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  1. I really dig them. Only complaint is some of the heads look weird. Hopefully they all can have helmets like the one.
  2. Really nice job on these!
  3. You could also use the hooded heads from the eternal guard kit. I think they look pretty good for some dark elves. But a hair cut and some green stuff could work as well!
  4. This is pretty similar to how I am starting. Although I am doing a unit with crossbows and a unit without them. I was thinking about the Dark riders too. I think they could be a fun unit to play and to paint. Seeing them mentioned in the article made me very excited. I thought they could be on the chopping block since they are a small faction.
  5. Hey all, just wondering if I could get some help. This is the first list I was looking to build towards. Just wondering if it's any good or if anyone has any tips. I thought the eel boys made a good ally and the shark boy is just a 120pt filler. Any tips would be wonderful. I am sure byt the time I paint all the troops for this list I'll have a few list's in mind. Should also mention that this is the first army I am building so be gentle lol Allegiance: Scourge PrivateersLeadersBlack Ark Fleetmaster (40)- GeneralBlack Ark Fleetmaster (40)Black Ark Fleetmaster (40)Battleline40 x Black Ark Corsairs (240)- Vicious Blade & Repeater Handbow40 x Black Ark Corsairs (240)- Vicious Blade & Repeater Handbow20 x Black Ark Corsairs (160)- Vicious Blade & Wicked Cutlass20 x Black Ark Corsairs (160)- Vicious Blade & Wicked Cutlass3 x Scourgerunner Chariots (210)Units6 x Akhelian Ishlaen Guard (280)- Allies1 x Akhelian Allopexes (120)- AlliesBehemothsKharibdyss (150)Kharibdyss (150)BattalionsRealm Reavers (150)Total: 1980 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 400 / 400Wounds: 209
  6. My Main goal is to finish painting everything I have before buying anything else this year. Finish My SCE half of soul wars and other random SCE units I have. Finish My Sons of Horus. Finish my start of a IG army/cultists If I have time finish off the last few deathguard models I have Play a game of either AOS or 30K Hopefully I can have some self control and actually finish these off before buying more. I'd also like to finally play a game. I got back into painting last year and would like to finally play a game.
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