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  1. News update. I have safely made it to my new home. Still in the process of settling in. But after months of waiting that Adepticon report will come... as soon as I find the box my camera was put in..... 😅
  2. Mercenaries are Narrative play only I believe. Or I may have read wrong. It has been proven many a times I have read wrong.
  3. My favorite part of the lore comes in two folds. The Lady of the Lake is actually the elven godess of prophecy. She saw the end of the old world. She knew she needed an army to face it. But she the elves would never become or would be able to hold a code that would allow them to be the bulwark against the terror. So she set motion a plan to create a kingdom of knights built around a code of honor so that she could basically have the Questing to have men prove their valor and become her Grail Knights her army to stop the end times. Which leads into my most favorite bit of lore. Grail Knights, the space marines of fantasy. Able to wrestle orcs, bullgors, and dragoths in meleely. Able to combat the most fearsom of Daemons and succeed. They drank from the grail, litterally the divine blood of a god and became what Sigmar thinks his f***ing Stormcast are without all the personality issues. Demi-gods of war and justice. They can live for hundreds of years, take blows no nornal human can take, and inhumanly athletic and enduring. They literally bleed HOLY LIGHT. Shove that up your arses Stormcast. Oh Quick Edit: When one of they first Vampires ever made, the Knight Abhorash, the legendary Leader of the Blood Dragons and once the body guard of Nafereta in the gar ancient days of Lahmia. Until her untimely turn to necromancy and her playing on his loyalty to corrupt him into a Vampire. Bends a knee to Gilles in the end times and declares he had never met a more honorable man and swears fealty to him. Both he and Gilles fight side by side against the unending hordes until the end of the end times. Both legendary knights of honor and justice. But one of Holy Light and one of Bloody Undeath. Allies and comrades. Talk about nerdin out. "Gilles le Breton would lead Bretonnia's defence during the End Times, with he and the Lady of the Lake appointing Louen Leoncouer as his champion. Gilles fought alongside the legendary Abhorash, for even he bent knee to the uniter of Bretonnia. In the closing days of the Old World, Bretonnia still stood while the Empire was destroyed. Gilles the Uniter and Abhorash the Vampire fought alongside each other, armies of the living and dead made a last stand in Bretonnia as the world finally ended. It was implied that Gilles would ascend to godhood alongside Louen Leoncoeur, part of the Lady's plan to save humanity."
  4. @oscisi If that image is anything to go off of... Bretonnia got worse. They lost the reduced points for max sized squads.
  5. So news. Just finally got into my new town, I will be apartment hunting and alll that jazz. But I am thinking next weekend I should be able to drop my full Adepticon report and reply to all these wonderful new people! In other news, the local area here does seasonal path to glory leagues. The guy in charge is making me a Bretonnian chart. Any ideas for me to send his way? Also, the Hedonites of Slaanesh vrs Bretonnian video is up on MWG. Where Vito is heavily conflicted with who he wanted to win.
  6. You cannot Hammerfall Bretonnian models. They lost the Free People keyword back in July 2018 making them unable to use any of the firestorm stuff anymore. 😧 OOOPS I went and looked at it again, I coreect myself. You can hammerfall. I just remember looking at Anvilgard with sad puppy eyes.
  7. @Dragon10 Looks good! I tried to stay pure bretonnian but its pretty good list! Do tell how it goes. @oscisi Endless spells are grand, but with how many other wizards. I have met I dont trust endless spells in a army that needs the synergy. Especially with the rumours that is going up 20 or 30 points. The archmage is the only thing I would be willing to part with in my list. I am actually trying to find something that can let me re-roll wounds. @ilaxu 'Minute' oh I am flatered! The list I use in miniwargaming is the list I took to adepticon (however I had legendary fighter vice strategic genius). Its been the best list I have managed to date. I went 3-2 with it in adepticon, 1st loss was because grail knights rolled triple 1s for a 3" charge.... twice. They really thought the King could take Nagash alone. 2nd was welll the ironjawz turn 1 charged my man at arms, rebounded into my knights and killed half my knights turn 1....
  8. And another game of Bretonnia showed up on MWG. I faced our age old enemy of Beastmen! And come out with me sending them home! Also... I wore the chainmail for the entire battrep. So be prepared for jingling.
