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  1. Today I have some Ninja ratmen. As I had no more patience to continue building Stormvermin and Clanrats, I instead painted a small unit of gutter runners. So here they are, I hope you like them. 😊
  2. Thanks 😊 And yes I really love some of the classic miniatures. They are often full of character and details.
  3. It seems there is another month gone and I am lucky to have finished another ratman. This time it is a grey seer on foot. Good old metal mini 😇 so here he is, I hope you like him...
  4. I will hopefully paint at least a grey seer for my Skaven. The rest of my hobby time I should better use for building more more ratmen 😄
  5. As already mentioned at an other place, I recently finished my first 20 clanrats. The one thing I changed compared to the testmodell is the colour of the bases, which now are a bit darker in order to have more contrast to the skin and fur. So here are the pictures. I hope you like them.
  6. I really finished them in a quite good time. So here are my first 20 clanrats. I hope you like them.
  7. My plan for june is to paint lot‘s of clanrats. At least 10, but I hope for 20. 😇
  8. Thanks. 😊 Today I also have a first little update. I finished one clanrat as tester for a colour sheme:
  9. Hello everybody, I started a new project last month and I thought this could be a good reason for starting a new topic. 😊 So here are the first steps of my slowly growing skaven horde. I Hope you like them: First my Clawlord and then my version of the screaming bell.
  10. Hi, as I also just recently started collecting some Skaven, I really enjoyed watching yours. You did a great job here. They look perfectly nasty and „grim dark“.
  11. Somehow I have been fast this month. But for sure I won‘t stop painting. Next goal is now a test clanrat as preparation for the horde of ratman jet to come. And now, here is my ambitious warlord, ready to conquer the realms. 😊 I hope, you like him.
  12. Very creative idea. I think, till today I haven‘t seen any zebras in a warhammer context. 👍 And they are looking really good. Especially together with the also colourful cloaks from the riders.
  13. I try to finish a Skaven warlord I started painting some days ago.
  14. 😄 Well ahem, yes this button will switch of my painting light. It is better than nothing for a quick handy photo.
  15. Well, I somehow didn‘t place a pledge this month. As I nevertheless managed to finish painting something, I thought to share a photo with you 😊 So here is my version of the Corvus Cabal for Warcry and AoS. I hope you like them.
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