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  1. Yes this is exactly what I felt! I had no chance of replenishing my army at all! I will be going to GW store tomorrow to talk with the owner about army lists too. But definitely am still wondering about which core units are doing what in your lower bracket army lists.
  2. Thanks Rocky! So basically the main rules are okay for me, but the quantity of all the possible synergy play in my army makes it hard to make decisions: which units to front line, which units to charge etc. So I might want to rephrase my question to 'How to play Nighthaunt specific in a 500p match'. I couldn't find any army lists on the internet, hence my forumpost
  3. Hi all! Recently I have joined the world of Warhammer AoS and chose to start a Nighthaunt collection. I own 1770p worth of army, but decided to start playing with 500p to practice the rules. Tonight I played 3 matches against friends and lost all of them. What I noticed is that being completely new to the AoS rules made me kind of drown in them. I had a hard time making decisions, choosing tactics and even thinking about all the rules that are within my grasp. Therefore I would like to ask all of you what my best pick&play would be to practice NH's playstyle, considering 500p play. My enemies are mainly Daughters of Khaine, Idoneth Deepkin and Karadron. My current collection exists of the Soul wars box half and previous purchases : - Leaders : Olynder, Kurdoss, mKoS, GoS, Lord Exe, 3 Spirit Torment, Vampire Lord (ally) Units: 30 chainrasp, 4 chainghasts, 8 glavewraith stalkers, 5 grimghast (which are not playable in official play?) Looking forward to all your tips and tricks! Buying a lot of different units is not preferred but I'm okay with expanding with a unit of Spirit Hosts for example! That's a relatively cheap one Grtngs, Knighthound (yes, pun intended)
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