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  1. Late pledge: Since my order of contrast paints is arriving this weekend I'll make a start painting my horde of Ard Boyz Going to try out the Blood Angels Red and the Ork Flesh with highlights applied after, looking forward to properly trying these.
  2. I can see how that would work out well as a list but it does become more expensive this way as I'll have 3 crushers left over as they come in a box of 6 plus getting that start collecting set ontop of it whilst only knocking the cheap price of Magore's off. Wouldn't I need to have a Daemon as my general to use that reapers host ability? that would take out crushers as battleline which is the whole point of my list. It's obviously very good but I don't want to sacrifice that. If I'm mistaken that would be fantastic.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion, I do share that concern. I have an Ironjawz collection with several Gore Gruntas (same size base) so will use those to test this. I don't think I'd have much use for extra command points as only one hero has a command ability and inspiring presence shouldn't be needed, forward to victory will be good so I'll consider it thanks. I might rather have a unit to hold an objective whilst the juggernauts do their thing? Or a judgement of khorne or two?
  4. Hi, I have no experience with Khorne but I am feeling a temptation to build myself a juggernaut army and throw Skarbrand in for brutal fun. I've come up with the below list and I'm not sure if it's any good. Some questions I have: Is it better to have multiple small units of Skullcrushers? 3 units of 6? or a mix of different sized units as shown below? I couldn't think of anything to fill the 120 pt gap so I chucked in Magores Fiends, let me know if you think there's a better alternative? Is it worth having the Slaughterpriest? Leaders Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut - General - (160) Trait - Bloodsworn Artifact - Mark of the Destroyer Skarbrand - (400) Slaughterpriest - (100) Artifact - The Brazen Rune Battleline Mighty Skullcrushers x6 - (360) Mighty Skullcrushers x6 - (360) Mighty Skullcrushers x3 - (180) Mighty Skullcrushers x3 - (180) Other Magore's Fiends - (80) Riptooth - (40) Warscroll Battalion Brass Stampede - (140) Total Points - 2000 I haven't invested in any models and won't do so until I'm happy with how the list looks so any feedback on this is greatly appreciated, thanks!
  5. Yeah I really look forward to using those I'm using all the flies and maggot things as base decor. The model I'm using for my great unclean one is the Glutton Demon from Creature Caster and as such I think I can only get away with having the smashy loadout. I'm a big fan of how the mace looks on that model so don't want to convert it to something else. I could perhaps put a bell on the base with a nurgling ringing it but that wouldn't feel obvious enough so I'll just make do with a melee monster demon for now. I probably would get the plastic GW kit in future but I'd make Rotigus first so bileblade / bell would depend on if I ever go for a Thricefold list.
  6. Hi guys, Haven't played with Maggotkin at all yet but have invested in an army of them being the impulsive person I am. For now I only plan on playing casually with a few friends but may want to try out an event some time. I'll mostly be playing against Idoneth Deepkin, SCE and Skaven (Either Skyre or Moulder focused) Please take a look at my list below and let me know what you think. Leaders Great Unclean One - General (340) - Massive Bileblade + Plague Flail - Pestilent Breath, The Endless Gift - Sumptuous Pestilence (spell) The Glottkin - (420) - Blades of Putrefaction (spell) Festus the Leechlord (140) - Coying Quagmire (spell) Battleline Plaguebearers x30 - (320) - 3x Icons and Pipers Putrid Blightkings x5 - (160) Putrid Blightkings x5 - (160) Other Pusgoyle Blightlords x2 (220) Plague Ogors x3 (160) Endless Spells Gemnids of Uhl-Gysh - (40) Aethervoid Pendulum - (40) Total Points - 2000/2000 Total Wounds - 141 For me it's more a rule of cool list than anything, I know that plague drones are probably better than Blightlords at the moment and Plague Ogors could be replaced with another unit of Blightkings but I just like the models; I'll be using converted Gellerpox Nightmare Hulks from Kill Team: Rogue Trader as my Plague Ogors which I prefer to call Blight Hulks like heavily mutated blightkings going the way of Ghurk Glott. Festus is there to babysit the Glottkin and apply his debuff. Gemnids and Pendulum to apply a good dosage of mortal wounds / debuffs. I also have available Horticulous, a Beast of Nurgle, 3x Plague Drones, Poxbringer, Bilepiper, 2 sets of 3 Nurglings and a Lord of Blights.
