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  1. I will hopefully paint at least a grey seer for my Skaven. The rest of my hobby time I should better use for building more more ratmen 😄
  2. As already mentioned at an other place, I recently finished my first 20 clanrats. The one thing I changed compared to the testmodell is the colour of the bases, which now are a bit darker in order to have more contrast to the skin and fur. So here are the pictures. I hope you like them.
  3. I really finished them in a quite good time. So here are my first 20 clanrats. I hope you like them.
  4. My plan for june is to paint lot‘s of clanrats. At least 10, but I hope for 20. 😇
  5. Thanks. 😊 Today I also have a first little update. I finished one clanrat as tester for a colour sheme:
  6. Hello everybody, I started a new project last month and I thought this could be a good reason for starting a new topic. 😊 So here are the first steps of my slowly growing skaven horde. I Hope you like them: First my Clawlord and then my version of the screaming bell.
  7. Hi, as I also just recently started collecting some Skaven, I really enjoyed watching yours. You did a great job here. They look perfectly nasty and „grim dark“.
  8. Somehow I have been fast this month. But for sure I won‘t stop painting. Next goal is now a test clanrat as preparation for the horde of ratman jet to come. And now, here is my ambitious warlord, ready to conquer the realms. 😊 I hope, you like him.
  9. Very creative idea. I think, till today I haven‘t seen any zebras in a warhammer context. 👍 And they are looking really good. Especially together with the also colourful cloaks from the riders.
  10. I try to finish a Skaven warlord I started painting some days ago.
  11. 😄 Well ahem, yes this button will switch of my painting light. It is better than nothing for a quick handy photo.
  12. Well, I somehow didn‘t place a pledge this month. As I nevertheless managed to finish painting something, I thought to share a photo with you 😊 So here is my version of the Corvus Cabal for Warcry and AoS. I hope you like them.
  13. Well, this month the plan is to paint the Demon Herald from the start collecting box. I need more heroes, or as my son says villains. 😄
  14. Well, as things go, this February has 29 days, which helps me completing my self set task in the very last minute 😄 so here are my Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch fresh from the painting table. I hope you like them.
  15. Huh this one is really impressive. I am looking at it now for a longer time, so it seems appropriate to leave a comment for me. 😊Your paintjob is very good and clean up to even small details. The choice of colours together with the base fits very well. So in the end you created an outstanding diorama full of atmosphere and character.
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