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  1. Ok awesome! Yea a unit that does nothing is as good as dead, so it's win-win. Cheers Skreech! You truly are the wisest-sneakiest of all the great horned rat's children.
  2. Hey all, my question got abandoned at the bottom of the last page so I'm just going to repost it: Does remaining stationery within 1" on a gnawhole trigger the damage effect? I saw in a battle report where the opponent placed a unit directly ON a gnawhole to stop anything from coming through and left it there. Does staying still constitute ending a move?
  3. Hey, just have a quick question that I had about gnawholes that also came up in a battle report I watched. Does a unit count as having ended a move if it remained stationary within 1" of a gnawhole? In the battle report, the opponent had planted a unit of spawn ON the gnawhole to prevent stuff from coming through and didn't move them. I didn't see it in the Skaventide FAQ, but maybe its a core rules question about what constitutes ending a move? Has anyone else run into this?
  4. @Cullen rothery yea I agree with Skreech - putting two of the rats you get with the plague monks on a 25mm makes for a good looking blob of giant rats. It cuts how many you get in half, but I think it looks better than single rats on such a comparatively big base.
  5. Uh... that's some weird formatting. And I can't edit my post for some reason. My apologies.
  6. Well that will really hamper the army though. Unless you convert clanrats into weapon teams, jezzails, and acolytes. Which is of course feasible, just that you'll need a bunch of clanrats and spare parts. Yea lots of that in this army, unfortunately. I've found you can convert the IoB Warpfire team into Rattling Gunners (any sort of rotor cannon) or the grinders (using the weird Hell Pit mouth) pretty easily, but those IoB teams go for a premium.
  7. Do you find the 6's dealing 1 MW means you lose some of the value from taking the SoJ for extra damage? Not really an issue?
  8. I haven't done a deep dive on the rules yet, but is there any reason you're using a corruptor for character sniping rather than a deceiver? the bonus chance at great plagues is a pretty good bonus I get, but just wanted insight on your mileage.
  9. Hey-hi fellow schemers, Just a question about Rat Ogres and Warpfire guns - does anyone suggest outfitting 1/2 of the models with the gun, or is it a waste of time/bits since usually you want to advance with them in the movement phase?
  10. Hey All! Quick question - I have 5 of the warpfire thrower teams from the IoB kit, and I want to convert some to Ratling Gunners for a little bit of list diversity. I know it will vary from list to list, but IN GENERAL would you guys recommend I have 2 Warpfire and 3 Gunners, or 3 Warpfire and 2 Gunners? I don't have plans to convert Jezzails at the moment, so RG would make up most of my long range fire support (Not including a WLC) Thanks!
  11. Wow. I thought it was powerful once per battle round, but now it's crazy! Thanks - I'm still pretty new to the rules, so when I see something powerful, I assume I'm doing it wrong 😂
  12. Hey guys - this may be a dumb question, but does the Feast Day delusion let me Feeding Frenzy for free once in my turn and the opponents turn? I've been doing it once per game turn, but in AoS that's usually referred to as the battle round. Using Feeding Frenzy twice as often as I have been seems insane, but the delusion states "Once per turn".
  13. Thanks guys! Yea GKoTG seems like a real hard hitter, but looking at him in isolation removes the surrounding factors of lackluster magic, shooting, price, and the squishier parts of the army. I'll keep all that in mind and try to remind my opponents that he's a linchpin unit to an army that will falter without him.
  14. Hey guys, I'm having some pushback from opponents when I feeding frenzy a GKoTG with Gruesome Bite. The fact that the maw doesn't degrade makes it really good, and re-rolling those hits are awesome. No one actually questions if I'm allowed to do it, but I see some dour faces and people complaining it's too good. How do I justify it? Why is this combination so good and what are it's drawbacks? I like when my opponents have fun facing off with me, and this seems to throw a real sour lemon into anyone's day. This is in a 1500pt list, and I was planning on running two at 1750, but now I'm not so sure. It's my only behemoth too, but people really hate it.
  15. I think someone took measurements a few pages back - check the last 5ish?
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