  7. Hi all, first time pledge on here. My goals this month are the following: 24 Squig Herd fully painted Convert a second Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig (from the mangler kit fitting on a 50mm base) Tidy up the conversion of my first LoGCS (same as above) If I meet my goal before month's end I'll build some Boingrot Bounderz.
  8. Hi all! So with the Gloomspite release I went absolutely squig mad pre-ordering 5 Hopper boxes, 2 Squig Herd boxes, 4 Mangler boxes and a few other Gitz that took my fancy, one of the Mangler boxes I am butchering to create 2x Loonboss on giant squig (not a fan of the finecast model and don't want to buy two copies of the Forgeworld 3 model set). So quite a lot of squigs to work through but it's going to be fun! With most of the minis built now I am beginning to paint them up! so thought I would post my progress here, I have decided to go for the classic colours with the pale grot skin shown on boxes and I want to try doing the armour plates in yellow when I get to those. So far I have fully painted one model, I felt compelled to do the Squig Gobba as my first Gloomspite model and I must say I am very pleased with the results, I've had my eye on that model for years... it's so full of character! Next up will be my 24 Squig Herd. Hope you guys like the Gobba!
  9. I've tried a unit of 10 with gore-hackas recently and within 2 combat rounds they minced up 10 liberators and 5 retributors whilst only losing 1 in retaliation, so in my opinion it's pretty solid and the more reliable choice if you want 10+ brutes maximizing attacks, 2 gore choppas and the klaw+bash combo always helps. It is a great unit to throw warchanter buffs on.
  10. Just received my order of squigs, I was not expecting it but the squig dice seem to be made of rubber... so be careful, THEY BOUNCE!!! 🤣
  11. Wow! What an incredible army you have, I absolutely love your paint style / technique and the basing is superb also, keep up the great work!
  12. The base of my list is probably going to be something like this. What I'd like to do is add a caster or two (Maybe Fungoid Shaman or Skragrott if he fits) and trying out some of these endless spells, I'm also interested in splitting that mangler squig set into 2x Loonboss on giant squig to follow my Manglerboss around. The Dankhold Troggoth isn't necessary but I love the model and it gives a nice bravery buff I assume. Leaders Loonboss on Mangler Squigs - General Command Trait - Fight another Day Artifact - The Clammy Cowl - Insert Caster Here - Battleline Squig Hoppers x20 Squig Hoppers x20 Squig Herd x24 Other Boingrot Bounders x10 Mangler Squigs Mangler Squigs Dankhold Troggoth Battalions Squigalanche
  13. I would only take the Loonboss on Mangler as your general if you plan on going full squig with multiple hopper units (I sure will be!). The bonuses you receive for using Skragrott the Loonking as general is otherwise too strong to pass up for a lesser leader in my opinion, not really worth using the Manglerboss for 1 unit of hoppers, also note Manglerboss command ability can be used without needing to be your general. So really depends how you want the core of your army to be.
  14. His warscroll is on the Arachnarok Spider page of GW in downloads, this includes the on foot option. https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Warscrolls/AoS_Gloomspite_Gitz_WSCards_Webspinner Shaman.pdf
  15. Finished my first brute, he's an albino and will probably stay unique in my army, at some point I'll probably add battle damage to both this guy and the megaboss. His pale skin made the other ladz uneasy at first as everyone knows green is best, this fella overcame persecution with fierce savagery and a few good 'eadbutts. The ladz have noticed enemies cowering (more than usual) at the sight of this pale orruk as he charges their lines, leading them to believe it is a blessing from Mork.
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