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  1. Really cool!! What model did you use for this?
  2. Ah okay, still, 7 attacks per 25mm base is still amazing
  3. Really can't wait to get that archregent, D3 extra attacks for a unit of 40 ghouls? Bringing them at max 6 attacks per piece. Which you can then make even more amazing by using a normal AGK with the Black Hunger spell to give them +1 attack. Want to go even further? Get a vampire lord whose spell gives a death unit an extra attack! Every. Single. Ghoul. Would. Make. 8. Attacks. That's just amazing XD
  4. Hey everyone! Me and my brother have been playing games against each other for the past couple of months and I constantly lose against him. I was thinking you guys may be able to give me some advice to hopefully at least come close to destroying him for once I'm playing Darkling Covens (naturally) against his Seraphon, we mainly try to table each other in our games so there's not really a lot of objective grabbing going on. The problem is that he's got Lord Kroak and an Engine of the Gods with him, which are constantly zapping around and being a huge pain in the ass. Their constant teleporting seems to make it impossible to catch them with my mostly infantry Darkling Covens units. The problem just seems to be that he's got an incredible amount of movement shenanigans, while Darkling Covens (at least to my knowledge) doesn't have any real capacity to do this. If any of you have any advice for dealing with this, please let me know
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