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  1. That underworlds warband is genuinely better than a unit of gutrippas.
  2. The opposing force will be an orc warband that includes that one gutrippa with no current incarnation. We have several rumor engines with the same buzzards, implying it's a motif among several models. Birds vs. spiders.
  3. All three Spiderfang Grot players are on suicide watch.
  4. I doubt they'd miss out on such a huge yearly money maker for them. What I'd anticipate going forward is another price increase for the battleforce boxes. GW prices continue to skyrocket in general.
  5. Cool. Now they'll only be out a short time before they can be pointed correctly.
  6. I really think Gutrippas are just too expensive to take more than x20 (they should be like 160 or less). They die way too easily for their cost. I had a unit of x10 almost lose to a unit of x5 spider riders. I just think they're pretty bad, even considering the buffs you can give them. You can use those points more efficiently elsewhere.
  7. I'm sorry to tell you this, but Ogres can't ally with any Warclans units. The Mawtribes alliance list is Gloomspite Gitz trolls only. It sucks, I know.
  8. Is the common consensus that the Orruks are getting some kind of Warcry warband due to that one Kruelboy vulture model that hasn't been accounted for?
  9. In AoS that's been their identity. But they should be high dps, low armor beefcakes. However you can't excel in combat in AoS without significant rend or innate mortals. So that definitely needs to change lest ogres simply become tall clanrats (tons of wounds but otherwise useless).
  10. Gluttons (and gutbusters in general) have been in a bad place since 3.0. Coherency and armor stacking really knocked them down the ladder, and it's hard to find a use for them other than as a wall of pure wounds. Even Ironguts with -1 rend struggle to get through all of the save bonuses flying around now. It sucks because ogres are supposed to be terrifying brutes capable of tackling warhorses all on their own. But since 3.0 they just kind of bounce off of everything like a bongo drum.
  11. In my two games the Gnashtoof has been pretty useless. Doesn't do any damage. Is somewhat tanky, but not really enough to justify his existence. I mean he costs ten less points than a full unit of rippas. The mirebrute can potentially do a lot of damage, especially with a sloggoth pairing. I think he could be a good answer to hordes. Kruleboyz are going to struggle against armies with lots of wounds/bodies, since they're relying on handfuls of mortals that chunkier units don't really care about.
  12. I really think Gutrippas are too expensive for their function. Played 1k points and they're really swingy (even with a shaman), they die in droves, and you're guaranteed spending a CP on them every turn to prevent them from fleeing. No. Ogres can only ally with Gloompsite troggoths. It's real dumb I know.
  13. It really is horrendous. I'm not a fan of this Underworlds box in general. The weakest in the series imo.
  14. No one tell GW so they can't FAQ our fun away.
  15. One fun combo: Make a Breakaboss your general and give him Egomaniac. Surround him with stupid hobgrots and he essentially has a 4+ ward to protect him not only from enemy attacks, but his own self-infliction. Egomaniac is really good since it works on ANY friendly unit within 3".
  16. Their greatest Achilles' Heel is their almost total lack of defense. Poor armor, no ward saves, and even their few -1 hit debuffs are on casino dice rolls. They all die to a stiff breeze and there's no real way to improve that. They also don't have the speed they need to blitzkrieg like a normal glass cannon army would want to do. Even their universally terrible bravery means they'll all run as soon as they take any casualties, and their heroes will never be able to heal themselves with heroic recovery. I just don't know. They're a strange army that in practice I could see either being scary in their mortal output or total pushovers who just don't have the tools to take the necessary punches.
  17. Deleting my big rant because it doesn't help anything and maybe I'm just not intuitive enough to see all of the army's angles.
  18. The fact that the killbow only has -2 rend really hurts it. Any big monster/hero you're going to want to bring down can easily negate that, and most likely will. So even if you get your hit and wound through on your single attack, chances are good it'll still do nothing. You really are just praying for a 6 to get those mortals. Not to mention the fact that it's worthless against normal 1-2 wound units.
  19. Save stacking has literally ruined a number of 3.0 games in our group. It completely negates so many normal units and makes them useless against anything with a 3+ save or better. It turns the game into a slog, where high-defense units/heroes mosey around without a care in the world and never die, no matter how many resources you put into killing them. It's absolute nonsense that turns the game into the dark HeroHammer days of old. I despise it with every fiber of my being.
  20. I can tell none of ya'll play Dankholds. With a 4+ save he's going to die in a heartbeat, and he only gets a decent amount of attacks by hurting himself--he'll last maybe a single round in combat and then fall over. He has no other support abilities. And from lots of troll experience, 4+ troggoth regen is garbo. His lowish bravery will also prevent him from Heroic Healing a lot of the time, so you can't count on that. Now, maybe there are some amazing mount traits and/or artifacts that can help (certainly an amulet of destiny to soak up those mortals he's doing to himself), but the base warscroll isn't inspiring. He's basically a less supportive, bit more hitty (but self-destructive) troggboss. I might even argue the Troggboss is better due to all of his other myriad abilities (like squishing models, CA, etc); and nobody's banging down the doors about how good those guys are. He's worth maybe 200 points. He certainly isn't as good as a unit of ironguts. But he'll be priced at 300 and nobody will use him or he'll be an expensive battleline unlocking tax...because...Destruction. Once again, points and further tome rules are everything.
  21. Leakers, now is your time. In our hour of greatest need. Permit us see how they screwed up these 3.0 books.
  22. Beastmen are the most Chaosy Chaos mortal boys around. They were the origin seed for everything that came after them. Before there were lunkheads in black armor moseying about, beastmen had been living it up for aeons. They are the True Children of Chaos.
  23. Not really. We can assume IJ and BSP are going to stay mostly the same with some minor adjustments to stats/artifacts/traits/etc., based on what we've seen of their reboxed warscrolls. Their roles will remain in tact. Kruleboyz are a whole faction we barely know anything about. We don't know if their only allegiance abilities are their venom...we don't know what their ploys are...are there any other basic battleline? We haven't heard anything about their roster of bestial units (trolls, slogs, crocs). We don't even know what their banners and musicians do because we don't have them yet. There may have been more articles dedicated to a few of their rules over the OG orcs, but we still know far less about them in general.
  24. They really don't want to show any more Kruleboy rules.
  25. Once again, f- GW for their highway robbery. Further assuring I'll do everything I can to get the rules elsewhere.
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