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  1. I don't want to sound too insulting for all the work you've probably done as a TO. Only a little This whole comment makes you sound bitter and jaded. It's a compliment. Take the gaddumb complement. Don't assume they thought your comb-over is creepy and disrespected everything else you did because they didn't say anything about it. They had fun and they'll probably be back. My obligation is the entry fee(s), following the tournament rules, being a civilized human being, and keeping myself alive. I have no other responsibilities beyond that. It is literally no concern of mine, nor of anyone else's, despite what the Twitter-stasi would have you believe (They are seriously terrible people. Get off that platform). If you make hundreds-thousands on it, good on you. If you have to reverse mortgage your house to do it, I personally think you're making a mistake, but I'm not gonna stop you. The biggest concern is whether I think I'm getting my money's worth to play at the tournament. $20 entry fee, I'd assume 2D terrain (a la warmahordes). $250, and you better be paying my hotel room (not sure if custom for tournaments, but if using a hotel conference room, you can usually book a block of rooms for visitors so they can make their own arrangements at a slightly discount rate, which I would assume the tournament would offer because there's no charge outside of calling to tell them to close the block a month before). I don't need food if there's a Subway in the same shopping center or across the street, but would expect a catering truck outside if the nearest restaurant is 10+ minutes away and we have five minutes between rounds. By the way, whatever catering you hire is probably operating on extreme profit margins as well. I don't know why you have a cost spot for tables and chairs, because that should be something your venue should have bundled in the rental cost. Maybe I'm wrong, but I just get this feeling that you're working harder, when you should also be working smarter.
  2. My guess is that GW Legal hired a new person and someone just told them to send a YouTuber an NDA, and they sent the New Employee NDA instead of the YouTuber NDA.
  3. My measure of “good model” comes down to “Can I use plastic cement, or do I have to use superglue?” I hate superglue.
  4. Hobgrots are in the Starter Boxes. No sight of Boltboyz. As much as everyone is ragging you, because buying multiples is the way of life, this is correct in regards to Dominion. They didn't expect you to buy multiples of Dominion, because they expected it to have sold out already.
  5. I was noticing the pumpjacks, thinking that's probably how they recover it. If you're wondering how, some producers do this with Oil Shale.
  6. What's going on with the pumpjacks in the video? No seriously, I live by and watch the real life things all the time. Why is the entire wellhead moving up and down with the polish rod? Where's the ground lines to transport the production? If there's an abundance of production, why haven't we moved to ESPs? Is this a BP operation? Those people ****** up everything.
  7. Okay I guess. But shouldn't this mean an expansion of this thread?
  8. Gonna be honest, most of the aspects I would have gotten Azyr for could have been done with a pencil and piece of paper. The convenience isn't lost on,me, but that would be $20-30 I could have put toward paint.
  9. That's annoying and disappointing. The free warscrolls was a major factor in hooking new players during teaching games. Not only were the warscrolls free on the AoS App, but the Allegiance Abilities, Relics, etc were out of the way, which makes trying to teach those along with everything else simply divorced. I could teach without the Sword of Damocles that there was even more stuff to learn beyond the first game, that could come after they were comfortable with the Core Phases.
  10. Prime the model in a color close to what you want. Apply a Drybrush of a lighter version of the color you want. Hit with correct Wash. You made it to three color standard, congrats. The entire purpose for three color standard is so that tournaments played in public can attract passers-by to the game. It's the wargaming equivalent of taking a shower, getting a shave, and putting on a nice shirt before a date. You don't have to wear a tux and wax every scrap of hair off your body, you just have to give a good impression. Tournaments can demand three color, because if you're going to take time to travel to them and (likely) spend money to go, three-colors is a minuscule entry fee. For stores offering local play, they should encourage customers to paint their army to help bring in customers, but establishing that as a rule will probably lead to no new customers coming. It's not Gatekeeping though. It's Shaming. Nobody will aggressively slap your models off the table and tell you to get out until it's painted. Someone will 100% tell you you should finish painting your models, and give you disappointed looks when you say you don't have any time.
  11. I don't some people comprehend what they are asking for. Do you need constant updates to your battletome every time another army gets a Battletome? Do you want minutia changes on a weekly basis to try and "balance" the meta? Because I don't want to live in that world, and neither do you. It works fine for online games where they get a thousand games in a week and can make a change from 150 damage to 140 damage because such and such is a little too good. But in this game, where we get one game a week if we're lucky, we don't need our rules changed monthly. This is a major problem that Warmahordes had two years ago and it really just messed with new and returning players. A paper book is fine, especially for a game we don't entirely play online with no real models.
