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  1. Well, you've only spent 1800pts of your 2000pts; you probably want to get some more Ghouls or try to squeeze in a battalion.
  2. They don't quite cancel out. It's true that if you've got one unit that fights first and he's got one, you end up alternating like normal. Where it gets weird is when someone has multiple 'start of the phase' abilities. You resolve *all* of your start of the phase abilities, then your opponent gets his. The place you'll see this most often is Idoneth. Their tide lets their entire army fight first. In the Idoneth players turn, that means his entire army would fight before your guy who fights first.
  3. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/03/21/who-fights-first/ If you have a unit that gets to fight at the "start of the phase" and your opponent does not, you will get to fight twice before your opponent fights once, before we take any other special rules into account. Once with the "start of the phase" unit, and then your choice of regular units. If your opponent also has a "start of the phase" unit, say Fanatics, then it would go your "start" unit, then the Fanatics, then one of your regular units. Feeding Frenzy can be activated as normal, so if you had the command points, and your opponent does not have any "start of the phase" units, you could fight 4 times before they go once.
  4. @Gwendar I'll use an example to explain. Let's say there's 3 valid units in range of your courtier's ability, and you roll 3 successful 5+. You can return one model to each, two models to one unit and one model to one unit while the third unit gets none, or three models to one unit. You do NOT return three models to all 3 units.
  5. Hey @Laier, your list is extremely similar to mine! Have you played any games with it yet? How'd they go? I haven't played a lot of games yet, so not a lot of definitive advice. The differences between mine and yours are only artifacts and I went with less Ghouls and more Horrors (20 ghoul, 6 horror, 3 horror). I go with more defensive artifacts on the mounted guys. They already hit super hard, but aren't super tanky. I went with Gryph Feather on one, and the chalice of heal D6 wounds on the other. Also took the re-roll damage on the bite mount trait, which got me a lot of extra wounds in the last game I played. I went with more Horrors because they're the unit that gets augmented by the Haunter Courtier. But you're having me second guess that, 40 ghouls will get the +1 attack bonus, and better board control.
  6. @Aleister I like having both the TG and ZD as well, for the reasons you mentioned. But to clarify the Charnel Throne ability only works for Archregent and GK on foot.
  7. I'm on the fence with the chalice too, in part because I don't want to spend the cash when I don't think I'll use the other 2. I think it depends on what else you're taking. If you have 2+ archregents, I think it's almost an auto include. If 0-1 Regents, it's basically balanced, not definitively good or bad.
  8. The authors supposition that the start and end of the combat phase aren't part of the combat phase seems a little off to me! 😃
  9. I'm just starting up FEC, and I like the look of the Abattoir battalion. Has anyone here used it much? What're your thoughts on it?
  10. @JackStreicher For all your insistence that there's a widely accepted scientific definition of immersion, I find it absolutely hilarious that the first sentence on the first paper in your first posted link is this:
  11. I can't seem to edit my post now, but I meant bottom left, not bottom right, which I'm sure most of you figured out anyway.
  12. I've been playing GW games for a LONG time. There's always been power creep. If you could assign a number to each books relative power and plotted it with release date as the X axis, it would surely look something like the plot on the bottom right of the picture; the newest isn't necessarily the most powerful, but there is a significant upward trend over time. 7th/8th it was VERY obvious. I think GW need to manage power creep a lot like governments need to manage monetary inflation. A little bit is actually good for the game. It helps encourage people to buy new things. Too much creep, like too much inflation, is disastrous, like 7th Ed Daemons caused more than one person I know to quit because they were so insanely above every other 7th ed army at the time. To me, the question isn't, "Is their power creep?" I don't see how anyone can possibly think the answer to that question is anything but a definite yes. The important question is: "Is the power creep at an acceptable level?"
  13. I'm leaning towards yes, based on the word "immediately", which implies you do it before any other action, like removing a dead model. It's a question worthy of an official FAQ answer though, as I can see valid arguments either way.
  14. OP didn't mention it, so just for clarity he's using a textured rolling pin made by a company called greenstuffworld. http://www.greenstuffworld.com/en/textured-rolling-pins/365-rolling-pin-hobby-roller-temple.html
  15. I'm casting another vote for stacking. Here's the actual logic/reasoning. If the rules say you can do something, you can do that thing unless later an exception is made. For example, the rules say you can shoot, say you can shoot until something says you can't, like if you've run. So if a models rules say it gets some kind of combat bonus, it will have that bonus unless something explicitly denies it.
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