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  1. So when you guys run you 60 unit stabba blobs, how do you run them? Do you try to spread them out or mash them into a small area? I have some space between them but I feel like I'm having a terrible time trying to get any decent number engaged .
  2. You get one grot-in-mouth squig a box. Good luck finding that bit, because I imagine most folks are using it in their units.
  3. Just curious if anyones run the Gobbapalooza, either with or without the battalion and what they thought of it. I'm planning on using it in my for-funsies games, but I really want to use it in any competitive list, should I play in a tourney. It seems like a nice variety of buffers than you can use to distribute and chase units with, and I feel like if running multiple endless spells, probably a decent alternative to a shaman (so running a shaman and Gobbapalooza instead of 2 shamans) I feel like, if running it, the battalion is probably a good source of the battalion bonuses, if you're like me and not quite planning on running one of the main grot/squig/etc focused battalions.
  4. What I was looking at, you could get either 7 model hex shapes, or 5 model, with row of 3 and 2. So they're still sort of blobbed up, which is good. Just didn't know if anyone had any good brands, but they both had different model to model spacing.
  5. Also, anyone have any suggestions for either direct products or suggested spacing for movement trays for our monsterous 60 model stabba units? Finally got to play my first game in our escalation league and decided somehow that 1 60 model unit was WAY worse than 2x30 model units or 3x20 model units I had in 40k. I was thinking of looking for something in the 5 per tray, and in between base to base contact and max spread. (trying to balance board coverage but still get good pile in numbers when it's Go time.)
  6. Mangler Squigs with or without Loonboss. Trying to decide and maybe can get some insight from those with more knowledge. I'm only planning on having one unit of Boingrot Bounders and 1 or 2 squig herd units. (Not sure if I'm going to combine or split them) If that's all I have or even if less, is the extra pop of the Loonboss worth it, when I probably won't get a lot of action out of his command ability or should I shave the points and go with a base Mangler?
  7. I think it wouldn't be too bad. do the purple and the black (or a really dark warm grey, just to have a touch of color), wash both with Nuln, edge single color edge highlight. Maybe single and touch step lighter at hard corners for a little more pop. Check this out, that's literally just an army painter wash for the cloak. http://paintbrushheroes.blogspot.com/2015/06/a-night-goblin-speed-painted.html Maybe get two blacks and a purple, so you can have a clean black then mix up a giant vat of your purple, but darkened up to your liking. My thinking is to sort of bring out the mushroom bit, the cloth in off white, wash in probably Agrax, then pick a series of mushroomy colors for the hoods. I think that way since the robe, the head and a lot of the other stuff is muted, let the mushrooms and hoods pop color into the army.
  8. I wasn't. I normally prime with white or light grey these days. In this instance it was a bad moons speed painting guide. Prime white, base everything yellow, ork skin done with green wash. Works amazingly well for that 40k color ork ( The guide I followed is here: https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/374651.page incase you're curious of how it shakes out) I'll have a look at your suggestions when I'm at the shop tonight. May work out well since I'm planning on going with off-white robes for my gobbos.
  9. May belong in painting, but figured someone specifically in this channel may already have an answer. Anyone come across a good speed painting process for that lighter color, some what washed out skin that the night goblins have? Last time I did green skin was green wash over yellow base, which looked great for that bold 40k Ork skin, but not so much for these guys. Someone posted one way back, but searching on mobile on a nearly 90 page thread? Blarg.
  10. So this is what I'm thinking at 1000 and 1500, let me know if you see anything terrible: 60 Stabbas 6 Squigs 1 Loonboss with Attack Squig 1 Madcap Shaman 6 Snufflers 3 Fellwater Troggoths 5 Boingrot Bounders Some endless spell (At 960 points before spell, so it'll be a cheap one) at 1500, the list moves to 60 Stabbas 20 Shootas 6 Squigs 1 Skraggott the Loon King 1 Loonboss with Attack Squig 1 Mollog 6 Snufflers 3 Fellwater Troggoths 10 Boingrot Bounders The intention being post campaign to add in a Gobbapalooza w/ Battalion, 3 more Fellwaters or 10 more Bounders, depending on which I enjoy. to get to the 2k.
  11. I'm curious, why can't the Gobbapolooza wizards take spells? They have the keywords the other wizards have, minus HERO. Or is that the one the require? Again, my book is at the house, so it may be listed there.
  12. @Malakree Ah, that makes things a good bit more relevant. That had slipped my mind entirely. Especially the realm spells. I guess that's a fault of diving a bit more head on into this system than usual. (Trying to plan at least the first 1000 points of a 500, 1k, 1.5k escalation league that starts in a few weeks) What book are those located in? I have the General's Handbook 2018 and Gloomspite book. So I'm guessing Malign Portents or something? @Hannibal I can totally see that. I know magic / psychic / what-not is always a higher risk for return, which I'm okay with in some situations depending on what the potential pay off is. (I never ran psychic in my 7e 40k orks, but I did in my 7e harlequins.) And if it doesn't work out, I can drop them from normal play later.
  13. So, I was going to do death, but right before I dove into that, Gloomspite was announced. Glad I held off. Anyways, I'm really new to AoS outside of a handful of games with other peoples models. Mostly played 40k and other tabletop games, so my analysis might be off. But I'm having a really hard time being excited about the non-spiderfang Gloomspite wizards built in spells. The Madcap shaman's spell seems really hit or miss, depending on the opponent, Fungoid Cave Shaman seems good, but also seems like the last spell he's ever going to get off, Zarbag's seems like a really good defensive spell but then you're also paying for the Gitz, the Loonking seems situationally ok. I like the two Gobbapalooza wizards, but (I don't have my book on me) I thought that they didn't get Arcane Bolt and Mystic shield, but the app lists them. It feels other than Loonking or Gobbapalooza, you're taking wizards only for magic defense or your also buying an endless spell. Does that seem like an accurate assessment, or am I just misreading wizards in general? (Entirely possible as like I said, pretty new to AoS)
  14. Looking heavily at Lords of Sacrament. I wanted to do a Deathmarch army, but I just couldn't puzzle a way to make it feel like it'd be really effective. But then again, it could be unfamiliarity with the system.
  15. Howdy. In short, long time 40k player, also played Malifaux and Warmahordes. Diving into AoS with Death and getting into Underworlds. So I'll probably be hanging out in those two forums the most.
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