  9. The first of my Games is up on their channel boys. I am on my way back home or Id give more details. Enjoy!
  10. So far to give a basic gist of the games I have played so far in the past 4 days with MWG. I will only tell you about the Bretonnian ones. While Imperial Knights are space Bretonnians, I feel that is meant for a different forum. 😁 The list I use in all my battle reports is the same as my adepticon list with me changing my command trait: King on Hippogryph (400pts) - General, Sword of Judgement, and Strategic Genius Enchantress (160pts) Damsel (100pts) - On a Pegasus Archmage (100pts) - On a Horse Battlemage (120pts) - Amber Man-at-arms x16 (120pts) - Full command Knight Errants x8 (200pts) - Full command Knights of the Realm x16 (440pts) - Full command Grail Knights x10 (360pts) - Full command Game 1 - vrs Matt. He had a combination of Spider Clan and Trogs. I did what I could. He got first turn and bogged down my KotR with spiders with a damn good run and charge. Luckily he didnt get his spell off to make the poison deadilier. I used the man at arms to make sure he couldnt put a big spider in my backlines. Or use hand of gork to teleport behind me. In the end though due to me giving him first turn and me being unable to get a double turn. Matt won by objective by turn 4. I could of possibly tabled him but not likely. Game 2 - vrs Matt and a full Trog army. Here I used my man-at-arms tactic which I will describe later. It worked for me. However... Matt got the double turn Turn 2... I tried to recover by sending the King into his backlines. I felt the king (all buffed up) could survive not going first in combat. So I did my Grail knights first so they could kill some trogs to lessen the blow on them. The swamp trogs then proceeded to spike dice on my king. And I decided to roll poorly. With the kings death I conceded as Battleshock, Pinned away from objectives, and no longer having the kings fighting strength meant I was going to lose. Game 3 - vrs Steve and his beast of chaos. I got 1st turn again... huzzah... however I employed my man at arms tactic again. This time it worked in my favor. Though he did fail 3, 5" charges. My counter charges pushed through. By the end of turn 3, my KotR was in his backline, killed his sacrificial goats and goat leader. He did move in his goat lord to fight my king, and because the spawn had earlier did 1 damage. The goat lord felled the king. However with his moral victory, Steve conceeded as it was 3 bulls, 1 goat lord, 1 very wounded big bull against a nearly full fighting strength bretonnia force at the end of turn 3. Game 4 - vrs Vito and his Hedonites of Slaanesh. He gave me first turn. I mossied forward just out of charge range and with my MaA tactic. He moved barely forward to try and goad me in.... but he moved to far forward and did not get the double turn. So he was just withing charging distance. I managed to get everyone but the king into the fight. Almost all his heros dissapear in the bretonnian charge. As he fails to get his Locus of Diversons off on the Grail Knights.... so his kos dissapeared before the horses could attack. All in all I lost 3 horses. He lost 12 daemonettes, 1 kos, infernal inrapturess, and the contorted epitome. We went abother round of fighting. Man At Arms died to the second KoS. And... and... Vito got a double turn. With his path cleared my king got charged by the other KoS... and her got into my backline. With the kings death... battleshock... I was left with 1 grail knight... a damsel... a enchantress and a battlemage. So I sadily conceded. I will let you know how I do next week. I sorta forgot to mention when I first posted this my man-at-arms strategy. If you are forced into 1st turn. If you put the MaA in front of your line of horses during deployment. First turn run whem (who cares if they don't get a +1 to saves... their chaff anyway). You may have to command point it, but you want them to do 5 or 6. They get +1 to running because of the horn, so generally I get an 11-12 inch run up with them. Spread them out as far as you can, 1" coherency to the maximum. Then you move up the horses behind them, however... Make sure everyone is a little bit more then 6" behind the front of the Man-at-Arm bases. Why? Because in the fight phase everyone elegiable to fight are those who have enemies with in 3" or have completed a charge. So if the enemy charges mutliple things into the man-at-arms. They can kill them with one squad, then pile in 3" with the other charging squads. If your horses are slightly more then 6" behind that man-at-arms line, then they cannot possibly pile in and engage your horses. (Pile in 3" and have a 3" bubble of engaging...) Now this tactic is adjusted if your enemy has other ways of increasing their pile-in distance.
  11. So I have been spending the past week at Miniwargaming. Got in so far... oh... 4 games with Bretonnia. Got another week running. Bretonnia got a single win this. I have only lost due to double turns thus far. When the battlereports come out I will let you know. In three of my reports you will see a very important tactic I use with my 16 man at arms. And why I don't care about going first. I got my revenge win against Steves beast of chaos. Though he failed three 5 inch charges. But still. For now here is a picture from my battle with Vito today of the Bretonnian charge.
  12. @oscisi So I have been rather busy the past month. And still am very busy. I wont be able to fully post my adepticon adventures just yet. My life wont calm down until late June. Just to give some news of my adventures at Adepticon. I met and shook hands with Games Workshop's Duncan. Whom called me a man with true honor for bringing in the Bretonnians and oogled at them. I was a bit to awe struck to take a picture with him and regret it. And generally got a lot of praise for bringing in the nights. There where a few disputes to rules, considering how old the army was. My last game was a rage quit by my opponent sadily... I am actually in route to Miniwargaming again to challenge them once more. Though they are more excited for me to play my Slaanesh (me being a near 11 year veteran of the daemons) my Bretonnians shall make an appereance as well for a grudge match or two. I plan to let Veto even use my Bretonnians if he wants, as I know he is an avid fan.
  13. @HanzoKurosawa The reason for the Bowman is when AoS first came out. And rules where provided for the old armies. Bretonnian archers where USA Army Delta Force and Tomb King archers where USA Navy Seals. They ripped the tournament scene to pieces. So they where hit with a bat. Repeatedly. If you can. Get 16 man at arms. Their good for two reasons. Meat shields and of sitting on an objective. And make a full 16 man knights of the realm squad (they reroll 1s to hit at 10+) Turn this questing knights into grail knights. They do better at killing monsters then questing knights. And I'd drop the trebuchet for a damsel and archmage.
  14. @Duke of Gisoreux Cool! I was informed by the tournament officials to use 60mm. However I was using the damsel on a pegasus. Will keep your base sizes in mind for the rest of my Brets. However, I most likely won't use my pegasus knights for a long time.
  15. As I decided to go to adepticon I had to get as official as I could with my model bases. @Tommy Orc King on Hippogryph = 60mm Enchantress = 75 x 46mm Damsel on Foot = 25mm Damsel on Horse = 60 x 35mm Damsel on Pegasus = 60mm Green Knight = 60 x 35mm Brettonian Lord = 60 x 35mm Knight Errent = 60 x 35mm Knight of the Realm = 60 x 35mm Questing Knight = 60 x 35mm Grail Knight = 60 x 35mm Pegasus Knights = 60mm Men-at-Arms = 25mm Peasant Archers = 25mm Mounted Yoeman = 60 x 35mm Battle Pilgrims = 25 mm Reliquae = 106 x 70mm (This one I am the most unsure of however) Trebuchet = No base for this one, but the crew men go on 25 mm
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