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  1. Really interesting comments here. For me it boils down to the following: I'm really glad we have playtesters- the hobby seems (for me at least) getting more enjoyable every year with some great rule sets and armies being released- something for everyone I'd say, whatever style or taste. A big part of that is the time and effort GW have put in as well as the play testers themselves not to mention the community at large. All the playtesters mentioned are all excellent players who spent years playing the hobby- this is what makes them great play testers as well as competitive players. I
  2. Just pay points for 2 endless spells competitively... and use the best one depending on match up
  3. Think I'm going to start paying points for 2 endless spells in my 'competitive' list (I know I can only use 1) for in spell in bottle- WL vortex and darkfire daemon rift .... will give tzeentch ,seraphon and lumineth players some interesting deployment choices as will potentially have to really spread out...or face mortal wound gate.
  4. They'll hate darkfire daemonrift being thrown at them from spell in the bottle....
  5. WIP but pleased how Teclis and mount are going. Can't wait to see his rules!
  6. So model is basically a stardrake with head chopped off. It's covered in lots of dryad parts. It has a sylvaneth tree on top. The horns are from a verminlord and the head is a necrosphyinx.
  7. Ha! Thanks! I'm in work at the moment but when I get back I'll post some more. As I said I'm not the best painter so don't look too closely!
  8. Teclis mount a WIP. Quite happy with this given my limited painting and converting skills. Looking forward to putting old Teclis model on top of the tree.
  9. Hey up, does anyone use a lord-ordinator in their list? Don't see many about in kharadron lists and can't understand why when they give +1 to hit to skyvessels ...is it because they lack the movement required?
  10. What are the chances of being able to use other elven factions in a lumineth army in a similar way to Barak Thryng in Kharadron? Would love to be able to use phoenix guard etc or some eels in there aside from allies...
  11. Playing against changehost soon. I'm running hurricanum, 2 runelords, 30 iron drakes, 30 hammerers, 4 fulminators, 2x10handgunners. Any advice appreciated?
  12. I think at the moment we are only seeing a fraction of the possibilities offered by the cities of sigmar book. Whilst the discontinuation of the models is definitely sad, I do love the wealth of opportunities this book offers for dispossessed fans. The opportunity to convert hurricanum/ luminark of hysh by using old anvil of doom models for example to give us even more protection and to hit buffs really excites me in conjunction with rune lords. Furthermore, the possibility of using aethwings (lots of) , iron drakes and gortrek makes me extremely happy. I'm also sure there will be specific
  13. Still think there's a lot more to be revealed in the battletome. I'm feeling cautiously optimistic to be honest. Loving the fact I can run lots of irondrakes as battle line and buff them with a ward save and extra rend. Think hammerers will be awesome. With gortrek and a few steam tanks, converted luminarks or hurricanums etc or stormcast allies we'll be pretty awsome!
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