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  1. Because we don’t really need a new edition. That’s GW’s 40K new edition advertising making you squirm. Be better, break the cycle.
  2. Call me pessimistic, but I have little faith that an Annual GW Fluff Book would be anything less than 90% copy-paste from the previous year’s edition/battletomes, and another 8% of that is just new pictures. Give me a Wrath of the Everchosem/Godbeasts style book on a biannual basis.
  3. Wishlist: 1. All monsters currently under 250/300 points; Double their health, damage, give +1 to hit on each attack and increase their points by 100. 2. Make Path to Glory a serious Campaign format with a few additions: a.) Provide small/medium armies (Fyreslayers for sure, but Sylvaneth size and/or fewer units) a proper ally chart to roll on. b.) Unit Advancement/Injury Table. 3. General’s Handbook/Chapter Approved: Update rules for armies that aren’t getting a book anytime soon that are not competitive (Sylvaneth, Beasts, Gloomspite), or missing fluffy bits (The Syll’Esske Subfaction is a perfect example). 4. Introduce a tournament season/points rotation. Don’t update points outside of these times, and do a better job of getting the points right with each update. 5. Individual Army Changes to shoot for within a year/two: Stormcast: Internal Balance to give everything a profile that make them worth their points (Liberators should be back up to 5 at 100 points). Allow them to take everyone Order as allies, but drop them from being an Ally for everything in Order (replace these allegiances with unique Battalions instead). Fyreslayers: Make a unit out of Molten Infernoth and add a unit of mini-Magmadroth Riders. Sylvaneth: Make the Wildwood a pre-deployment drop, anywhere that has at least one tree while within player’s territory. Make Treelords count as wildwoods, make Alarielle great again. Daughters: Fix the Sub-factions. Seraphon: Give us a plastic Slann model or boot it from the faction. Make Lord Kroak properly pointed. Idoneth: Nerf Eels, Buff Everything Else. Cities: Cities II Electric Boogaloo Nighthaunt: Rework the faction abilities, Female NH subfaction/battalion (Anything Banshee, Harridan, and Olynder) Legions of Nagash: Proper army redo from updated models up, or can the whole thing. Bonereapers: Give Petrifex back the +1 to save, remove the rend. Ogor Mawtribes: Buff Gutbusters, points adjustments on Beastclaw. Gloomspite: Make bigger things a little better, better moon abilities. Tzeentch: Nerf Subfactions, points up on Horrors, make everything else a little better. Khorne: Should play as push-forward as Ironjawz. Nurgle: Bin the metal/resin heroes, give the buffs to the other plastic heroes that are ******, make the Maggoth Riders good and/or change statblock to a non-unique hero with weapon options (or both), make Beasts better, Make Blightlords Min 1. Slaves to Darkness: Make Marauders less good or give them sculpt updates. Make a new Tzeentch Mark. Beasts of Chaos: If you do #1 above, it’s fine. If you don’t, do it for this army alone. Everything else is fine enough.
  4. There are probably a few things missing from GW's terrain line, but the biggest has to be actual an living cityscape. Ruins are okay, although I never feel like the one kit is enough, nor is there enough interesting 2nd and third story terrain. The Warcry Starter set was as close as they've gotten, but I never got the feeling like anyone currently lived in those buildings. The Industrial and Necromunda/Zone Mortalis scenery checks every box but the big one; it isn't something that makes sense for AoS. I mean, who doesn't want to fight a inner city battle between the City's Guard and Stormcast stationed there, the Fyreslayers whom they paid as mercs, the Cult of Disciples trying to rise up, the undead raised by a Necromancer, the Ironjawz trying to siege the city gates, and the Skaven that tunneled into the city on a whim.
  5. Fairbanks


    That's crisp. Love the scheme.
  6. Cities and Disciples Everything is up now. The point changes you heard are so far are true. Gaunt Summoner now summons only 5 Horrors. Petrifex Elite TYFYS
  7. Our store started an Escalation League pre-Covid that started at 150 points and added that amount with each week. At the 150 points level (which as our store is full of newer players, immediately got cheesed to allowing a 160 or 170 point unit), some things were more devastating than others (Eels and Gore-Gruntas often got a game-winning turn 1/2 charge that ended the game). But it was good to learn the rules and get the smash the armies together thing out of the way. We didn't require leaders, nor did we play with Allegiance Abilities. At 300, most players opted to add a leader (except the Ogor/BCR player, who just added more Mournfangs). This was a better format and people started toying with the unit/leader interactions. It was also a good way to escalate the rules learning experience (as the learning that comes with the Hero phase is introduced) Then Covid hit. Most players were looking to add a second unit/leader just to test more interactions (instead of adding more dudes to the existing unit)
  8. And now I’m genuinely curious as to what happens when you do put a painted model in bleach. It shouldn’t harm plastic at all. Some metals would oxidize, and I have no idea on what the paints would do.
  9. You know what, I still haven’t done enough justice to the rule system. The four page rules + GHB were so good, they turned 40K into it.