  12. Can't wait for this thread to turn into another 72,000 post off-topic thread. Why do we have a whole forum again?
  13. Based on the size of the Stormcast, I'd say it's roughly Celannar sized, maybe a little bigger. Wingspan aside, that seems small. Love them, I'm just disappointed it's Stormcast. They would be so much cooler as their own army in Destruction.
  14. That Griffith is very nice. Reminds me that we used to have an AoS28 thread around here.
  15. I'd shame you for stickying this, but mods are gods (and I'm a sucker for Tale of Warlords stuff). All hail our mod overlords. ETA: Still begging for a Rumo(u)r Sub-Forum so we can get social interaction out of the one rumor thread that might be helpful and into the rest of the general discussion.
  16. For those who don't know, here's what actually happens in civil lawsuits: 1. Plaintiff sues Defendant. Defendant lawyers up (Plaintiff already has one). 2. Side that is most likely in the wrong has two options: a) Admit guilt and try to settle ASAP. b) Spend money until the other side runs out of money/patience and decides to settle out of court. Alfabusa has two major issues: 1. He straight up started with GW art in several of the animations. The Emperor is a big one. Kitten, and any other number of models are probably also major uses. If they were drawn from scratch/memory by a staff artist it probably flies without issue. But I don't think that was what was done, so it probably violates both spirit and letter of the law. This can, however be put to the side-burner from GW's perspective. 2. His content is such parody that it is insulting to GW, so they probably frown upon it being used in any official capacity. You can look at The Simpsons or Family Guy poking fun at Fox in one-off jokes as examples that hit an issue but don't go too far as to damage the company. TTS on the other hand takes a pretty massive dump on 40K as a setting. This is why TTS will probably get a C&D Letter instead of an Offer-That-You-Can't-Refuse. Personally, I hate think all of this is stupid because free-advertising probably brings in more money than self-contained profit. There's a lot GW do that is stupid though (Try cutting the MSRP on your models by 15%, ya nerds).
  17. Yea, I got nothing but speculation here. I could really see the Cursed City debacle outraging a lot of the new casual fans who just joined, and were hung out to dry. On the one hand, I think it's one of the worst decisions they made as a company. On the other, I think they had actually made enough Indomitus boxes in the first place, didn't realize it until after GW stores sent their product back, and supply chain has pretty much told them to never do Made to Order again. I used to think the belief that there were scalpers buying everything for 40K was just some internet boogeyman, but considering how Beast Snaggas went, maybe they do exist. Or GW made a depressingly tiny amount of product. If it's the latter, that's a shame. There's an online belief that people buy one army and stick with only one army. But I think a majority of sales GW sees are from these multi-boxes, because there's a collection of people who want to own every army, and those people buy these boxes because it's the only discount you can receive (would be nice if I can buy them from anywhere but direct, because I'd kill for an additional 15% off). Will also bring up that this set of Stormcast (while nice) strike too close to being a redesign of the original Stormcast (and the Sacrosanct), so I can just use them as a proxy of the new stuff. Goobertown's latest video reviewing Kruelboyz may point out why no one likes the other half; It's missing the goofy/insane greenskin lore. They're too angry. Dunno, I like them.
  18. From the one solo game I experienced I don't like it as much as 2nd Edition, and I'm pretty sure the reason I really liked my game was how often the turns tabled in likely ending. It's GW Rules Bloat 101 - Complicating, Unnecessary, and I'm spending more time in the rulebook making sure I didn't miss something than I am looking at the table. I think AoS 1.0 with it's mantra of "All units function the same; Rules on Warscrolls Make the Difference", was less complex. Adding a small layer of customization before 2.0 didn't feel complex, and 2.0 expanded on it slightly and dragged it each army. The back half of 2.0 was complex in that everything was just spread out, putting little rules into different books which required gathering into one spot. 3.0 really dropped the "All units function the same" mantra. This was the biggest part of what I hated about 40K 3rd-7th Edition: Separate rules for BIkes, Jetpack, Jump Pack Infantry, Transports, Vehicles, Aircraft, etc. I'm disappointed that we now have the same thing for Monsters, Priests, Wizards, and Heroes (Would not surprise me if Elite and Cavalry had also been floated). Core Battalions are just another example. Command Points too, with six different points of the game they can be used in and each with restrictions on where/when they can be used.
