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  1. You do remember there was a time and place you couldn't even buy slaanesh models from the online store for a good year? The only character they had was Masque for awhile there. I miss you snake riding chaos lord! The same happened to the beasts of chaos. In fact I do believe their models where removed from the store for the longest of time. Also the main reason both Tomb Kings and Bretonnia kicked the bucket was during that time period Game's Workshop's.... faulty leadership.... was in a Copyright everything... phase. That's when the space marines became... Adeptus Astartes.... Astro Milita
  2. @Mwatts25 I made a kit bash of a Demigryph and Pegasus to make a sort of Hippogryph but I feel you... need a new sculp for sure... OR you can go for the old faithful!
  3. @Grdaat Everyone once said they will never bring back Slaanesh. The original rule books for AoS 1.0 and 2.0 did not have slaanesh's symbol. Their models where slowly being removed from the store and rules put into legends. Lore said Slaanesh was missing. Everyone consider Slaanesh to being removed to make the game more family friendly. Where is that now? Slaanesh now has two battletombs, and has an old world hero brought back from the dead and legends including the ancient mystical Slaangors... they even updated age old keeper and fiend models, and gave the masque an clean up. People said t
  4. @oscisi Oh I plan to. Adepticon? Eh probably not. With the loss of the Sword of Judgement. With the introduction of Bonereapers and Telcis as well as so many more anti spellcaster stuff. My bretonnians are hard pressed to hold out two turns. And woe be me if my opponent has the double. The only armies I can really have a fun boute with nowadays are the stormcast, skaven, and beastmen. Everything else can literally eat the army alive. Sword of Judgement on a suicide bretonnian lord on Pegasus was my only trumph card for awhile (I will miss you getting d6 mortal wounds on 3+'s).
  5. To answer your question. Yes. I did. To that last Adepticon before covid hit. Placed 83 out of 185. Won 2 out of my 4 matches. I lost to Nagash (because my grail knights didnt want to make a 3 inch charge... twice and left the king alone). And I lost to ironjaws.... with two wyverns, and pig riders. I was basically dead in a single turn. I am so glad that battallion is gone. I also took my brets to MWG. One won 1 out of my 6 matches. Against Steve's beastmen. But most of the time I didnt do competative choices in those matches (like the king challanging a ogre ridi
  6. May I suggest 3d printing? I use the table war trays as well for formationa for fantasy.
  7. Really I won't mind a spiritual successor personally. Maybe with the recently announced pointy hysh elves? Explains the elven looking sword. The Lady of the Lake did sacrifice herself and gave her power to Teclis in the end times... Who knows? Either way two-three years from now if they do release the fantasy game, they will have to give us Bretonnia sooner or later at least for that. @Evangelist of Cinders Yes I do know that the grail is used all over 40k. But it is rarely used anywhere else in Fantasy. That sword looked Elven, and I know the Eldar don't use grails. But who knows!
  8. Could someone please put some sense into me before my own mind decides to raise my hopes so high, so that when they are dashed against more rocks I do not get devastated? Why? Because, I feel I am reading these signs to deeply: November 15th 2019: Games Workshop announces the Old World is in the works. A Horus Heresy for Age of Sigmar. Not only did they do this, but they showed a map with Bretonnia smack in the bloody center. While it is a many years away, it means they will have to re-cast or make new models for Bretonnia. December 12th 2019: Games Workshop releases t
  9. @Grailstorm With the introduction of Slaanesh and some other tricks I have basically tossed out the useless Archmage I used to run in my list and have given myself a Bretonnian Lord... he is called my Suicide Lord. He takes the Sword of Judgement, for on the charge... he gets the mortal wounds on a 3+ on monsters, 4+ if its just a hero (this is combined with the Enchantress +1 spell, and the Kings +1 on charges command trait). And on Keepers or Similar ******, I tend to do what I call a "Pick your f***ing poison you degenerate inbreed daemon" if I charge in my block of Knights of the Real
  10. @oscisi Hey I've been busy for some time now, just a reminder I have not forgotten. Just hard to get to my camera that is in my apartment... when I am out in the middle of a big blue lake.... something about the Pacific Lake being really big. No ladies though, I haven't quested enough yet it seems. Also I would be willing to take those Bretonnians from you and give them a home with mine, if you are okay with me repainting them to better match my armor. However, it states you are not willing to ship to America sadly so I cannot attempt to buy them 😧 Also, @zilberfrid @Turin
  11. News update. I have safely made it to my new home. Still in the process of settling in. But after months of waiting that Adepticon report will come... as soon as I find the box my camera was put in..... 😅
  12. Mercenaries are Narrative play only I believe. Or I may have read wrong. It has been proven many a times I have read wrong.
  13. My favorite part of the lore comes in two folds. The Lady of the Lake is actually the elven godess of prophecy. She saw the end of the old world. She knew she needed an army to face it. But she the elves would never become or would be able to hold a code that would allow them to be the bulwark against the terror. So she set motion a plan to create a kingdom of knights built around a code of honor so that she could basically have the Questing to have men prove their valor and become her Grail Knights her army to stop the end times. Which leads into my most favorite bit of
  14. @oscisi If that image is anything to go off of... Bretonnia got worse. They lost the reduced points for max sized squads.
  15. So news. Just finally got into my new town, I will be apartment hunting and alll that jazz. But I am thinking next weekend I should be able to drop my full Adepticon report and reply to all these wonderful new people! In other news, the local area here does seasonal path to glory leagues. The guy in charge is making me a Bretonnian chart. Any ideas for me to send his way? Also, the Hedonites of Slaanesh vrs Bretonnian video is up on MWG. Where Vito is heavily conflicted with who he wanted to win.
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