules/keywords would necessarily impact actual lore and therefore potential future releases. Just change the keywords in a new tome or generals handbook and that issue is fixed. Wouldn't be the first time it happened.
  9. More kits to such a small range at the cost of one kit that stands out visually from the rest is definitely something I wouldn't be against. That would really move Ironjawz more into an elite theme as a faction/force. Aye the Ardboys kit have aged well and could easily be expanded upon if wanted. My only "gripe" is that while it makes sense going from sensible ardboys orruks to crazy bonseplitterz, it doesn't so much from Ardboys to Ironjawz in my opinion. Why would the basic unit have better gear then the more elite unit, to me there is lacking a sense of progression that makes sense.
  10. What I generally want to see for 3.0 is mainly the expanding and refreshment of existing armies. Be prepared for lots of text! 😀 Skaven and Seraphon are two given factions with old models that has the potential to look epic with new and modern sculpts. Who doesn't love sentient lizard-people riding dinosaurs as a concept? Ive been so close to backing projects on kickstarter that had this theme! Skaven with their madcap science, ninja assassins and total disregard for each other would also be hard to resist! Dwarves (in general) are another bunch that sorely needs some sup
  11. I just want GW to make something drastic with the Ardboys kit! As it it there is a distinct visual difference between the Ardboys and the rest of the Ironjawz range. Unless the paint scheme does a superb job tying them with the rest of the Ironjawz kits they stand out a sore thumb to me. They lack the visual cues that otherwise distinguishes Ironjawz from other factions. Beat up and uneven armour with scratches and bolted on armour pieces here and there. Rough, haphazard and makeshift weapons that strangely looks sturdy and nasty at the same time. Surprisingly showing lo
  12. That would truly be a fitting end for any orruk. Dying in joyful combat by the biggest, baddest and dangerous foe possible would most likely be the dream scenario for orruks, perhaps only be rivaled by bringing the foe down with them.
  13. I would want a trio of Ironjawz Brutes that is riding on the back of a juvenile Maw-krusha! One is doing it's best at steering the obstinate beast (with not much luck), the second is hanging low on a side while swinging at anyone getting close and the third is having a grand time chucking spears/javelins towards anything that moves.
  14. Wouldn't that be solved by giving this third potential faction both the ironjawz and bonesplitterz keyword? Granted I'm a collector and not a gamer so I'm totally out of the loop when it comes to rules but your criticism seems to be about how the current rules (and tome) is written. Making the third potential faction fully integrated (ruleswise) wouldn't that solve it? Any case all of this is pure speculation and wishlisting so no one beside GW knows how it'll go.
  15. While I would love a big expansion of the Ironjawz ( and a redone Bonesplitterz) I wouldn't be surprised if GW would continue with the Orruk Warclans setup they have by launching "basic" orruks. These orruks could that take enough visually design hints from both Ironjawz and Bonesplitterz to tie them all better together while diversifying the range. The path forwards for orruks are decided by if they are kept united in a tome or if they'll get split up again. Either way (as I see it) will reflect on how them all, a subfaction or a specific theme is brought forwards as the future.
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