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  1. It will be interesting to see if everyone here receive the same contents. Blackstone Fortress had at least nine different variations of the Hidden Vault.
  2. Beautiful army! The banners and the Heroquest sorcerer are excellent.
  3. Flagellants are a good source of books. And their books aren't attached other parts like hands. 40k Grey Knight also have books of various sizes, you just have to cut off the swords piercing them. Finally the Celestial Hurrycanum comes with two stacks of books.
  4. All Discs now have the same profile. That's some welcome streamlining and a nice little upgrade for The Blue Scribes, Fatemaster and Herald on Disc.
  5. Strange that the list includes two different card packs for Tzeentch: "Disciples of Tzeentch" and "Tzeentch Arcanites".
  6. Great choice of colours. The glowing spirit flask is beautiful.
  7. For smaller models I would go with: ORDER Stormcast - Knight-Questor from Silver Tower Daughters of Khaine - Melusai Kharadron Overlords - Endrinrigger Cities of Sigmar - ? Sylvaneth - Branchwych Seraphon - Starpriest Idoneth Deepkin - Tidecaster/Soulscryer Fyreslayers - Grimwrath Berzerker/Doomseeker CHAOS Hedonites of Slaanesh - The Masque Blades of Khorne - Skulltaker Disciples of Tzeentch - Gaunt Summoner Maggotkin of Nurgle - Lord of Plagues Slaves to Darkness - Chaos Lord/Darkoath Chieftain Skaven - Warlock Bombardier Beasts of Chaos - Bestigor fro
  8. Would be nice with a new mould for 40mm bases.
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