  19. I was placed at 3000 in queue at 12 CDT I got it the Thursday after release day. It wasn’t shipped until Friday before the official release date. There were plenty at the local GW (that got it before launch day)
  20. Or just listen to any of the lore reviewers. 2+Tough on YouTube did a great job covering most of the highlights
  21. Ignoring what is probably off-topic chat: Here's my two cents based on something I learned from my local Warhammer store manager about how Indomitus went. What I knew back then: Indomitus sold out online in the first 15 minutes or so. My local store had 12 boxes left over and openly admitted he had pre-ordered too many (I bought one out of sympathy) What I learned this weekend: He ordered 50 and sold 38. I'd complain about him pulling my heartstrings, but the box currently goes for $240 now, so I can offload it for even price (thanks for enforcing taxes, Internet). I preordered Dominion online this time, and he's only getting 12 boxes (which I'll probably pick up one if available and I want more Kruelboyz). When I entered the queue at the initial opening with everyone else I was #2811; Expected to arrive at 12:19 (CST), but actually arrived between 12:08 and 12:09. I didn't hear what happened with Indomitus Made to Orders. If I had to guess, not that many new boxes had to be made because they just recalled unsold boxes from their stores and had more than enough. P.S. I will mention that the reason I got Cursed City was because the store manager had mentioned CC sold out and I should probably ask it set aside. I sincerely believe that GW knew they weren't going to restock it, and gave managers the heads-up notification on prerelease weekend.
  22. I like the idea going for #2, but I have a better suggestion: For a 2000 point game, the closest to losing 1800 points, without going over. Ideally, the more you lose, the more the higher ups are to see your point of view, but lose too many and they lose confidence you can win the campaign.
  23. Usually I'm the forum guy to just post sarcastic goodbye gifs whenever someone decides to take their toys and go home. But I feel a lot of the same sentiments and thought I'd reply with unsolicited advice typing thoughtlessly into the void. Yea I got those vibes for 3.0 too, that zeitgeist saying "There is no more time for 1st and 2nd Edition fun. This is serious competitive 3.0 time, y'all*". Maybe it's why I prefer playing alone, where if I ****** up a rule I can just let it fly. The Coherency Rules just get me. It shouldn't be something that does because they make sense, but I just know some people, if not myself, then new people, are about to walk headfirst into being the victim of the 2018 LVO Controversy. I'll start with the basic self-help: Get off social media. Social media is basically a soapbox for anyone to air their grievances to the world. When it's not just ignored, aired grievances usually just makes whomever hears them feel worse (either agreeing about the 'state of things' or disagreeing and starting the stressful act of 'Let me tell you why you're wrong.") Second piece of advice, stop retooling your army. Some good models become must takes, and some become inefficient point whirlpools. Build the army YOU want and then mold it to fit the rules. If you've done it right from the beginning, you should be dropping models/units instead of getting new ones. Third point: Take some time away, at least until you find that spark again. I started with a pledge to build all the boxes I had and that went out the window in March. I only just got back on in May and I had to sink to the lowest point (Trying something new modelwise and the plastic models I glued with plastic glue just fell apart in my hand halfway through painting) Maybe check out a few PLOGs, see what everyone else is doing. I'd say follow people on Twitter/Instagram, but sometimes people use that for their own political opinions and that's what we're trying to avoid. Stick with here. Hope to see you back on the Hobby Train again! *Author's Note: Canadians and Yoopers please substitute in "Eh" in place of "y'all" in order to make this sentence better translate to your regional dialect.
  24. That should be perfectly fine. You might get questioned if you said they were Spite-Revs (since it’s armed).
  25. Battletome Additionals (Omits Warscroll Updates due to being free on website, and Battalions, which are gone): StD, Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle, and Slaanesh in Wrath of the Everchosen Cities, SCE, IDK and StD in BR:Morathi Cities in BR:Teclis Legion of the First Prince (GA: Chaos), Nighthaunt, KO, and Seraphon in BR:Be’Lakor GSG, Cities, Skaven, and BoC in BR:Kragnos Whatever Dominion has.
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