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  1. Kimhot

    AoS 2 - Clan Pestilens Discussion

    Hey guys. Just started aos and og ofcause i went for the right army - the good natured og loving rats. So i just had a 2 k fight with a Friend. The idea was to bring the hardest list we could. I did 2 battalions with 2 furnace 2x40 monk 1x 30 monks and 2x10 to protect and push the furnace. Furthermore 1 corrupter and 3 priests. The idea was to turtle and survive the Alpha strike (My Friend plays sylvanith, lots of kurnith and that big durthu guy). He started and killed the 30 rats, loosing 2 kurnith hunters in doing so. My 2x40 ran in with thier d***s flooping around (the rat way) and killed around 800-1000 point. He called It after that. My question is why the dear rats is not placed Better in tournements? With 3 attacks in charge plus 1 from warlord we get 4 with reoll hit and with Prayer or one time priest we get reroll wounds aswell. When a rat dies There is both mw and the get to hit. This is damn ugly to fight. Few enjoy having to make 50+ saves some with -1 I ser the problem is that It is a bit og a slow army in that they need to be within 13 inch og the furnace but still. What weekness am i Missing?
  2. Kimhot

    Clan Pestilens: A list for the Masters

    How do you hey autopass in morale with the verminlord? Sorry for the question, new to the rats.