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  1. Hey y'all, I am currently eyeing TTCombat's Kickstarter of Egyptian-themed Not!Daughters of Khaine (they also have Not!Khemri and Desert Halflings.) I have zero experience with Witch Aelves so far but I want to get an entire army in one go, so I wanted to ask you how many models of the following you'd say are necessary in general to field an appropriate army list variety: - Sisters of Slaughter - Witch Aelves - Khinerai - Melusai - Doomfire Warlocks
  2. I have two other big undead flying beasts from non-GW ranges, so I'd have a grand total of 2 Terrorgheists and one Zombie Dragon, to be deployed with or without rider. I've heard that in theory one can field 5 Terrorgheists or something like that, but I'm not looking to field the most crazy broken combo possible, I'm more of a casual player. On the courtiers/heroes: Are those actually separate models or are they just the "hero" option of the Ghoul/Horror/Flayer sprue? How many of the "standard" infantry (Ghouls/Horrors/Flayers) will I need respectively? If I understood it correctly, FEC are apparently big on creating new units in-game.
  3. Question from a FEC newbie here: A friend of mine who managed to ge the Carrion Empire box left me the FEC parts, which I originally wanted for my Kings of War Undead but which I am now considering to collect as an AoS FEC as well. After getting some additional ghouls and Horrors via Ebay, and planning to buy a "Start Collecting Box" later this month, I will have: 1 Abhorrent Archregent 1 Ghoul King on Terrorgheist 6 Crypt Horrors 6 Crypt Flayers 50 normal Ghouls How much more of each unit do I need to be able to properly field a variety of army lists in the 2000 pt range? Also, which Spells and/or terrain pieces do I absolutely have to buy for FEC?
  4. I like these guys from Warlord Games a lot - think they make excellent Freeguild: Granted, they look a bit static due to being RnF - but then again, Free Peoples are a mass infantry army, the core troops don't have to look overly elaborate. And of course, they cost less than a third than GW Empire troops.
  5. Has it actually been explained in the AoS fluff why mankind has stayed on the same Renaissance/Landsknecht era level of technology and society for thousands of years? In the old setting, the Empire was slowly but clearly progressing scientifically.
  6. Ok, so bookwise, what are the must-haves to get into the game? The rule book of course, the Grand Alliance books (I take it those are comparable to the Index Imperium/Chaos/Xenos from 40k?), the respective faction's battletome, and the General's Handbook of the current year?
  7. Hi, new around here. I'm thinking about starting AoS with Slaves to Darkness. I'm not that familiar with the new AoS lore yet, but in general, I'm a fan of history/fantasy mish-mash themes (one thing I liked about the old WHFB setting is that most factions were inspired by Real Life historical civilizations in one way or another). I like the fantastical elements to be more on the Low Fantasy side of things. Now, from what I've gathered so far, the AoS setting seems to go more along the route of "pure" fantasy, with more bombastic and larger-than-life models and purely fantastical factions (Idoneth, Kharadron Overlords etc). My question is if a more mundane, low-key army with a Real Life history theme and look would still be doable aesthetics-wise, or if it would look badly out of place. What I am envisioning is a Chaos Marauder army with a Germanic/Scandinavian flair, whose core troops (not the monsters and Chosen Warriors obiously) would look like a raiding force from Dark Age Northern Europe, using SAGA historical miniatures. I'm thinking these guys as Chaos Marauders: And these guys as Chaos Marauder Horsemen: Strictly aesthetically speaking, would those guys pass as a Slaves to Darkness Marauder army? Does the fluff describe a variety of cultural flavors for Chaos-worshipping average mortals, or does everyone have to be a muscular, half-naked, Frank Frazetta-esque Barbarian?
  8. Hi! I picked up TT again after a 10 year-hiatus two-and-a-half years ago. When checking on the current status of WHFB, my first impression of the then-relatively new AoS threw me off and I opted for Kings of War instead. Since then, AoS seems to have matured and stabilized both as a setting and as a rulesystem. I also like the newer, more down-to-earth models better than the gigantic statues of Archaon, Nagash and the like. In any case, AoS has generated enough interest in me to want to try it out. The two factions that interest me the most are two of the "classic", old-school ones: Slaves to Darkness and Free People. (I play their counterparts, Varangur and League of Rhordia, in KoW). However, following the development of AoS and its factions as a non-player, it is my understanding that it's still in the balance wether those two in particular will get full support by GW or eventually get the Bret treatment. Hence my question, is it smart to start collecting SoD or Free People in AoS now, or would it be better to wait another 6-8 months or so to see if or when those two factions will see a full release with proper battletomes?
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