  10. You know what, I still haven’t done enough justice to the rule system. The four page rules + GHB were so good, they turned 40K into it.
  11. Gamewise it blows WFB out of the water. The old rules were so clunky and bloated that it took 3+ hours to play a big game even with veteran players. Lorewise it doesn’t have near the detail yet, but it’s still only five years old. Helpful entirely that if I want my old world fix, Blood Bowl II and Total War Warhammer are there for the PC.
  12. It’s cute you think they’d use actual conversion rates, and not the ones they use for product.
  13. Can you make another thread? I’d love to comment on something like this, but the Rumor Thread isn’t really the place. Not to mention this Thread is already long enough. In all seriousness, why don’t we have a Rumor Mill Thread Category?
  14. Just build it and ask your opponent if it’s okay to use it.
  15. I give it a good year for 3.0. Gotta let 40K have it’s sunlight.
  16. Sure. How will GW push diversity in AoS? Probably make more Space Marines. I mean way more Stormcast. Yea, more than anyone actually wants. Those always sell and everyone loves them. If the goal here is to get a more diverse player base, here’s the real answers: 1. Don’t push diversity. This one is reverse psychology, but when you say “We want to be a more diverse group of people” you also say “we don’t like the people we have right now, so we want y’all gone” 2. Bring balance to armies, or as close as you can. There’s that one person who got drawn in by BoC. He never has a chance to win and he’s going to quit after the third or fourth game. Give them a chance to win. 3. Make this game easier to get into. Having the Warhammer store move into the area multiplied the number of games of AoS I got in last year tenfold. And that’s with an FLGS that got frequented (Nobody actually liked hanging out there due to the smells and Magic players). Having lower prices so people can get into the hobby ($90 for a start collecting/start here set OR $50 for five dudes are ridiculous prices and it doesn’t even cover everything). Contrast paints and push to fit models have been wonderful for this. Too bad this whole post is so deep in the thread that no one will notice.
  17. They jump started the 40K car with all the 9th edition stuff, so it's going to get 100% of the attention. On the one hand, I'm sad because that means AoS is left behind again (and in truth, that's part of what killed WFB). On the other hand, no new product means I get to catch up on buying/building everything that's been sitting in my closet.
  18. If I had a dollar for every time somebody walked into the Warhammer store, looked at everything in there, picked up a box or two, turned it over to see the price, put it back, and left, I'd be able to afford a Warlord Titan. Here, everybody feel better and have a picture of puppies.
  19. Guns are amazing neutralizer of gender disparity. I know plenty of women twice my size who I could still beat in a fistfight, but could easily hit the mark on targets twice as far as I can.
  20. Inb4 mods get mad that someone criticized GW and anchor this thread. First and most importantly, a scathing critique of your post: 1. No one over the age of 10 builds hype for McDonalds. 2. Their burgers are sub-par at best. 3. Their breakfast on the other hand is the best fast food breakfast you can get, but when the virus hit, they ended all-day service for it. The real problem with the GHB is that it really had a few things going for it that were necessary: -Open Play Game Modes -Stuff for fluff players -Rules Pack for tournaments -Points Updates -Allegiance Abilities The Open Play and Stuff for Fluff sections are good but can be lacking. The problem is that we only ever need these once or are considered such low priority to everyone that they rarely get updated or expanded upon. I remember having GHB18 and 19 with me, and we wanted to play a multiplayer game, but neither of those had the rules. The rules pack gets the most looked at and usually has a few changes. The biggest change last year was Meeting Engagements, which feel like beta rules for a 1000 point format that needs a lot more playtesting. Every army has a book now, so there shouldn't be a need for an Allegiance Abilities section. I think most of us would like to see this turn into a "Warscroll/Ability Update" section to balance certain things that can't be fixed via points adjustments alone. A lot of armies got updates via FAQ, and those changes (especially big ones like to Slaanesh) should be addressed in a paper book if we are going to keep using this old world technology. That then gets us to points. Oh boy the Points Discussion. I will put my opinion bluntly: GW are incapable of adjusting points. Put aside the usual debates of whether they live in a bubble of their own, or don't look at tournament stats, or don't listen to community feedback, or have a driving agenda to undercost some units to drive sales. None of those can be deciphered. What can be proven is that books that came out in October of last year (8-9 months away) have come out too soon for sufficient evaluation and adjustments to make it into the printed copy. That should be more than enough for them to release points adjustments outside from the GHB. Combine with the fact that the AoS App has point values (even if it needs an update to refit everything into appropriate armies), and I mostly don't need the GHB anymore. I think it's time they took it in a new direction and used it as an annual rules update for every faction.
  21. I could be wrong, but I don’t believe it did. You may be thinking of December’s FAQs. The final print was probably due to the printer sometime after December (I believe a number of points adjustments made for the FAQ made it into this book, where it says there are changes, but there aren’t any). But it would also be before February, since you should have seen something after OBR and DOT ruled over LVO and CanCon metas. In the end, this is really just building a case for the fact that we need points adjustments outside of the once yearly GHB.
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